How to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Core Prime LTE [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy Core PrimeThere are a few different ways one can install TWRP Recovery. Sometimes we have a choice between multiple ways of installing it for a device and other times we only have one option present. When talking about every device that has an official TWRP Recovery made available, there are three main versions that are used between all devices collectively. The most common way to install TWRP on Android would be to issue some adb commands with fastboot on your computer.

The adb method is popular for most OEMs, but it isn’t the most popular way for Samsung devices. The Samsung developers made a flash tool that never saw an official release, though it has come out with multiple versions which suggests that perhaps they have released it on purpose. The flash tool I’m referring to is called Odin and you would have heard of it if you have flashed a custom recovery, rooted or installed an official firmware build on a Samsung smartphone or tablet. Odin is the only flashing tool that Samsung device owners have readily available and it’s very easy to use, making this guide ideal for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime LTE owners.


  • The following guide is made for the LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone. Anyone flashing the file in this guide on the other 3G version will likely brick the device.
  • You can flash a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime without having to unlock any bootloader.


  • Note that by installing a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone you are choosing to void the Samsung warranty. Some phone carrier networks will still look at your device under warranty if you have rooted or installed a custom recovery. Inquire with your service provider before flashing if the warranty is important to you.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone by tapping on the Settings application > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.
  • Any Core Prime owners who do not see the Developer Options when scrolling down the Settings menu can unlock the same by tapping on the Settings application > About Device > Build Number a minimum of seven times. It will soon say that you are using the Core Prime as a developer.


  1. Download the TWRP Recovery file for the Galaxy Core Prime LTE smartphone from here.
  2. Download the latest Odin flashing tool from here.
  3. Extract the two files to the desktop of the computer by right-clicking on the file and selecting the “extract here” option from the menu.
  4. Right-click on the Odin executable and choose to run it as an administrator.
  5. Turn off the Auto Reboot option available from the Odin application on the computer. Leave all other settings the same as the default.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  7. Click the AP button from the Odin user interface.
  8. Browse the desktop for the TWRP Recovery file.
  9. Click the Start button.
  10. Wait until you can see a green box from the Odin application on the computer that says the pass message inside.
  11. Turn off your device and then reboot it directly to the recovery mode by pressing the hardware button combination for that mode.

In conclusion, that’s how to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Core Prime LTE smartphones using the Odin flashing application and a Windows computer.

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