How to install TWRP Recovery on Blackview BV6000 [Guide]

Original-Blackview-BV6000Anyone who is not too fascinated by the stock Android ROM can try swapping it over for a custom version. However, before doing that, there is something that you need, and that is a custom recovery. A custom recovery is packed with a few extra features that Android developers have conveniently left out by choice so you cannot use them and one of those is the ability to upload Zip files. Like custom kernels and images, the custom ROM files are uploaded in .zip file format, and that is how you install them. The custom recovery image gives you the chance to do this. Although there are many types of custom recovery images, all of them come with this functionality to be able to upload your ROM.

When it comes to custom recovery images, the crème de la crème in today’s day and age is the TWRP Recovery made by the people from Team Win. TWRP is an open source custom recovery that came up with a brilliant idea of giving people the buttons that they could tap from the display instead of using the Volume buttons and Power button like the stock recovery partition expects from people. Combine that with a bunch of useful extra features, and TWRP soon became the custom recovery of choice by people right around the world.


  • The following guide is made for the Blackview BV6000 smartphone only. A custom recovery image is usually only made for one device and flashing them on another device does not work even if they seem similar.
  • You must have a Windows computer to use this guide because the SP Flash Tool version in this post is the Windows version. There is a Linux version out there available on the web if you need to use Linux.


  • You may need to unlock the Developer Options menu on the Blackview Android software. If it is not unlocked already and available from the settings menu, tap on the Menu > Settings. About Device > Build Number seven times. Keep tapping until it gives a message on the display stating that you are using the BV6000 as a developer which means the developer options menu is now available.
  • Turn on the USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu on the BV6000 by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Once you have checked the box for the USB Debugging Mode leave the Developer Options menu and the Android OS is smart enough to remember your preferences.


  1. Log into the computer you are using as an administrator so you can use the flashing tool.
  2. Download the SP Flash Tool on the computer.
  3. Download the MTK MediaTek drivers on the computer.
  4. Download the TWRP Recovery for the Blackview BV6000 smartphone.
  5. Install the MediaTek drivers on the computer so the flashing tool can detect the device.
  6. Extract the flash tool file to the desktop of the computer and then open it up, so the user interface is showing.
  7. Extract the Rooting package to the desktop of the computers that the custom recovery file is available.
  8. Select ‘scatter-loading’ option from the flashing tool user interface.
  9. Browse through to the desktop and then open the rooting folder and upload the ‘MT6755_Android_scatter.txt’ file.
  10. You should see a few things now showing up from the flashing tool user interface, deselect all of them and just leave the box for the recovery image file checked.
  11. Double-click on the line that says recovery.img and then choose to open it.
  12. Upload the TWRP recovery file from the rooting folder to this location.
  13. Power off the Blackview smartphone completely and make sure it is disconnected from the computer and the USB cable.
  14. Check that the drop down menu box directly above where it is showing the recovery.img is displaying the ‘download only’ option.
  15. Connect the Blackview smartphone, to the computer with the USB cable and leave it for a few seconds. The flashing should begin automatically after a red bar appears.
  16. Wait for the download complete dialogue box to appear and then click ‘OK’.

In conclusion, that is how to install TWRP Recovery on Blackview BV6000 smartphone by using the SP Flash Tool. Now you can find out what is required to root the Blackview BV6000 smartphone so you can add the ability to install more apps to your list of features that you are now rocking on the phone.

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