Free Alcohol 120% (v5.5), an all-in-one CD/DVD emulation, burning, and backup software!

Update: This promotion is over!  Be sure to subscribe to dotTech for information about future freebies!

Alcohol 120% became a hit before my time but the name still resonates throughout the tech world. To put it simply, Alcohol 120% is a program that can read (mount) CD/DVD images with the added benefits of being able to backup CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD discs to an image format (it cannot bypass DRM protection), and burn images to discs. It can also do “traditional” burning, such as data and documents. Furthermore, Alcohol 120% supports .mds, .iso, .bwt, .b5t, .b6t, .ccd, .isz, .cue, .cdi, .pdi and .nrg image formats and can create up to 31 virtual drives at once.

Alcohol 120% and Dameon-Tools are the two big names that helped usher in the age of disc images, and to this day Alochol 120% remains an extremely popular piece of DVD burning/mounting software. While typically it would cost you €39.95, you can now get v5.5 for free! (This may be a limited time offer, I don’t know, so be quick if you want it.)

Version being given out for free: v5.5

Special note: The German version of Alcohol 120% and the English version seem to have different number schemes, so don’t let that confuse you. Furthermore, although this is a German promotion, the program itself will be in English.

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista

Special note: Windows 7 is not officially supported but this guide will show you how to install it on Windows 7

Download size: 12.1 MB

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise in this article, Alcohol 120% has not been tested or reviewed by dotTech (aside from checking to make sure this promotion is valid). Please do not take this post as an endorsement/rejection or review of the program. This article is simply to inform about the availability of this program as a freebie; nothing more, nothing less.

The first thing you’ll want to do is download the program. To do this’s promotion page and download it:

NOTE: This is a German promotion but the product will be in English.

Once the download has finished, extract it (the download is a ZIP file). Go the folder you extracted to and run Alcohol_5_Blu-Ray-CHIP.exe. Click on the “Internet” button:

Upon clicking the “Internet” button a website will load in your Internet browser requiring you to register:

Fill out your email address, your title (Herr for males, Frau for for female), your first and last names, and your country. I chose Schweiz since that’s my favorite German-speaking country, but any of them is fine.  Be sure to check the box – it signs you up for their newsletter and lets them process your information so you get the necessary license information.   If you don’t want the newsletter, you can either use a disposable email address or unsubscribe later.

Once you have filled out the whole form, click the “Weiter” button. If you do it properly you will get a confirmation message:

The message informs you that your email will arrive in less than 5 minutes, and to check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive in 5 minutes. It took ~30 minutes for the e-mail to arrive in my first account, and ~5 minutes to arrive in my second account so you may need to be a little patient.

The e-mail you need to look for in your inbox is from Franzis Registrierungsteam ( with the subject of Registrierung: Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-ray – CHIP?. In the e-mail there is a click you have to click to confirm your e-mail address:

Once you click the link and confirm your e-mail address, you will get another e-mail from Franzis Registrierungsteam ( with the subject of Registrierung: Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-ray – CHIP. This e-mail will contain the two codes you need to register Alcohol 120%:

Go back to the Alcohol 120% installer and enter the two codes you got via e-mail…

…and click “OK”. After you click “OK” you will be asked if you want to run the Alcohol 120% installer; hit “Weiter”:

Once the installer has been extracted, you will see this screen:

Once you are at this screen, what to do next depends on what Windows you are on.

Windows XP/Vista Guide

Windows 7 Guide

Windows XP and Windows Vista

Click on installieren. The installer is actually displayed in English (for the most part) so begin installing the program like you would any other program. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, you should see two options – leave the default one checked:

Continue following the installer through; just make sure to leave everything checked and keep clicking next. You know you have successfully installed the program when you see the last and final screen:

After installation has finished and you run Alcohol 120%, you will be presented with another registration screen. Simply re-enter the user ID and registration code you received earlier via e-mail and click “OK”. You should now have a fully functioning, registered, version of Alcohol 120%!

Windows 7

NOTE: Before you proceed please realize this particular version of Alcohol 120% is not officially supported on Windows 7. In fact, it won’t even install on Windows 7 without a few tricks. That means that Alcohol 120% (v5.5) may not work properly on Windows 7 and could possibly cause harm to your computer. By installing Alcohol 120% (v5.5) on Windows 7 you are accepting all the risk onto yourself. Locutus, Ashraf, dotTech, anyone or anything else (besides yourself) is not responsible for any gain or loss you may incur.

