How to boot Linux ISO images directly from hardware [Tip]

iso-fileWhenever the users are interested in the booting of the Linux ISO images the first thing they are needed to do is the installation of the Linux system on their hardware they are using in their devices. The computer hardware of the users must be having GRUB2 BOOT loader. This boot loader is considered to be the most appropriate and standard boot loader for the Linux systems.

To boot the Linux ISO images directly first of all download the ISO files. These are the files which the users want to use. They are then advised to save these files on the Linux partition. GRUB2 supports most of the files that are selected by the users while dealing with the Linux system.

If the users are interested in the booting of the files live without following the procedure of being installed on their hardware then they must be sure about the downloading of the CD LIVE version of the each and every ISO Linux files.

CHECKING THE CONTENTS OF THE ISO FILESmount-view-iso-file-300x270

After the download of the ISO files, first of all, users should go for a check into the ISO files to locate the files that are exactly needed to be booted. After passing through the archive manager of the files open the file and locate the file or image that you want to boot on your hardware by using Linux system


The device name used up by the GRUB is somewhat different from the name used by the Linux system in the hard drive of the computer. In the Linux system a1, HERE ‘a’ stands for the first HARD DISK and 1stands for the first partition. On the other hand in GRUB HD 0, 1 HERE 0 stands for the first hard disk and 1 stands for the first partition on it. Talking more about it where HD 3, 6 stands for 6th partition and 4th hard disk.


For the sake of the custom boot entry the easiest and the best way is to edit the files. After editing the file is set for the users to custom boot entries. Moreover after the editing the file and the script will be combines to create another file. This new file is not needed to be designed by the users rather it is automatically set by the systems for the sake of convenient use of the users

In the end the users are needed to customize the boot entry that is having the desire menu entry name needed by the users on one side and the correct path that is leading to the ISO FILES on the hardware of the computers of the users. Further the device name of the hard disk and as well as partition that is having the ISO files are also needed to customize the boot entry that is required to be booted by the users.

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