How to manage, format and write SD Cards in Linux [Tip]

SD1To manage, format and write your SD cards in a Linux operating system is a little complicated. SD card plays an important role in Linux systems. But, if you follow the steps given below correctly, you can manage, format and write your SD cards successfully.


Importance of SD cards

The role played by SD cards in Linux systems is crucial. SD cards are used to store pictures and videos. The main advantage of having an SD card is that you can store many files in it. SD cards are easy to carry along the way and use. It is important that as a user, you should have the knowledge to manage, format and write your SD cards so that you can reuse the SD cards again and again. There are a lot of methods to configure your SD cards. A few options are given below.

How to Manage, Format and Write Your SD cards in Linux?

  1. Using the Partition Method: You can use a tool called partition editor to manage, format and write your SD cards to make new partitions and make duplicates. A normal SD card has one partition. If your SD card is of 32 GB capacity, then you can break this into two partitions each of 16 GB. Using the partition editor tool, you can choose one partition to format. If required, you can recycle the SD card. For this, “Erase All” option should be selected, even though it is a time consuming process. You should select the correct type of partition. FAT format is the most commonly used partition type.
  2. Using Command Line: Using the correct command, you can manage, format and write your SD cards. After the formatting is done, you should make the new partition.

How to Create a Distinct Partition in Your SD Card?

To create a distinct partition in your SD card is a tricky process as the chances of loosing data are very high here. It is always recommended to backup your data before starting the process. After making the backup, you can now erase all the data from the SD card and then create new partitions. Select a new amount of space rather than using the remaining space. You can repeat the process for creating a number of partitions.

How Can Your SD Card Be Backed Up?

Any SD card can easily be backed up by opening the file manager to copy the contents into your computer. If you wish to take identical copies, then, this option will not work. Partition editor tool can be used to make partition images. When you wish to restore the backup, you can restore the backup image with the help of partition editor tool.


SD cards have many advantages over flash drives and that is why it is being used by almost everyone. They are thinner, lighter, and easier to carry in bulk. Now with the help of partition tools, it is easy to manage, format and write your SD cards in a Linux environment.

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