How to install Android over-the-air update without losing root [Tip]

Updates have been the problems of many rooted Android users’ existences. It’s an endless battle. Updating unroots the phone or won’t flash at all, but we need the latest version of the mobile Operating Systems. The struggle may be over thanks to the FlashFire.flashfire

Use FlashFire to Flash an OTA Update

When you get notified that there’s an update on the market for your device, the primary factor you’ll need to do is act and get it but don’t install it. If you tell the update to go ahead and install, it’ll seemingly fail since you’re running a rooted device.

Instead, awaken FlashFire once the OTA has finished downloading. (If you don’t have it nevertheless, be a part of the beta program and so download the app.) It ought to mechanically find the update file and ask if you would like to get the actions to flash it. act and tap “OK.”flashfireandroid


This will generate a screen that will appear a trifle overwhelming to novice users, however, it’s primarily simply a breakdown of what FlashFire intends to try to to with the OTA file. every choice is customizable if you faucet on it—for example, if you don’t need to wipe the cache partition, merely de-select that choice. you’ll be able to also add numerous actions, however, I wouldn’t essentially advocate doing that at once.

If you’ve got a custom recovery like TWRP put in, FlashFire can back it up before beginning the method, and restore it subsequently.

Once you’ve finalized the set of directions, hit the “Flash” button. it’ll provide a warning that it will take somewhat of your time for FlashFire to load, and a handful of black screens could seem. act and faucet “OK” once more.

After that, FlashFire can restart and you’ll see a myriad of scrolling text on the show. Leave the device alone to try to to its thing—that’s simply FlashFire running the required commands. once it’s finished, it’ll restart with the update flashed and root repaired. Boom. So simple.

Flashing the OTA Doesn’t Work don’t worry

If you’ve changed your device in a very manner that stops FlashFire from applying the update—maybe you’re running a  /system partition has been changed by theXposed Framework, as an example then the update can fail. There’s presently no notification that the update wasn’t applied, therefore you’ll need to jump into the Settings>About phone menu and see if the build number has modified. If not, then you recognize the update wasn’t applied (there’s additionally a decent likelihood android can give notice you that the update still has to be installed).When this happens, the simplest issue to try and do is to download the official image for your device if it’s obtainable. during this example, I’ll be flashing the latest update (April 2016 security patches) onto my android.Once downloaded, copy the official image’s .tgz file to your phone’s internal storage or SD card.

Open up FlashFire and click the floating action button (the red button with the plus) within the bottom right corner. choose Flash firmware package. This may open up a file manager of its kind, that ought to default to the foundation internal storage folder. Scroll down till you discover the file you only stirred to the device.

Once you decide on the image file, FlashFire can scan the archive to verify its contents, then gift an inventory of what will (and will) be flashed. You’re liberated to choose what you wish here if you have got a custom recovery and wish to stay it that means, merely de-select the “recovery” choice, as an example.

Once you’re able to flash, simply faucet the checkmark within the higher right corner. You’ll once more be conferred with the list of actions before it proceeds, therefore if you wish or ought to modification something, now’s the time.

once you’ve confirmed all the steps, hit the Flash button. You’ll see a similar warning regarding FlashFire taking a while to load which a handful of black screens might seem. simply hit OK. FlashFire can restart and do its thing. Since it’s flashing a full image file and not simply an easy update, it may take a trifle whereas for it to end. Once it will, however, it’ll restart and you’ll be good to go.

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