When you get to the installieren screen shown previously, don’t click anything. Go to C:/Users/your user name/AppData/local/temp.  A quick easy way to get to that temp folder is pressing Win+R and typing in %TEMP% and hitting “OK”.

Once that temp folder is open, do a search for Alcohol.  You’re looking for Alcohol120_de_retail_5.5.7.6719.exe:

Copy and paste it to the desktop and name it something like Blah.exe – don’t rename it to anything that even remotely looks like the original name.

Download the latest version of SPTD from Duplex Secure.  Make sure to download the one that’s right for your architecture (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit)! After the download has finished, install it:

After installation has finished, restart your computer.

After restarting, open up the Alcohol installer from your desktop (the one that you renamed).  Click Next and then I Agree.  (You’ll notice that this installer is in two languages it’s pulling some text from the OS and some from the installer itself.) Once you reach the “select components to install” screen make sure to select the first three options:

The first, grayed out box is the main program.  The second is the multilingual language packs, which I’m guessing contain English.  The third is a service required by Alcohol 120%.  The fourth one is the offline help – I have no idea which language it would install, so it’s not worth it unless you understand German.  The fifth are desktop icons, but by the end of this article we will have changed the path of the EXE file so the desktop icons are worthless to us.

After selecting the proper components, click Next and accept the default install path:

Click Install and it will install:

Once you are at the final end screen of the installation, before you close the installer make sure to uncheck both of the two options:

(You don’t want to autostart the program.)

Next, go to C:/Program Files/Alcohol Soft/Alcohol 120 (go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Alcohol Soft/Alcohol 120 if you are on a 64-bit machine).  Rename alcohol.exe to program.exe:

Run Alcohol 120% and click the Register button. Find the second code you received via e-mail  earlier (the longer one) and enter it. Once you click “OK”, it’ll take several minutes to “Apply Alcohol virtual device settings”. Once the virtual device settings have been applied, go through the options and set everything the way you want it to – set up virtual drives (I like just the default one), set up filetype registrations, etc.  Once you’re done with this, restart your computer again. After reboot, Alcohol 120% will work!


Great software? Yes, personally I do feel it is. Here is an example of what one can do with it; I have mounted an ISO of the Avatar DVD I made with DVD Shrink:

*NOTE: That is a legal backup of the movie – I own it.

(In case you are wondering: The first disc drives is my annoying SD card reader, the second is my DVD drive, the third is a Virtual CloneDrive, and the fourth highlighted one is Alcohol 120%.)

Alcohol 120% is a great piece of burning/mounting software, and the fact that it’s available for free is even better. Enjoy everyone!

Special thanks to Conn09 for the Windows XP/Vista guide!

Franzis Registrierungsteam (

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  • @Jim W: That’s too bad. But I suppose it’s to be expected given that I found the link on the advent calendar promotion page.
    I’ll update the article.

  • Jim W

    Alas, the Chip.DE site no longer offers Alcohol 120% for free, as of Dec. 24. It was an Advent calendar special, according to the Chrome translation. Thanks for your efforts, appreciated immensely, as always.

  • @tekknokat: Well it sounds like you’ve gotten it working just fine!

    But if you do want to uninstall it, be sure to uninstall SPTD from whichever uninstaller you do decide to use.

  • tekknokat

    I installed Alcohol 120% on Windows 7 64-bit last Sunday, Dec 05, and posted that I was successful in doing so, thanks to the detailed tutorial published by Locutus. Then I had a busy week, and for the most part neglected my computer, except for the few tasks I needed to check on my web browser every day, for but a few quick moments. Come Thursday morning, Dec 09, I nearly soiled my pants, and then sobbed like a baby in a fetal position. My barely 20 month old LaCie 1terabyte USB/FireWire/eSata Triple Interface (designed by Neil Poulton) external hard drive was not appearing in My Computer folder, and I could not access it from Printers and Devices in Windows Control Panel, even though the computer was telling me that the hard drive was plugged in to the computer by way of the USB 2.0 interface. Then I remembered when I installed the Giveaway of the Day DAEMON Tools Pro last June 2010, and the several problems that came with that, one of them being that I could not locate or find my external hard drive once it was installed.

