How to use Google cloud printer to print from iOS [Tip]

In the iPhones and iPads, AirPrint printing is deeply integrated. You can print to the Google Cloud print enabled printer, but working with that can take some extra effort.

Many modern prints, which support wireless technology, support both AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Nonetheless, they can just work if you are sitting near to them.  Google Cloud printer takes the privilege over the Apple’s AirPrint, that it hook up the older printer and print over the Internet.

Print to google cloud print:

Built in android phones are providing the facility to cloud printing. For example, you are viewing a web page in the Google chrome app, reading a mail using Gmail or you are viewing google documents. App’s menu can be opened and to print the document taking help of the ‘print’ option. Using various apps this app can found at different places. In Google’s own apps you can get the option to print using the Cloud printing option instead of Apple’s AirPrint. Associated with your google account, Google Cloud Print will offer printers associated with. For doing this you must be sure that you are signed in the app with the same account which is linked to your Google Cloud Print. If will be much more helpful if you can visit the Google  Cloud Print website, if you are connected to different Google account and you can share the printer with some other Google account.

Print from any application:

One of the drawbacks is that there is no official Google Cloud Print app provided by google for the apple software. But it only builds its Google Cloud Print into its own apps. If there is some document whose printing the google app does not support or you want to print the Google Cloud print-enabled printer using another app. You need a third party printing app.

Officially, it is recommended from the google to use PrintCentral pro app for printing on iOS. Two versions of this app are available. One for the iPhone, Apple watch and iPod and one version is for iPad. There is some cost which is applicable on both of these versions.1

But there are some printing apps available that take supporting the Google Cloud Print. These apps are also paid apps but officially Google does not recommend to use these apps. That is why PrintCentral pro is recommended.2

This app fills itself the missing pieces with the Google Cloud Print. As you will install the app, it will show you a list of available printers around you. This application has a tremendous feature that it supports a variety of printers, take ‘Google cloud printing’ and sign in using your Gmail account and you will easily get the access to the Google Cloud Print printer which is located around you. When you load any document, the web page for printing using the PrintCentral pro iOS’s share feature will help you a lot in this regard.3

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