How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM-G928C on Android 6.0.1 [Guide]

Marshmallow-Android-supply-tacksThe infamous CF-Auto-Root tool is available for just about every Samsung smartphone and tablet out there on the market, as well as those that are no longer sold. The developer, Chainfire, has also announced his plans to expand into other markets and start rooting other devices, but there are still a limited amount of devices outside of Samsung capable of running the CF-Auto-Root tool. Chainfire regularly updates the files, so they work for different software versions. We pick up that information and deliver it to you.

Here is everything you need to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM-G928C running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates by using the Odin flashing app and a computer that is running a version of Windows operating systems.


  • The following guide will root the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SM-G928C running on any version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Chainfire gives a build number that he based the rooting method from, but you do not need to install that same build number.
  • You must have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with the SM-G928C model number to complete this guide. Any other model number will get bricked using this version of the CF-Auto-Root package. You can check your model number of S6 Edge Plus by tapping on the Settings > About Device > Model Number.
  • You must have a computer that is running a version of Windows operating systems to complete this guide because the Odin app is only made to work with Windows in mind.


  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and install them on your Windows computer before you start with the guide so that your smartphone can be detected by the Odin application in the tutorial.
  • Unlock the Developer Options menu if it is still hidden on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus by tapping on the Settings > About Device and then tapping on the Build Number area at least seven times. You know you have tapped enough when the Android operating system tells you that you are using the smartphone as a developer now.
  • Now that you have unlocked the Developer Options menu, it is time to enter the same and turn on your USB Debugging option so you can connect the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to the computer with the USB cable. You can do that by tapping on the Settings icon > Developer Options > Check the box for the USB Debugging and then leave the Developer Options menu for the Android OS to remember your selections.


  1. Download the latest CF-Auto-Root tool for the S6 Edge G928C on Android 6.0.1 from here.
  2. Extract the package to the desktop of the computer and you will get the Odin and the CF-Auto-Root popping out onto the desktop.
  3. Double-click on the Odin executable on the desktop and the flashing tool will open.
  4. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ to the computer in download mode.
  5. Check you get a yellow or blue ID: COM from the Odin user interface so you know the drivers are working. (No color means you need to get the drivers working).
  6. Leave the settings from the Odin user interface as default.
  7. Click the AP button from the Odin user interface and upload the CF-Auto-Root package from the desktop.
  8. Select the start button and wait until you see a pass message in a green box from the Odin user interface before you unplug from the computer.

In conclusion, that is how to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SM-G928C smartphones running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by using an updated version of the CF-Auto-Root tool that was specially made for this software version by the developer, Chainfire.

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  • Mathew

    Hi Rahel,

    Did you have SuperSU installed before using the CF-Auto-Root? If so, try deleting it first and then follow the guide again.

    One of the common issues with the CF-Auto-Root is it not automatically getting into the recovery mode as required for the rooting to have worked. Check to see if booting your device into recovery mode manually once the flashing completes fixes your problem.

    If that doesn’t work, try installing another version of the Odin flashing tool, i.e. Odin 3.09 or Odin 3.07 from a Google search and try flashing the same rooting file with the other version of Odin.

    If that still doesn’t work, try unlocking your smartphone, then heading to the Sam Mobile website and downloading the firmware for the same SM-G928C model number, but choose a firmware version that is from one of the most popular smartphone carrier networks as they tend to be looked after better. (Note that you must be unlocked to flash firmware from other carriers).

    If that doesn’t work, throw it out the window and get a new one.

    Best wishes,

  • Rahel Nomani

    Hi Mathew,

    i used the above method to root my s6 edge + (SM-G928C) . on completion i did get a PASS msg . but wen i checked via ROOT CHECKER , i got a message saying “root access is not properly installed on this device”. is there any other way to go about rooting. and on opening the SuperSU app the msg is …. there is no binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it.