    The first thing I did was panic and behave irrationally. I opened the Alcohol Soft Folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\, and clicked on file “uninst.exe.” Whenever I got a message it was in German, and rather than figure out what they said, I just clicked the [OK] button several times, as well as a message that I swore mentioned my registry, I just kept clicking [OK]. Well after that was finished, all of the files were still in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder, all of the files were still in the Start Menu folder, and when I browsed the regedit.exe Registry Editor, I found at least three subfolders where Alcohol Soft had extensive entries in the registry. The registry is something I know little to nothing about, and have never used a tool to delete obsolete entries or otherwise keep it clean, because I am afraid to mess it up irreparably. When I ran XP, I had a Registry backup script that ran with an executable .exe one-click operation, but since I have Windows 7 x64 I haven’t found such a tool to backup my registry, although with all of the Freebies I have downloaded at and similar sites, I might already have a utility to backup my registry, and not even know it. The problem is, I have to be able to log into Windows and run this utility to be able to restore the registry, and if the registry is messed up enough, couldn’t Windows boot be difficult, if not impossible? anyway . . .

    I realized that I should try looking at Locutus’ thoroughly complete and easy to understand installation tutorial, backwards! I thought maybe the answer lied in that installation file we plucked out of the Temp folder and renamed “something like Blah.exe .” I clicked on it and from that point forward, before I clicked on anything, I typed the text into Google Language Tools, and got a loose German => English translation, before clicking [OK], [CANCEL], [YES], [NO], OR [MAYBE]?!?! I realized that maybe I couldn’t do a proper uninstall, because I did a partial one, and all of the parts needed to be there to do it properly, so I reinstalled it. I didn’t need to register or provide my registration code again, so I don’t think anything got uninstalled at any point. But I learned from the translation, that the file we renamed “Blah.exe” or whatever name, I chose “TheFreeThing.exe,” and moved it to archive in my Download folder for an untold length of time (on Sunday before I realized anything was wrong), so I’m glad I didn’t delete it or put it in the Recycle Bin. (I have been overwriting all of my non-sensitive files to 0000’s when I am finished with them, it makes the free space on your hard drive defragment better than just deleting from your Recycle Bin, I read that somewhere, so I cannot verify if that is true or not, but I have been losing drive space at a slower pace since I started doing this, and I delete large files after downloading large file fragments to join together to make movies on Rapidshare and Hotfile, and after a utility like JDownloader or HJSplit joins the files into an .avi, .mp4, mkv, even compressed .rar and .zip files, or any other file over several Gigabytes in size, they leave behind file fragments and archives several gigs in size I don’t need anymore. This shredder utility made my hard drive shrink slower, a free tool I found doing a Google Search called DPShredder 1.5 from Dirk Paehl, it will do Zeros, Pseudorandom Data, RCMP (DSX), US DoD 5220.22-M (E) 3x, US DoD 5220.22-M (ECE) 7x, and Gutmann (35 pass), you can choose to do each of the above in Rounds 1, 2, 3, or 4 rounds, and it will delete Files or Directories, and has Silent, Quickshred, and will delete the empty space on your disk, and it takes a really small amount of space on the disk, and uses very little resources, it’s a tiny program for all it does, it was on a really random nearly unnoticeable German to English website that appeared far down the list of results I got from Google. (It’s totally portable, and can be run from a USB pendrive if you use that sort of device: for ))

    I thought of checking to see if I had a restore point before I installed Alcohol 120%, I knew that I made one before I installed the SPTD pass through layer, but I can’t remember if that would even help or not. Anyway, I had just installed the latest update of EASUS Partition Master Professional Edition 6.5.1, Wednesday, December 08, 2010, from Giveaway of the Day, and I didn’t want to lose that and other Freebies installed since installing Alcohol 120%, if performing a System Restore uninstalls software as I remember I think it does, if it was installed or updated after the restore point was made?

    Then I remembered when I had opened the latest EASUS Partition Master on Wednesday, I saw an entry for my LaCie hard drive, so I opened it again Thursday. There it was, my LaCie hard drive, except it didn’t have it’s letter designation (M:) anymore, because Alcohol 120% had taken possession of all drives between (G:) and (O:), although it was only using (G:) and (O:) as virtual drives, (F:) was my physical DVD/CD ROM drive, and strangely drive (H:) which was in that range of drives that Alcohol supposedly took control over, it is designated for my (H:)YMAX MagicJack USB softphone/ phone jack for using a landline style phone to function as a VOIP phone, as seen in the television infomercials. Somehow drive (H:) kept it’s designated function/location that my hard drive did not keep, after the Alcohol installation.

