How to charge Apple Watch [Tip]

Apple WatchThe Apple Watch is the latest craze and is outselling Apple’s expectations. We’ve already covered an abundance of guides for the Apple Watch, many of which are difficult. But sometimes it’s the simpler things in life that bother us the most and often because it’s the simple things we do more often. Let’s get down to basics and learn how to charge the Apple Watch.


  • The¬†Magnetic Charging Cable.


  1. Have the charging cable handy. At the end of the cable you will see a round charging plate. That’s the important part we are using that sticks to the back of the Apple Watch.
  2. Pick up the Watch and gently turn it over so the face is touching the ground.
  3. Pick up the charging cable and gently position the round plate over the round back era of the Apple Watch.
  4. When the connection is successful, you’ll hear a quick chime so you know it’s working. Also observe the charging symbol on the watches display.

The largest pitfall with smartwatches is the constant complaints about the battery not lasting long enough. That’s understandable since for centuries we’ve known watches that generally last a long time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like battery issues and modern-day technology are going anywhere with the lack of developments in batteries to help support the power requirements we are asking for with the technology. With that being said, the more you can accept battery issues and work out how to best combat them with a quick charge experience the better. We hope this guide helps you do that for the first-generation Apple Watch!

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