Free InPaint! [Limited time offer]

Note: This freebie was originally posted about back in December of 2010. That specific offer has since expired but the same freebie is now available from a different source. Therefore I have republished this post to let everyone know about it, in case you missed it last time around. Sorry if you get double e-mail/RSS/Facebook/Twitter notifications!

Software Description

The following is a description of InPaint, as per the developer:

Inpaint Overview

Do you have a photo that would look just right if you could only remove one or more objects or persons from your composition? For example, look at the following two pictures. The original on the left features a large building in the foreground that dominates the scene while also blocking an uninterrupted view of the horizon. If we could somehow remove this, it would open up the entire view. You can see what we mean in the picture on the right. With the building gone, we can really appreciate the full beauty of this landscape. Well, now you can remove just about any unwanted object or person using Inpaint.
inpaint screenshot

Top Reasons to use Inpaint

  • Repair old photos
  • Remove watermarks
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Digital Facial retouching
  • Remove date stamps
  • Easy to get started

How to use

Inpaint is so easy to use. Simply paint and fill the object you want to remove from your picture, then press the Smart Remove Selection arrow button. Inpaint will magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. And if you don’t get the results you wanted the first time, you’ll be glad to know there are a number of alternate solutions Inpaint offers. Try one or more of the following techniques and experiment until you get just the right look you want:

  • Change the boundary area Inpainting creates. Reduce or enlarge the rectangular area Inpaint generates using any of the eight resizing handles which appear around your selection.
  • Rather than trying to remove all objects at once, try selecting and applying the Smart Remove Selection button to each one separately, one after another.
  • Move backwards through your changes one step at a time using the Undo Last Action feature in the task pane, then try making a more accurate selection of the object you wish to remove.
  • If your feel your selection is accurate, simply Inpaint it over again. Each Inpaint procedure is unique so you’ll get a slightly different result each time you apply the Smart Remove Selection button.

Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixels near the area boundary. Remove undesirable objects from still images, such as logos, watermarks, power lines, people, text or any other undesired artifacts. There’s no need to manually go through messing around with your old clone tool any more! Now you can use Inpaint to easily remove all those unexpected objects that end up spoiling an otherwise really great photograph.

dotTech Advice

dotTech reviewed InPaint (v3.0) back in back in January. The final verdict of that review describes how I feel about the program:

InPaint is a good program. The performance will vary depending on the image being processed and how you handle the selection and processing, but InPaint is simple enough for novices and yet still handy for a quick touch up by a professional; it works quickly and does a good job, for the most part. […]

I highly recommend InPaint.

Freebie Details

InPaint is being offered for free via a promotion run by PC Welt. There is no information if you can install/reinstall at a later date (I believe you can, though) nor is there information on how long this promotion will last.

The promotion by PC Welt is of the German version of InPaint. Since most of us don’t speak German and prefer English, I will be providing directions on how to use the serial key provided by the PC Welt promotion with the English version of InPaint.

To get InPaint for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v2.4

Free updates: No

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Download size: 1.5 MB

Once you fill out the form, hit Absenden.

If you do it properly, you should see a confirmation message like the following:

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from Software Butler with the subject of Software Butler Newsletter Anmeldung. In the e-mail there will be a confirmation link you need to follow:

Click on the link, or copy + paste it in your web browser.

  • At the confirmation page you will be given your registration key:

Copy this registration key because you will need it very soon.

  • Download and install InPaint. (This installer and program are in English.)
  • After installation, run InPaint and register it with the registration key you received:

Note that there is no confirmation message telling you that you registered successfully. To make sure you registered successfully, after entering the serial key and hitting OK, click on the About button and if it looks like the following, you are good to go:

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting InPaint for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • jayesstee

    @Urban: Ashraf’s download (above in blue) worked for me. Version 2.4.1 downloaded.

  • Ellen


  • Urban

    For me your link for downloading the program connects to a later version of the program (4.0) – the serial is not accepted. I found the 2.4 version at Cnet
    and the serial seems to work.
    I would also like to agree with what is written in the previous comment, thank you Ashraf for your quality site.