    For some reason I was drawn again to open EASUS Partition Master Professional Edition 6.5.1 and see if my hard drive was still there, after poring over the options in the device manager didn’t give me any ideas. It was there, my (*:)LaCie Hard Drive, except the drive letter was replaced with an asterisk * instead of a letter. I was relieved to see that the total size of the drive, the size of the partition on the drive was the same as the amount of used space on the drive before Alcohol installation, so I felt reassured all of my files were intact, and the drive had not died on me coincidentally the same week as installing Alcohol. Then I learned that EASUS Partition Master has an Explorer function, which allowed me to view the folder structure, and the names of the files on the drive, and the files in the folders on the drive. My sense of relief kept growing. I stubbornly wanted the same old letter of my drive, because I had shortcuts already made to that drive letter, but since I couldn’t uninstall Alcohol without asking for help, I decided to see if I could just give my hard drive a new letter. When I right-clicked to see the context menu on my drive in the EASUS interface Main Window, there was a choice called “label.” I opened the EASUS help file, and saw that I could use that function to give a letter designation to my hard drive. The next unclaimed letter I could find was “p,” so I labelled my hard drive letter (P:)LaCie in EASUS Partition Master, and before it applied my change, I had to click on a confirmation text. When that happened I opened up a MyComputer folder in Windows Explorer, and my (P:)LaCie hard drive was there, and when I clicked on it, I was able to verify that all of my files were there, including the images I made using Acronis True Image 2010 (a piece of junk software edition, as far as Windows 7 64-bit is concerned, that’s a whole different story for another time).

    I was able to put the .ISO file for Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7 into the virtual drive that Alcohol created on BD-ROM Drive (G:) KB3AIK_EN.iso. I need it to create the WinPE Rescue Media DVD so I can recover Acronis Image Backups in case of a hard drive failure or trying to boot into Windows if the operating system is damaged somehow, using Acronis Win PE ISO builder. When I click on the virtual drive, I can see all of the files in the .ISO file, just as if they were playing on a CD or DVD in my physical drive. It’s sorta cool.

    I have never used this technology before, so maybe I am not in such a panic to uninstall it. Still, it would be a nice prerogative to be able to uninstall Alcohol if I wanted to down the line for whatever reason, without uninstalling my Operating System at the same time. Would removing all traces from the registry be adequate, before removing all of the files from the folders on the root drive and Start Menu shortcuts? Or would the changes to my virtual and physical drives, and the unusable yet visible in MyComputer drives, in between drives (G:) and (O:), still be altered as they are now? I wish I had purchased the 64-bit compatible Revo Uninstaller, but I never realized how badly I needed it until this experience. Even if I purchase Revo Uninstaller in the near future when I have a little cash aside, it still won’t matter for uninstalling something that’s already installed anyway would it? Doesn’t the application have to record the changes to Windows during installation to do a really thorough uninstallation? Maybe I’m thinking of a different application.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR UNINSTALLING ALCOHOL 120% would be greatly appreciated. :-)

    off topic:
    [btw, Where can I find a quick and easy tutorial on HTML tags to format my posts in a comment field such as this? I’m sure with a little bit more thorough explanation than below, I might be able to figure it out? Comment quotations, titles, bold, underline, text size, font, color, hyperlink (automatic?), insert photos (link to host only?), Just when I learned BB message board markup tags …]

  • dan

    @PapyLuc: My HELP chm file is in German. How did you get the English version?

  • dan

    1) What’s the ‘dat’ file (part of the download) for? I deleted it and Alcohol seems to start without it.
    2) The HELP file is missing when I click on the GUI HELP in the toolbar.
    3) The HELP file in the Alcohol directory is in German; any chance of getting the English version?

    I’m running Vista Home Premium.


  • RobAC

    I am use the free util Magidisk to mount ISO and Bin/Cue etc. files

    I tried to get into Alcohol a while back, but could not be bothered with the hassles of getting it to work. Magidisk is free and works good enough for me. (It’s partnered with MagicISO, so don’t be confused when you go to the site.)

  • John


    I contacted Franzis software the other day with regard to the problems I was having with installing, and they kindly sent me another link to use. I assume this will work for anyone (apologies if it doesn’t) so long as they have already registered and received their 2 product codes, anyway all you can do is give it a try.


