How to combine and convert multiple images into a PDF File in Android [Tip]

imagetopdf2You’ve taken photos of a paper document using your android phone, and currently, you wish to send it to somebody. We’ll show you a straightforward method you’ll be able to convert these pictures to a PDF file to create it easier to share this document.

Ideally, you’d photograph those documents employing a document scanner app, which might flip them into a PDF easily. however if you took the photographs and didn’t suppose to transfer a document app, this technique can work simply fine. you’ll be able to also mix pictures into a PDF get into Windows and on a Macintosh, that is somewhat easier than on android.

We’re planning to use a free app referred to as Image to PDF device, therefore, install the app from the Play Store so either open it from the Play Store page or click on the icon that’s present to the home screen.

Opening image to pdf  converter

A blank white screen displays with a toolbar at the highest. to feature pictures you would like to convert, faucet the sign icon on the toolbar.

Tapping plus sign

Folders on your device containing pictures area unit listed. faucet on the folder containing the photographs you would like to include in your PDF file.

Opening folder with images

To select the photographs, click the choice button at the highest of the screen.

Selecting images

All the photographs area unit hand-picked. If you would like to leave some pictures out, click faucet on them to deselect them. once you’ve hand-picked the photographs you would like, click the check icon within the upper-right corner of the screen.imagetopdf

Tapping check mark

The files area unit side so as supported the file names. To reorder them otherwise, click the type icon on the toolbar.

Tapping sort button

Say you would like to reverse the order of the image files. On the type window, faucet the File Name (Z to A) choice bubble. to travel back to the first type order, faucet File Name (A to Z). you’ll be able to additionally type by File Time, starting with the oldest (File Time with the down arrow) or the foremost recent (File Time with the up arrow).

Sorting by name or time

You can additionally manually reorder the image files by sound and holding on the three-bar icon with the up and down arrows for a picture file and dragging it up or all the way down to move it to a special place within the list.

Moving an image file

Once you’ve set the order of your image files, faucet the PDF button on the toolbar.

Tapping to pdf button

You will either opt for to not size the photographs otherwise you can set specific most sizes for the breadth and height of every image. we have a tendency to selected to leave the photographs as they’re. faucet Save PDF to make the PDF file.

Tapping save pdf button

The Done screen tells you ways several pages area unit within the PDF file and wherever the PDF file was saved on your device. you’ll be able to either click Send to share the PDF come in one amongst many ways, or Open PDF to open the PDF in any app on your device which will scan PDF files.

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