How to install CWM on Xolo 8X – 1000 Hive [Guide]

Xolo HiveIf you love the idea of an integrated ROM manager, then you’ll love to install ClockworkMod recovery as your custom recovery image of choice before setting out to flash a custom ROM or take a NANDroid backup. If there is one downside, it’s that it doesn’t support all Android devices. We do know that it does support the Xolo 8X smartphone, though. If you want to install CWM on Xolo 8X, then simply follow the guide after the drop.


  • Note that you do void any warranty you still have by installing the CWM recovery file.
  • Double check that you have the 8X – 1000 Hive and not a different model number version of the Xolo smartphone. They have a few different handsets with unique model numbers. Installing the wrong file can brick your device.
  • Download the Micromax USB Drivers to get them working for your Xolo smartphone on the Windows PC. If the guide isn’t working for you, it’s time to install the drivers, reboot the Windows computer and start the steps again. Once rebooted, the new and up-to-date USB drivers will be working.


  1. Download the recovery file here.
  2. Download the boot file from here.
  3. Download the SP Flash tool here.
  4. Download the root file here.
  5. Download the Vroot from here.
  6. Download the scatter file from here.
  7. Extract the Flash tool file on the desktop by right-clicking over the file and selecting the “extract here” option if you are using WinRAR.
  8. Transfer the patched boot image and the CWM image in the same folder.
  9. Transfer the Scatter file, MT6592_Android_scatter_emmc.txt into the same folder as above.
  10. Double-click/Run the Flash_tool.exe from inside the SP Tool file.
  11. click on the Scatter-Loading button.
  12. Browse for the MT6592_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file you downloaded above.
  13. Select the recovery and the boot images and place with in unique lines in the tool.
  14. Ignoring the warning on the display as it doesn’t matter to us.
    Observe the “searching” status from the bottom of the screen.
  15. When you see it’s searching, power off the Xolo handset and remove the battery.
  16. Re-insert the battery and connect the Xolo smartphone with the computer again.
  17. Hold the Volume Up button without touching the Power button and it will finish installing the recovery.

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