Microsoft to Apple: “We can sell millions of units in a short period of time, too”

It seems like every time Apple releases a new gadget, millions of people run out and buy it. Well, Microsoft can’t let Apple take all the glory can it now?

Back when the Nintendo Wii was announced, many critics scoffed at Nintendo’s “childish” idea of a motion-based gaming console. Apparently consumers don’t always agree with critics because the Nintendo Wii took the world by storm, as opposed to the Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 which attracted a smaller audience. Seeing the success of the Wii, Microsoft decided to do a 180 and released their own Wii-inspired gadget: Kinect, an add-on for the Xbox 360. Kinect isn’t exactly a Wii, but no one can deny Microsoft licked its Nintendo-inflicted wounds and decided to give Nintendo a piece of its own medicine by releasing this motion-based, physical controller-free gadget.

Apparently the Kinect has been accepted by the beast that is named gamer. Not only is Kinect being heavily modded and used to do things Microsoft never intended, but the Kinect has sold over 2.5 million Kinect units in just 25 days. (Admittedly Black Friday played a big role in the movement of these millions of units, but who is keeping score anyway.) Might as well rename it iKinect and start a porn-free app store because Apple is no longer the only company that can sell millions of toys with a blink of an eye.

[via engadget]

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  • @Obajoshi: Apple’s Game Console: iOS (iPod Touch and iPad)

  • Obajoshi


    My bad, I stand corrected. I actually wanted to buy the zune HD before going for the ipod touch, but after my first experience with the original zune, (in my own opinion), I just found it to be very limited in usefulness apart from the Hi Def resolution and the radio.
    And as both you and Mukhi noted above, do not be fooled by Microsoft. They have a tendency of being resilient, learning from their past mistakes and coming up with a winner. Just look at the Xbox! …hey, when will Apple come up with a gaming console?….. I will be first in line…

  • @Ashraf: AND a Zune HD!!!!!!!!
    For the recored though it’s a first gen a bought about a year ago for 20 bucks of a friend…and I plan to replace it with a Windows Phone 7 as soon as I can….

  • Ashraf

    …I own…an iPod Touch…

    @Samuel: You are never going to see the end of this =P

  • @Obajoshi: I didn’t say the the Zune line is not meant to compete with the iPod line, just the the Zune HD was not meant to compete with the iPod Touch.

    For the recored, I own both an iPod Touch and a Zune HD.

  • Obajoshi

    I have no idea what the zune was meant to be, if not to compete with the ipod. I have the original Zune 30 and it is amazing that after all this years all they have is a miserable 36 apps. I switched to the ipod touch last year and find it useful and practical especially with the medical apps.
    I originally bought the Zune because I did not want to be a part of the apple bandwagon. Now, I have a nice expensive paperweight on my desk. I guess that is what the Zune was meant to be.

  • Obajoshi


    Just because someone loves a product does not make them lame. The same people who run to buy “anything apple” will most likely sync their toys with a microsoft OS running computer. Last year I bought my first apple product and am ready to upgrade to the latest ipod 4g. I find apple products to be easy to use, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Plus having help and excellent customer and technical service , in the name of a nearby apple store ( usually in a mall), is a plus. Now… If they could only support adobe flash.!
    On the other hand, yes I ran and bought windows vista when it popped out, and also window 7, which I truly love. I like windows because it is easy to learn and easily integrates with many apps, computers, or anything gadgetry that you want to hook to the computer. But am still waiting for microsoft stores -they would have been helpful during the days of vista.
    Just because I might run out and buy the latest Benz, lexus, Versace, Rolex blindly, does not make me lame.

  • @Locutus: The Zune HD has 36 Apps for the recored. And it’s not meant to compete with the iPod Touch.

  • @Mike: I bought an iPod touch 4g–an Apple product–right after it was released. Why? I have legitimate reasons. For one, I wanted an MP3 player. There is currently no MP3 player on the market that supports apps. It’s the only choice. Oddly no one has copied it, other than the Zune HD, with a half-baked browser and no apps. I had been waiting since March for the new revision to come out (yes, I’d been waiting for6 months). So, some Apple buyers have reasons.
    Even if they run immediately out and buy it after a new gen comes out.

  • @Ashraf and @Mike: I think I’ll stay out of this…just to be safe..and impartial…

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: While I agree there are many people who just buy Apple products because they are Apple products, in their defense Apple has been coming out with excellent products lately in their gadget product line.

    That said, there are definitely those people who just run out and buy Microsoft products when they come out just because they are Microsoft but there are less than Apple fans because of past experience: Past experience says Microsoft will fall flat on its face during initial release and recover later. Apple, on the other hand, has a much better reputation when it comes to gadgets.

  • Mike

    Most of the people who run out and buy Apple products as soon as they’re released do it because they’re basically lemmings, not because the products are necessarily good. Apple fanatics have been that way for a long time. They’ll pay exhorbitant amounts of money for Apple products without any prior input as to design quality or usefulness. There are Microsoft fans that want to purchase every new version of Windows the second it becomes available, but it’s a relatively small portion of Microsoft’s user base. Most users of Microsoft products do their research and don’t rush into purchasing a new product just because it’s been released. Product fanatics, regardless of what brand they worship, are a bunch of fools.

  • @mukhi: A very interesting analyses of Microsoft. My favorite way to describe Microsoft is “The Sleeping Giant”, everyone loves to say how bad the “Giant” is, but when the “Giant” wakes up look out!

  • Jyo

    This article made me very happy. I thank you.

  • mukhi

    MS always learns from its mistakes. apparently, they always get the alternate OS as the better one. remember the days when apple ads used to mock at vista? MS fought back with its gauntlet by getting 7. MS is a company which experiments a lot, some fail terribly, but when it succeeds, it turns your head. i like it.
    wii with its simplicity and effectiveness is just a wonder, IMO. just bought it, and will never regret it. idea of kinect is also amazing.
    if apple would focus a little more on functionality than on look, we consumers could be happier.