  • William R Cosgrove


    I have never met you face to face, but be that as it may; I love your site. I have been visiting for some time and I have elected quite a few times to download and install many of your promotionals and/or freebies.

    I do not know how you do it, but as my father used to say; “Son, you got to have the connections”. If you have the right connections or know the right people, you can pretty much do anything or go anywhere you wish.

    You promote in my opinion, top of the line software for lot’s of different applications. And believe me, they all work; really well on my 10 year old Windows XP operating system.

    But again, I under “no circumstance” compromise maintaining a healthy and well secured enviornment.

    Your site is well-informed and educational.

    Everyday, I stop in and check out what’s new for the day; you never know what gooodies await you.

    I have a select few sites, of which your site is one of the main one’s where I elect to choose specific software downloads for my specific needs. I am never disappointed.

    Well, anyway keep up the great work of keeping guy’s like me well-informed, educated, supplied and thoroughly furnished.

    I personally appreciate your hard and ongoing work.

    Oh, by the way; I do remember you for your input on GAOTD; your feef-back to many of the viewers is kind of what caught my attention.

    William R Cosgrove

  • John C


    I have both versions 2.4 and 3.0 installed, so I was able to do a quick comparison:

    1. The most obvious difference is the interface. Version 2.4 includes a ribbon like interface, whereas v3.0 went back to the old toolbar style, which occupies a little less than half the space of the ribbon. On a small screen i.e. with a relatively small vertical dimension ( I hate using “widescreen” laptops :-) this can be significant!

    2. Version 2.4 has two selection modes, rectangle and polygon. In each case the software decides, more or less, what is background, and what is image. In version 3.0 control is much more fine-grained. The user paints over the area to be removed, using a round “brush” whose diameter can be set to between 5 and 100 pixels. In actual use I didn’t find a big difference in the resulting images, except perhaps for tiny areas, but using a brush does feel more “natural”.

    3. The installer. I don’t remember if the user was able to choose the language during installation, in v2.4, but for v3.0 this ability has been removed. The software automatically detects the current regional settings, completely ignoring the language of the operating system.

    This might seem like a small deal, but for me it’s something I find extremely irritating – my OS is “English”, but my regional settings are “Portugal”. I always use English as the default language, but InPaint doesn’t let me choose. At the time I installed v3.0 I contacted the authors about this detail, but their response was simply that the software had changed, and there was no way to change the language detection (except by changing the regional settings before starting the program, and then changing back again afterward!)

    There may be other differences between the versions, but I haven’t spent enough time (yet!) playing with it to have noticed.


  • Jon

    Serial key is the same for all. Try!

  • Sue Ragan

    Your instructions were perfect. Registered and received my key via e-mail. Then downloaded and activated InPaint without a problem. For my purposes, the program works wonderfully. Thank you very much. Have a very merry Christmas!

  • Ashraf

    @Jeffinprov: You are welcome!

  • Ashraf

    @Dan: The interface may look better in v2.4 than v3.0 but I would presume v3.0 is superior. I can’t tell you off the top of my head, though.

    @Suze: Thanks for the tip!

    @Dan: Yeah, that is to be expected. Many software do that. And you are welcome!

    @william neurauter: You are welcome!

  • Jeffinprov

    Thanks, Ashraf !!!

  • william neurauter

    Thanks, I found that I already have version 3.0, so I do not need to install this now.

  • Dan

    For what it’s worth..I don’t know if this has been mentioned above already, but when I followed Suze’s advice above and installed v 2.4, it opened already registered. I’m guessing it somehow recognized the reg code used for v 3.0 and went with that automatically.

    Anyway, it opened up OK and was already no need, in my case, to enter anything.

    Thanks once again, Ashraf, for this offering..a simple little program, but a nice one all the same.

