How to root/TWRP/unlock bootloader on Yu Yuphoria [Guide]

Yu-If you want to do some custom operations on the Yu Yuphoria, you won’t get far without first unlocking the bootloader. While not essential to hacking open the internal of each Android device, it does still come as a requirement for many. That’s why we are teaching you how to do that today in this guide before gaining the root access.


  • The guide is made only for the Yu Yuphoria.


  • Enable the Android Debugging option. Head to the Settings, followed by the About Device menu and tap over the build number seven times. Now you’ll have unlocked the Developer Options menu. Go back to the Settings and enter the new Developer Options menu. Enable the Android Debugging option from inside.
  • Go back inside the Developer Options menu and enable the Advanced reboot option.
  • Install ADB and fastboot. You should additionally install the ADB Drivers with that.


  1. Start by booting the handset into fastboot mode. To do that, hold the Power button and select the reboot bootloader option from the menu.
  2. Connect the YU smartphone to the computer.
  3. Open Minimal ADB and Fastboot you downloaded earlier.
  4. Type the following command to the command line:  “fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem devices”.
  5. Press enter to confirm that same command.
  6. Type the next command: “fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock”.
  7. Now download the TWRP recovery from here.
  8. Rename the file to twrp.img. Copy the img file over to where you have the minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  9. Open the command line again and type: “fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery twrp.img” to flash the recovery.
  10. Press enter to confirm that command.
  11. Lastly, reboot the device by typing this command: “fastboot reboot”.
  12. Now you have the bootloader unlocked and the Team Win TWRP recovery installed, it’s time to root the handset. Here’s how to do that:
  13. Download the SuperSU zip from here.
  14. Transfer the file over to the root of the SD card on your smartphone. That means you shouldn’t put it inside any sub folder.
  15. Hold the Power button down and choose reboot > recovery.
  16. The YU handset will now boot into the custom recovery mode.
  17. Choose “install” from the menu.
  18. Browse for the SuperSU file on the SD card.
  19. Go back to the main recovery menu and select the reboot device option.

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