How to access Dark Mode in Windows 10 [Tip]

Windows 10 has been introduced with many ravishing features that have won the hearts of many and thus Microsoft Windows 10 has become a popular operating system. Recently Microsoft has presented a dull and dark theme choice for the new Edge browser program in Windows 10, and it looks magnificent.

Starting at this moment, Microsoft has regarded just the Edge browser program as deserving of having the dark mode accessibility. In addition, that has made most clients tragic.

Fortunately, there is an extremely straightforward and fast workaround for this. So on the off chance that you need to be a cool child and access the secret dark mode in different Windows 10 applications, the guidelines are as per the following.

Launch the Registry Editor

The process is really simple, all you have to do is write “Regedit” in the search bar without the quotes and tap on the deteriorating square shape symbol to download the Registry Editor.


The whole process also depends on the security settings you have for your PC and therefore, User Account Control may ask for your permission as a case of security issues. Assuming this is the case, tap on “Yes.”


Access the Proper Directory

On the left sidebar is the catalog structure. For the accompanying, just tap on the chevron by the registry name to grow it and explore down the following order.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER – > SOFTWARE – > Microsoft – > Windows – > Current Version – > Themes – > Personalize


Perform the Actual Magic

On the right side of a screen, there is an empty zone, right-click and pick “New,” then “DWORD (32-bit) Value.”


You could now see another section on the right side called as the “New Value #1” highlighted in blue.

Rename the highlighted field to “AppsUseLightTheme,” and you will now see another section on the right side called “AppsUseLightTheme” with a default esteem set to 0. Now all you have to do is log out and after a while log in again.

The Final Touch!

Presently there are a few disclaimers. The dim and dark mode is not all-inclusive since some applications do not completely acknowledge it yet. Nevertheless, in the applications that do acknowledge and support it, similar to Settings, it looks really cool and amazing.

Now you know how to access the latest dark mode feature on your Windows 10. So get this feature running on your Windows 10, be that cool kid, and show off this to your friends. With this simple instructions, you can now easily access and utilize the dim mode on your PC.

Microsoft is still working on some of the features of the Windows 10 to make it perfect and ready to use. Thus, with all the exciting features installed in the latest Windows 10, it has enhanced the experience of using the Windows 10. Hope that your experience of using the windows 10 has been a great one and you are enjoying your time using it.

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