How to disable automatic updates for offline speech recognition in Android [Tip]

At some point, you may have gotten that unwanted “Downloading English (US)” update on your Android phone. It might keep you wondering about the reason why it continues to pop up on your device notification area. Aside from that, it can also make you feel slightly annoyed. So why let it bother you when you can choose to disable it from your phone? If you follow these steps, you will be able to know how to disable those automatic voice language updates for offline speech recognition.

How to disable automatic updates for offline speech recognition in Android

  • On your Android phone or tablet, hold the home button and then swipe it up to the Google icon. The said command will prompt your device to open Google Now.
  • Once you’re on Google Now, click the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines) on the search bar.
  • On the menu that appears, go to “Settings”.
  • On the settings screen, you’ll see the menu for “Search & Now”. On the said menu, select “Voice” and tap “Offline speech recognition”.

disable auto update for voice languages

  • On the next screen, go to the “Installed” tab to see your downloaded languages. You may be able to see the “English (US)” language there by default.
  • So what’s next? Just go to the “Auto-Update” tab and then mark the selection for “Do not auto-update languages”. The changes will automatically take effect on your device.

disable auto update for voice languages b

  • So that’s it. By disabling the auto-update option for voice languages, your device will no longer push those language updates to you without your permission. Another downside of auto updating your languages is that it requires mobile data whenever you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network. It can be costly especially if you’re on a prepaid mobile net subscription.

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  1. BigG

    After following the instructions above to disable the Auto Update for Voice Languages, that also didn’t work for me at first. I have an older Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 10.1. Then I updated the language manually directly through the Google Now Settings (thinking if I did that there wouldn’t be anything to download anymore…) – instead of the Auto-Update tab, go to the Installed tab, select the language, “English (US)” in my case), and select “Update” from there. That update worked since it no longer shows “Update” as an option, just the “Uninstall” option. Unfortunately, after a reboot the downloading message still came back! I then tried the Clear Data option for the Download Manager app worked for me. A quick way to get to the Download Manager is to just “long press” the annoying “Downloading” message and an “App Info” select will appear (at least it did on my table) – just click that and it will take you to the Download Manager app management. I also did a Force Stop on Download Manager just to make sure it didn’t set the Voice Languages download option again somehow. Then I did a Power Off/Power On to test it and the pesky downloading message didn’t come back! Success – must have been due to some combination of all of the above!

  2. Mohammad Mostafavi

    solved my brothers solved at least we did it ! I mean I did it I did it thank god just listen carefully and stay patient yes follow steps first : go settings / apps / tab /all / download manager / press on it / now choose clear data/ on next menu press OK / done seccssefully
    now we solved problem let see were it cause d actually it comes from Google Voice it wants to update herself but it uses phone download manager but download ed file not appear on download file because we didn’t choose it so it sucks by clearing data you clear this mass orderness now you can easily download google voice wire out scaring from pop-ups
    Thank god again

  3. Jnasty

    lol that doesn’t work just letting you know. i literally just did that i can even take you a screen shot if you’d like. literally shows in the auto update section that i have updates off etc and i even reset the phone still shows it DLing
    android is just shit i’m like sooo set with androids and at least this nexus 6 it’s just straight trash nothing but annoying problems after problems and YOU don’t have any control. like what’s the fucken point of doing any of that and it still updates lol