How to browse from Linux Terminal with W3M [Tip]

linuxTalking about W3M it is one of the terminal browsers of the Linux. The particular features are enhancing the beauty of W3M is about having some tricks that are helpful in supporting images tabs tables and many other features that are not supported by the terminal web browsers usually.


Usually by default w3m is not present in the distribution criterion of the Linux. If the users are interested in the online image support they are needed to install w3m package and w3m img package


W3M is not that much difficult to use. To browse through it users are just needed to give the command. For example if users are interested in Google up a thing they are just needed to specify the web page address to achieve the purpose. To do so the command will be as m3m

While browsing through the w3m the users can use the arrows keys to move in the upward and downward directions. Other than using the arrows keys users can also use the click option and can set the cursor to the point where you want to set it.

Moreover if the users are interested in the typing in the text box then they just have to click the cursor on the text box. After clicking that users are recommended to press the enter option first before typing. By doing so the key stokes will be used as the command of the user and then he or she can start typing.

Here are some more commands that will let the users to use w3m more easily

  • If the users want to go back to the page they are recommended to command as SHIFT-B.
  • If the users want to enter or load a new URL they are recommended to command as SHIFT-U
  • If the user is interested in the view of more keyboard shortcut he is advised to command as SHIFT-H that will enable the user to view the help page of the browser
  • To open the browser tabs of the w3m users are recommended to command as SHIFT-T. it will open up a new tab for the user while browsing.
  • Users can also enjoy another feature that is switching between the tabs. To do so users are recommended to use some keys without the use of the mouse. The keys that are needed are {and}. After that you can switch between the tabs
  • The command of SHIFT-H will not only let the users to know about the keyboard shortcuts but also lets the users to have a view of the full manual on the w3m websites

In spite of all these features w3m is not applicable to some desktop browsers like JAVA SCRIPT. But if the users are interested they can have an extension that will lead them to use java script. To do so users are needed to compile and then install the extension.linuxmany

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