  • Tex

    I’m using Windows 7 – 64 bit. After the necessary reboot and launching the renamed .exe I get this error in German. I do not know what it means or what it causing it:

  • mukhi

    i am getting inclined toward alcohol though; paragon doesn’t tell you which image formats it supports, i wish alcohol 120% would support DAA format.

    thumbs down because:
    # some folks don’t like to mess around with german website, LOL
    # win764 users like me finds it kinda headache to install
    # alcohol 120%!!! you may get an internet traffic ticket, LOL

  • dan

    When I go to the vendor’s website ( ), they show as the latest version; but you ( show 5.5 as being offered ?!
    Thanks for any clarification.

  • smaragdus

    Check this out: – Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal – Home Page – Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal – at Softpedia

  • tekknokat


    Thank you for your well rendered instructions. I was able to install Alcohol 120% on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and create 2 virtual drives, something which I didn’t think I would be able to do.

    Early in the summer, June 17, 2010, Giveaway of the Day was giving away DAEMON Tools Pro Standard, which also required the SPTD / SCSI Pass Through Direct Layer installation, and I ran into a lot of compatibility issues with printers, USB devices, my physical HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH 10L SCSI CD ROM Drive for burning CDs and DVDs, and burning LightScribe labels if one is into that sort of thing, (I don’t want to make my computer that hot since my previous HP DVD/CD ROM drives never lasted the life of the computer). I ended up having to uninstall the DAEMON tools and the SPTD, then use System Restore to turn my computer back to an earlier restore point, or else I just went straight to the restore point and didn’t even have to bother with uninstallation, I can’t remember now. I remember that the day of the Giveaway, DAEMON tools creator promised email support all day, they must have had too many requests for help, because I didn’t get a reply until two days after the giveaway, and they toild me that I probably had other imaging, video, codec, whatever software on my computer that wasn’t compatible with their software, and they couldn’t help me unless I purchased a license and then began troubleshooting the matter one software conflict at a time.

    I haven’t had an opportunity yet to try mounting any DVDs or supported file types into a virtual drive to burn to a DVD or CD using Alcohol 120%. I have some good quality Dual Layer DVD-R and CDs, I just am really busy and been up all night, I will not get a free moment until at least Wednesday afternoon or night at the earliest. But the installation part and creating the virtual discs went ok, I just can’t tell if they will actually work yet, but I didn’t get any messages saying I had compatibility issues, or couldn’t proceed because of errors and so forth. That’s a good sign in my book. Thanks again.

    Best Wishes

  • @dan: My best guess would be that most of their users run Windows 7.

  • dan

    How come thumbs up is ONLY 23% on the German webpage ?! Not a good sign…

  • Saurabh

    really gr8 and cleaver work u did….
    thnx mate…:)

  • mukhi

    oh ya? i am so relieved! thanks, i never install any toolbar (exception: linkextend did install one, but i kept that toolbar hidden, i only need that green check symbol to check safety of any site).

  • Jubi Lee

    Success with Win7, thanks.

    Is SPTD meant to remain on the machine once the installation has been completed?

    Should the .exe file be renamed back to alcohol.exe after installation has completed, or does it need to stay named program.exe?

  • Harlan

    FileHippo identifies the version as and says 2.01 is the current version. I don’t know what would happen if you tried to use the supplied license code on the newer version. Regardless, this is a good program and I’m glad to have it.

  • Someguy

    @mukhi: It comes with spyware only if you check the option for a toolbar. If you don’t, no spyware for you :).

  • NoWankersHere

    Tippity top guide, old chap! Well done how-to and a most excellent programme – Cheers!

  • mukhi

    i know ashraf you are not kidding here, but are you serious when you say daemon tools lite comes with spyware? dang it, it has been in my computer for almost a year!
    if somebody can confirm , i am gonna remove it right away!

  • Phil K

    Won’t install.
    Im on windows 7 – 64bit

  • stef

    Direct registration link:

    They refuse disposable email addresses … but I succeeded with an alternate domain name of mailinator ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • PapyLuc

    Free Alcohol 120% (v5.5) :

    1) Excellent tuto for download (XP)
    2) Excellent installation
    3) Excellent registration
    4) Free Alcohol 120% (v5.5) in FRENCH !!! except Help file (CHM) in english


  • Pete

    Brilliant….Thankyou for this.

  • Jyo

    Daemon Tools doesn’t have spyware. People just need to be smarter when installing software and untick the optional toolbar installations.

