How to root ZTE Grand Max + (Cricket) [Guide]

Kingroot toolZTE make some amazing smartphones that are popular in the USA, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries around the world. Cricket is a phone carrier network located in the United States and have over 5 million subscribers. Their number one handset in the ZTE range at the moment is the ZTE grand Max + and today I’ll show you how to root it so you can tinker with the OS, install a custom recovery, custom ROM and root-only apps from Google Play.


Although far from perfectly named because of the existing Kingo Root tool, the new King root tool claims to root every Android device out there. That’s the tool we are using today for the ZTE Grand Max +. However, this is not extensively tested. Those willing to be guinea pigs should be advanced Android users who know how to fix a bricked handset just in case. From there you can check the comments and see if people had success.


  • You need a Windows PC to download the King root tool.
  • Furthermore, you’ll want the ZTE USB drivers installed on the Windows PC so you are connecting the smartphone to the PC successfully.
  • King root will void the warranty, just like most other rooting guides.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode: Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.


  1. Download the King root app on the PC.
  2. Connect the ZTE Max + to the same computer as the file.
  3. Transfer the file over to the SD card storage (internal storage).
  4. Learn how to install apps outside of Google Play for that.
  5. After you launch the app, it should let you know if root is available.
  6. Tap the blue “Start Root” button and wait until it flashes on your device.
  7. The King One-Click rooting tool will give a confirmation message on the display when it’s done.
  8. Once you are granted the root privileges, root the smartphone manually yourself and the root is done.

Since this smartphone isn’t extremely popular just yet, you might find it difficult locating custom ROMS to install. That won’t limit your ability to enjoy all the usually applications from Google Play and other third-party sources. You can start by testing out the root checker app and checking this worked for you.

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