How to enter Recovery Mode on Huawei mobile devices [Guide]

Huawei P9If you know Android operating systems pretty well then you likely already know about this thing called the bootloader. The bootloader menu plays host to a bunch of options that people can choose from, and it is where most Android devices have the choice for getting into the Recovery Mode. Finding this bootloader menu is usually done by pressing the right hardware button combination, and you typically need to start with the device off first before the bootloader mode can be accessed. That is because the bootloader is what boots before the Android operating system and it chooses what to boot into based on what it is told how to think. By default, the bootloader knows to boot the Android operating system unless it has been told to do otherwise. By holding the right hardware button combination when the bootloader is paying attention (before Android boots), we can tell it to boot up the Recovery Mode instead.

Getting access to the Recovery Mode is not always done from the bootloader menu. Samsung devices have two button combinations: one for the Download Mode and one for the Recovery Mode and all of the options that are usually on the bootloader menu are available from Samsung’s recovery console. Other times people can choose to get into the Recovery Mode by entering the right command from a command line when a computer has Android Debug Bridge set up correctly. Moreover, those who enjoy rooting the Android operating system and have the device rooted when they need Recovery Mode can head over to the Google Play Store for arguably the quickest method for getting into Recovery Mode. They do this by installing the Quick Boot application—an app that can quickly boot many different modes without the usually required hardware button combination pressed to get the job done.


  1. To reach the bootloader before the Recovery Mode. First, you must power off the Huawei device completely. You can do that by pressing the Power button and then selecting the option to switch it off or if the software is not responsive try holding down the Power button until it turns off.
  2. Reboot the Huawei device by holding the Power and the Volume Down buttons.
  3. Release the two button combination when the bootloader is on the display.
  4. Using the Volume Down key, scroll down the bootloader menu and highlight the Recovery option.
  5. Press the Power button to enter the Recovery Mode.

In conclusion, that is how to enter Recovery Mode on Huawei mobile devices by using the hardware keys that come on the device. You can also get into the Recovery Mode the other two ways mentioned in the introduction if the guide is not working for your device. Just make sure you remember that before you can run ADB commands on a computer first, you need to install ADB on the computer. Likewise, before you can run the Quick Boot applications from the Google Play Store first, you must have root access on the Huawei device.

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