  • Ashraf

    @John: Have you tried to download the program again? Maybe your security program is blocking the proper extraction?

  • John

    I’m having problems with the install. I have received the email with my two codes. Once I enter the two codes and hit OK button I get some sort of error message telling “Extraction of the set-up files became failed not found” or words to those effect.

    I don’t get what’s happening because I must have the program open to enter those two codes. Am running XP sp3.


  • Ashraf

    @Pat: No one knows – the German versions and English versions seem to have different numbering schemes. If I were to make an educated guess, I would say v2.0.1.2033 is newer than v5.5 since v2.0.1.2033 works on Win7 while v5.5 does not.

    @doctor: Let me guess – you didn’t read the whole post and tried to grab the freebie on your own? =P Read the Windows 7 installation guide… it will tell you how to grab this on Windows 7.

  • Someguy

    nvm i got it

  • Someguy

    I’m trying to get a code and I’ve been waiting for an hour. I don’t think I’ll get it. Can someone get the code for me?

  • Pat

    @doctor: Works OK on my win7 64-bit

  • doctor

    Incompatible with 64 bit windows 7 – installation aborts with notification of incompatibility.

  • Pat

    How does this version compare with the Alcohol 120% version? Also is there an english help file available for download other than the generic English User Manual.

  • Dave

    @Locutus: Perfect. Thanks!

  • @Dave: Try keeping the default username and organization Microsoft.

  • Dave

    I installed the software on Windows vista 64, but when the installer finished, it would not take the registration information that was emailed to me.

    I put in the “Ihre User-ID lautet:” code in for user name, and the “Ihr Registrierungs-Code lautet” code in for serial number, but it just gave the error “Invalid Serial Number! Registration Failed!”.

    Am I doing something wrong here? It accepted those codes when it asked at the beginning of the install process.

  • Ashraf

    @Al Gershen: Well according to Google Translate the error means “After preceding action they have to start again”. Have you tried to click “OK” and see what happens? Have you tried restarting your computer and trying to install again? You are on XP, correct?

    @mukhi: I haven’t used Daemon-Tools in a while but I hear it now comes bundled with spyware. Virtual CloneDrive, however, is a terrific tool.

  • mukhi

    i have been using daemon tools lite or virtual clonedrive for emulation. these free stuffs support *.b5t, *.b6t, *.bwt, *.ccd, *.cdi, *.cue, *.iso, *.isz, *.mds, *.mdx, *.nrg, *.pdi or BIN but does NOT support daa. unfortunately, alcohol 120% does not support it either.

  • Al Gershen

    I got at error message while trying to install the software in my Compaq R4000 laptop (on Windows XP 32 bit Home Edition, SP3. You can look at it here on my Charter website:

    I don’t know what to do next?

  • Conn09

    @Locutus: I should stop spamming your post really shouldn’t i :S ;)
    Time to take this to the forumsss :D

  • @Conn09: And now… [some other random giveaway worth lots]! Here’s how to install it! [info]
    See, my trick is to use a template.

  • Conn09

    @Ashraf: I tried, it was pretty late for me to jump on the bandwagon really ;)

    @Locutus: >.< Stop beating me to it! ;)

  • Conn09

    @Locutus: Yes, indeed i have sent it in for review……well….i think i did….damnable WP ;)

    @miftah: It should default to English when installed

  • Ashraf

    @Conn09: It is the thought that counts.

    @Locutus: I will grab it from hia article – no need to email.

    Okay I will stop trolling your post Locutus. At least temporarily.

  • @miftah: This does make the German version turn to English. It works based on the system language, only the installation is in German. Simply follow the steps.

  • miftah

    hi Ashraf,
    its in German version ? How to change it into English ?

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: That is exactly what a real Borg would say.

  • @Conn09: I think Ashraf wants you to email it to him, that way he can add it to the Vista section. But I’m not Ashraf, so take my word with a grain of nanomolecules.

  • Conn09

    :'( You beat me to it. Looks like it’s going to take me some time to get used to the editor on WP.

  • @Ashraf: If I was truly a Borg, I’d be part of the collective and have no reason to be wasting time burning DVD disc images.

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: Where there is a Borg there is a way.

  • @Ashraf: Thanks! I was determined to get it to work :P

  • Ashraf

    As I said in the forums, very clever guide Locutus; very clever indeed.