Free Registry First Aid 7 Platinum!

Before I say anything else, let me state one thing. RoseCitySoftware, the developer of Registry First Aid, has a very bad reputation on WOT. Typically I would never post about freebies from developers that have such feedback about them. However, this particular freebie is through Avanquest, a trusted source of software. I am only posting about this freebie because I trust that Avanquest has made sure the program it not malicious.

That said, like the name implies, Registry First Aid is a registry cleaning program. Here is a description of Registry First Aid, list of benefits, and list of features as per Avanquest:

To get Registry First Aid 7 Platinum for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v7.1.1 Build 1746

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 98 and higher

Update: Apparently this freebie is for 32-bit users only. Thanks everyone who posted below about this!

Download size: 4 MB

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise in this articlee, Registry First Aid 7 Platinum has not been tested or reviewed by dotTech (aside from checking to make sure this promotion is valid). Please do not take this post as an endorsement/rejection or review of the program. This article is simply to inform about the availability of this program as a freebie. dotTech cannot vouch for the quality (or lack thereof) of Registry First Aid 7 Platinum.

The promotion page is in German (the program will be in English) so if you don’t speak German, here is a rough translation:

If you registered properly you will get a confirmation message, like this one:

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. There should be an e-mail from with the subject of Ihre Registry First Aid Seriennummer: E-Mail-Bestätigung?. In the e-mail there will be a link you need to follow to confirm your registration:

Click on the link or copy + paste in your browser URL bar.

  • Once you visit the link, the webpage that opens will display your registration key:

Copy the registration code because you will need it soon.

  • Download and install Registry First Aid 7 Platinum.
  • After installation run Registry First Aid 7 Platinum and register it by going to Help Menu -> Enter Registration Key:

You have to enter the registration code you got in the Serial number box, but you can enter whatever you want in the User name box.

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Registry First Aid 7 Platinum for free, post below and other dotTechies and I will try to help.

Thanks Roy!

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  • juan

    have the password, can’t download the software. any idea?

  • Pilgrim

    A previous Avanquest giveaway was for Build 1733, this will update it and accept the same registration.

    I have used many registry cleaners and none of them can compare with this.
    Yes, you have to know what you are doing but if you follow the programs recommendations you cannot go far wrong.
    I have moved several GB’s of applications and files to a different partition, run RFA and it reset the registry keys.
    If there is another program that can do that I have never found it.

  • Harold Carlson

    I’ve been using Registry First Aid (Rose city) since 2004. RFA is likely the “deepest” cleaner there is. The program does categorize the risk. You must go through the risky ones only if you are looking to get rid of something (like Symantic\ Norton) or whatever. I like the search function to locate bad actors you want to remove .. but using a good uninstall program keeps the registry clean too. I use the Advanced system care cleaner, and Auslogics cleaner followed by their much recommended defrag. Auslogics is top shelf as is Iobit! For more heavy duty I use Regvac .. but that cost some dollars too. I currently am not using RFA and don’t want to have any more. Avanquest has been around a long time and is well respected.

  • Deputy

    As other have said above, this will not install on Windows 7-64.

    The error says that it requires X86 architecture.

  • Oops Sorry, the UK registration link that I posted is not the Platinum registration code – just the standard version…

  • English (UK) Registration is here:

    I also seem to remember this being very aggressive so be careful!

  • Michael Rainey

    I know nothing about WOT, but I’ve had positive experiences with Rose City Software for a number of years. They furnished for free one of the finest email clients ever (Courier). I never received spam from them and never saw evidence of malicious software on their site.

  • Mike

    Even though developers keep creating and updating registry cleaners, these programs haven’t been effective in terms of improving speed or performance since Win Me. No matter how bloated your registry may get with orphaned data, it has no effect whatsoever on system performance in Windows XP, Vista, or Win 7 other than maybe taking a millisecond or so longer to load during boot. If your registry is actually corrupted, that is something different, and it’s extremely unlikely that one of these programs is going to fix it. More often than not, registry cleaners cause more harm than anything else. In fact, that’s about all they’re capable of from Win XP on. Using a good defragmentation program that can safely defrag the registry and a compaction program to eliminate unused space within the registry are more effective in increasing performance, but even then, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Stay away from registry cleaners — they don’t help, and they can render your system unbootable!

  • Injeun

    Thanks for the link. I’ve used RFA for years and always had good success with it. This version is an upgrade to my current version. Worked fine. No probs. Automatically backed up before cleaning.

  • rizlaroller

    Like the last three posters,I would advise using this tool with GREAT CAUTION.
    I installed and run it,making a back with this,and doing a system restore,BEFORE cleaning the registry.
    After running the program,I was unable to do a restart,go to standby OR turn off my PC.
    I had to do a restore to get my PC right again.


  • emarell

    Echoing the comments of Lilangel10 & moe-chan:
    I used to love a very early version of this. But later editions became more and more aggressive.

    I much prefer the free Wise Registry Cleaner; also Auslogics free registry cleaner is nicely balanced.

  • moe-chan

    Lilangel10 is true. I used to use Registry First Aid 7 Platinum recklessly and the result was I could not print. Make sure to know what you will be cleaning and create full registry backup (which is provided within the program) before you do that.

  • Lilangel10

    Hi, No updates, the latest is v8, beware of this cleaner vrey agressive. Have a nice day

  • lazyboy

    same problem as housry23, tried to run it under xp, no luck. Says it can only be installed on version of windows with process architecture x86.

  • housry23

    The version downloaded won’t install on 64-bit system. Do you have a link for 64-bit?

  • Steve

    Thanks for the freebie.

    Now that you mention WOT reminds me…..WOT=the easy way to slag off your competition, very similar to HP Hosts.