Lots of things are broken on dotTech right now – I know

Update: The server transfer has been complete. Everything should be back to normal. Please report if you find any errors!


I would just like to let everyone know that a lot of things are broken on dotTech right now – I know. I am currently in the process of moving servers and my main priority was to avoid downtime between the switch; in other words I wanted people to be able to access dotTech articles during the move. However, changing servers is a pain and nothing ever goes right. While I did manage to avoid downtime (all articles are accessible), there are still many things broken on dotTech, such as the menu bar at the top. I am working on getting things fixed… just bear with me please. If you do find something broken, feel free to e-mail me about it but please don’t be offended if I don’t respond; right now my priority is fixing dotTech not replying to e-mails (although I truly appreciate any and all e-mails about errors).

Thanks for your patience!

P.S. The odd URL is related to the server change. 1and1.com (my domain registrar) is painfully slow at propagating DNS changes, so I am using right now instead of http://dottech.org. You can still access dotTech via http://dottech.org, though. In a few days when 1and1 finally fully propagates my DNS changes, dotTech will start using http://dottech.org again.

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  • veronica1

    So glad you are back online…missed you terribly. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Kerry

    I thought I got bumped off the mail list or something when the emails stopped. Glad to know it was just a tech glitch. Worth waiting for, invaluable info, thanks Ashraf!!

  • Dennis F.

    I was wondering what happened to Ashraf. I missed the reviews and other information. Glad to hear that it was one of the normal Internet problems and not Ashraf leaving us to our own designs.

  • Ashraf

    Okay the server transfer has been complete. Now, please report if you find any errors!

  • Old Prop

    “Changing servers is a pain and nothing ever goes right.”
    Truer words were never keyboarded, Ashraf. Keep on truckin’.

  • Ashraf

    BTW to those that are only just getting e-mail notifications: dotTech has been in action for the past week :-). Not everyone was receiving the e-mails because of my shared server, which is why it may seem like dotTech is back today.

  • Lamont Cranston

    That you are back, and with your usual erudite assessments of GotD apps.
    And, let us forget the wonderful shares you provide, it’s of no concern to me that there may be errors.
    Thank you for the fine work!

  • george

    Glad you are back and will be up and running soon.

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash

    Take your time on the move and changes.
    And thanks for the heads up on the eMail notification. I would have flush it otherwise.


  • Yeah Ashraf, it’s all good. Do whatcha gotta do, no rush.

  • Mark


    I use Kasperksy and it did flag your e-mails as possible phishing attempt. I know what was up so I just added you to my safe list.

  • Do what you Need to Ash
    Do not let the …….. Grind you down

  • ghealy


    You do so much for us. I always find your posts informative and useful. Just wanted to say thank you.

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    I didn’t notice a problem until you pointed it out. I guess that means you are handling it ok.

  • prema

    ashraf i have a question:
    not to be going into personal detail (or invading your privacy) but i have been wondering where have you been for the past months?

    i was curious and we all missed you :) and have been coming up with various suggestions

    if its personal forget it, but if you dont mind can you share? :)

  • Grr

    Thanks for the update Ashraf.
    I would be more than happy to wait and get the GOOD results. Wish you good luck on data propagation.

    I came across one problem recently.
    I posted a comment and then immediately edited it to correct a typo. On saving back, it said comment is SPAM and requires moderator approval. I’m scared to use the edit function now. Please let me know.


  • TheGreenWizard

    Cool, I already was thinking you left the site, since I couldn’t read any more comment on GOTD. And that was a fast way to know if it is useful.

    Thanks for the job.

  • etim

    Hey, I’m just happy to be getting the newsletter again!
    Any emails from me ain’t bitchin’ but only suggestions/requests.
    Thanks again for all your work.

  • Crimsonbull

    Asraf, dottech is one of my favorite sites. Don’t mind waiting.

  • Blackbird

    I have missed your excellent articles. You take the time that you need to get organized… Because we, your subscribers , will still be here
    when you are back. We appreciate your good works.
    Thank you.

  • Ashraf

    @hux: In my past experience I found that 1and1 propagates DNS changes in 24 hours. However, this time around it has been over 2 days… I wonder if they are having problems with their service.

  • Ashraf

    Thanks guys. The only concern is that people who receive e-mail notifications may think the new is phishing and not click on in. If that is the case, I am happy on the inside that more and more dotTechies are learning how to be pro-active when it comes to their security, but I am also sad that they aren’t coming here.

    Oh and except a new design… soon…

  • hux

    Tell ME about it, too.
    I use 1&1 because of their cheap domain deals and I was told – since expertly denied by an insider- that they don’t fink names that people check availability on, like the biggest other ones do.
    The only safer thing to do is not check, but actually do register process.

    BUT Boy! Are they slow to get your new/moved Domain out there!
    I just wasted half a day trying to figure out why my new Site wouldn’t come up.
    It did a day later, on its own!

  • cmpm

    You and yours are worth the wait. You do a great job with info and promos and more. Take your time, I’m sure we will stick with you. And a big THANKS for you and your site!

  • a simple happy man

    No worries Ashraf we know you’re doing the best you can to give us the best you can. We also know it doesn’t happen automagically even if we’d like it to. Anything worth having is worth waiting for and your site is worth having so we can wait.