How to enable Flash Player in Android Lollipop [Tip]

FlashPlayerIf you want to enable Flash Player on Android Lollipop, you need to follow certain tips and tricks that are discussed below. Most websites still require Flash and when you try to browse those websites without Flash, it will show an error or not display correctly on the Android mobile. Therefore it is important to enable Flash player on your Android.

Flash is disabled on Androids from Jelly Bean version onwards. Adobe provides support up to the Android Ice Cream version only. Because of this reason, Flash was officially removed from the Google Play Store. Google Chrome, the default Android browser, does not support Flash player. The only option remaining for the Android Lollipop user is to enable Flash Player on Android Lollipop Smartphone manually.

Steps to Enable Flash Player on Android Lollipop

To enable Flash Player on Android Lollipop is not as complicated as it is in Android Jelly Bean version. If your Smartphone does not have the File manager installed in it, install the File manager, which will help to enable Flash player on Android Lollipop easily. Once that is done, you can start with enabling the Flash player. Since the Google Player store has stopped the support of Flash Player you have to install the app from third-party sites. Android Lollipop already has a setting to treat installations from third-party sites as “unknown sources.” Apps with “unknown sources” are not supported by Android Lollipop and will remain disabled. Therefore, you need to first change the unknown sources setting. Go to Settings and from there to Security. Now, enable the unknown sources. You should keep in mind that it is not safe to install apps from unknown sources and it can lead to security issues. So, this is not recommended.

Installing Flash Player from Adobe

Go to Adobe site and install Flash Player, Scroll down to the Flash Player version 4.0 and download the version. Once the version is downloaded, install the Flash Player in your Android Lollipop Smartphone.

Installing Third Party Web Browser for your Android Lollipop

As already informed, since Google Chrome does not support Flash Player, you can install it from a third party web browser. There are many web browsers available for Android, so chose one. Firefox for Android is a good option.

After installing the third party web browser, run the Flash Player settings. While running, it will ask you to select the default browser. Select Firefox and proceed. By default, in Firefox, Flash Player is disabled, so you have to enable Flash Player manually. For that, go to Settings > Display>Plug-ins. Select the radio button next to “Enabled” and save the settings. Now, Flash Player is enabled in your Android Lollipop Smartphone. You can verify the effect of the changes by going to any website that runs on Flash Player. Before proceeding with anything else, don’t forget to go back to Settings to disable installing apps from unknown sources. So, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.


Once you know how to enable Flash Player on Android Lollipop, using Firefox browser, you can browse any website that requires the Flash Player and enjoy trouble-free browsing.

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