Free DVDFAST Fast DVD Ripper PRO!

Remember last year when DVDFAST ran a promotion giving away their Fast DVD Ripper PRO (v1.1) for free? Well the promotion is back and those of you who missed it last time can now take advantage. Those that did grab Fast DVD Ripper PRO for free last year need not worry about this new promotion because Fast DVD Ripper PRO is still v1.1. (Yes, this article is a copy and paste from the last article, I know =P.)

Fast DVD Ripper PRO is a software that allows users to rip their DVDs into multiple different video formats, including native .VOB DVD format for true backups. Additionally, Fast DVD Ripper PRO  bypasses multiple different DRM techniques, including region locks.

The interface of Fast DVD Ripper PRO should look familiar to most dotTechies because Fast DVD Ripper PRO is a rebrand of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. So Fast DVD Ripper PRO has most/all the same features that are present in WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

More specifically, this chart gives more detailed insight on the workings of Fast DVD Ripper PRO:

To get Fast DVD Ripper Pro for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v1.1

Free updates: Unspecified

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7

  • After you fill out the form, your registration code and a download link will be given to you:

Copy the registration code and download Fast DVD Ripper PRO.

  • Install Fast DVD Ripper PRO after it has finished downloading.
  • Run Fast DVD Ripper PRO after it has finished installing.
  • When you run Fast DVD Ripper PRO, you will be prompted to register it:

Paste in your registration code in the “license code” box and hit “Activate”:

  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting Fast DVD Ripper PRO for free, post below and I will try to help.

Thanks bigbigben!

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  • internetexplorer

    Bosco and anyone else who’s interested: the offer is still good Saturday, February 12, 2011, 10 A.M. EST. BTW, if it locks up on you after entering key code and hitting activate, just hit ctrl-alt-del and kill it with task manager. Mine worked fine after that, so it may have been something I left running in the background that caused the hangup. On the other hand … ?

  • Bosco

    If anyone is interested, Fast DVD Ripper PRO v1.1 is being offered free at

    It is listed as a “January Gift.” Not sure how long the offer will last.

  • tekknokat


    In order to answer your question I will have to go off topic – if our kind host doesn’t mind?
    You wish to backup your DVDs to a folder on your Hard Drive, or DVD+/-R/W, and save wear and tear of your original discs right? Right off hand I can recommend one freeware that will for sure let you save your .VOB, .BUP and .IFO files, or only the ones you want, in VIDEO_TS folders on your PC’s root drive. DVDDecrypter can be found here, and will decode most of your older DVDs, but development of this free software tool ended in 2005:
    Now a newer free software title, DVDFab HD Decrypter, the always free portion of the several DVD Fab trial and shareware applications, will decrypt DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs to your Hard Drive, and is updated monthly, so will be able to decrypt new DVDs newer protections within one month(s) or longer of release. Then if one wishes to burn DVD+/-R copies, or do a number of additional activities with their copy decrypted discs, they can try before they buy several of the other apps that require DVDFab HD Decrypter in order to function, or use the DVDFab application together with another free application to complete the task at hand, where one is often available:

    These forums linked can aid Newbies and experienced users with making DVD copies to Hard Drive, shrinking DVDs to fit on DVD+/- R/W and Dual Layer DVD blank media (RipIt4Me, DVD Shrink), every imaginable formatting and converting issues you may run across, and discuss copyright laws or how to find out the laws about DVD ripping in your Country, and making backups of your DVDs to prevent scratching and wearing out your original discs. This information is not for selling or uploading copied DVDs to file sharing apps, or be distributed to the public, for people who did not purchase the DVD. It’s for people who understand the law provides that once they have purchased a DVD , they have the right to make a backup copy to preserve the original DVD from damage and breaking, like people have always been legally allowed to do with vinyl albums, CDs, and cassette tapes, and the music industry’s response, and has been upheld in previous Superior Court decisions. Members continue to point newbies in the direction on where to find freeware to accomplish their DVD ripping tasks, as well as trial and shareware titles you can try before you buy, so you know for sure you can make fast, straightforward copies, that are reliable and don’t leave you spending $29 -$99 on another software that doesn’t rip or decrypt the copy protection on the DVDs and BDs you own:

    I hope this helps Cindy, sorry it took so many days after you asked for me to put this up. I haven’t yet tried this myself, but I did download DVDDecrypter and could see all of my VOB, BUP, and IFO files from a DVD published in 2001 in the application’s Window, apparently ready to be copied to my hard drive. Ashraf, I apologize if this is too off the topic of Fast DVD Ripper Pro to put in this thread about a specific freebie. Coincidentally Cindy asked a question about a topic I was just now learning about myself.

    – Alan

  • “Fast DVD Ripper PRO is a software that allows users to rip their DVDs into multiple different video formats, including native .VOB DVD format for true backups.” 

    I’m not seeing where this is in the software at all – maybe I am missing something? Looks like it might no longer be an option? Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

  • 10.11.23
    have W7 64b, but this Fast DVD Ripper PRO installed in Program Files (x86), shouldn’t it have installed in the normal 64b Program Files? It seems most everything installs in that x86 folder.
    program installed and accepted/after restart the license code no problem.
    btw i do not think this is the program i needed, wanted to combine (<1GB) hd 720p videos into a single video.

  • Correction. It did at the fourth attempt (maybe something to do with Win 7 x64bit ?)

  • The registration isn’t working.
    It is NOT accepting the free license

  • If I have WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, do I need this one?  Is it an upgrade/update? Or is it just the same?

  • This was in the forum…..before it disappeared! :D Glad you are posting some more freebies….. :)