  • Dan


    Thanks, Suze..much appreciated! :- )

  • Suze

    @Dan: Dan, I have both v2.4 and 3.0 from GiveawayoftheDay, and in some cases v2.4 is better. I did what others suggested to do (in GotD comments) in order to have both of them on my system, making the following changes:

    – Select Destination Location => C:\Program Files\Inpaint2.4 (do not use default location)
    – Start Menu folder => InPaint2.4 (do not use default shortcut folder)
    – Create Desktop Icon => checked and renamed ‘Inpaint 2.4’ (eliminates confusion with existing Inpaint 3.0 icon)

    Hope this helps.

  • Dan

    Thanks, Ashraf , for this.

    I have v 3.0 of this..but it looks little like the image you have fact, v.3 looks pretty basic in comparison! This is the same “inPaint” as found at “” ??

    Here’s a screen-grab of the version I have running..

    Just wondering if it’s worth downloading, as from the looks of the image here, this version looks a little better than the newer version, which seems kind of strange.

  • Ashraf

    @dave: Yes.

    @Rob.C: As much as I would love to run a freebie of 4.0, it is out of my control. Unless, of course, the developer wants to run a dotTech Promo…

    @Himagain: You are welcome!

    YEAAA! I remembered this program – lost sight of it till your email today, thanks for the effort to present it so logically.
    I’ve just been there done that – goes well!


  • Rob.C

    this is version 2.4 and the new version is 4.o
    old but thanks anyway.

  • dave

    Is this ownload still available?

  • janetb


    The place where you purchased your computer should have given you your own disks with your reg number. OEM versions of an OS (ie., those which come pre-installed) come with a sticker with your reg code which is supposed to be stuck to your physical computer. Such versions are for the computer (not the owner), and are not supposed to be used on another computer. If you paid for the OS, you really should be given the CD’s, which are always useful for repairs…..

  • dan

    @Ritchie: I just installed VirtualBox but it requires an OS. Since I bought my PC with Vista already preloaded I was never given the M$ (Vista) install discs. Is there anyway that I can have VirtualBox point to the already installed Vista as my OS?
    PS: I’m aware I can install Ubuntu but would rather not – I’d really like to stick with Vista.

  • dan

    FYI, I installed InPaint by using the code provided immediately after I filled in my name, etc (ie, no need to look for an email message from the vendor). I cut & pasted their code after installing InPaint without any problem.
    Happy new year to all & thanks for help beefing up my HDD in 2010, Ashraf, and looking forward to you filling it in 2011!

  • Antonio

    Thanks Ashraf! I’ve been looking for something to remove someone who bumrushed my wedding photo. haha

  • Ritchie

    @Ted Kirchner strange. Something wrong with your line? does not look like a server problem.

    @janetb -so many questions..(-:
    1) in most cases of offline-registrations the difference between trial and full is an entry in the registry, that a key was accepted. software and key do not only work on one pc. They work on all Win-Os.
    2)using a virtual machine ist a good way to try out apps. Returnil and TimeFreeze are virtualizing
    your real pc. Returnil is free, TimeFreeze isn t. VirtualBox (and MS VirtualPC) ist a “virtual computer in a real computer” . Both are running at the same time. They share resources (memory, cpu power). Both, VB and MS-VPC are free. It s up to you, which one you like most.
    3)Restorpoint means saving important OS files and settings. Using a virtualizer means saving everything, because you are working with a kind of “photocopy” of your OS. You can invite viruses for a party or hit your OS with a hammer, – nothing will happen to your real pc/hdd. after reboot you will get a fresh photocopy of your untouched OS. everything will be undone, because it has never really been done. It just has never happened. (-:

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @Ted Kircher:
    My friend lives in one of our richer suburbs.
    He usually mentions in passing, when there is a hard rubbish (electronics, etc) collection day. That is a day when home owners can leave anything on the footpath.
    He usually tells me too late, so I tell him –
    “The trick is to get out there early, before the vultures move in”

  • Ted Kircher

    Obtained license code OK but unable to download program file (using your DL url). In first 4 or 5 attempts, on execution receive a corrupted file msg. Additional attempts did not allow download at all. I got a “download completed” msg but no file was downloaded!

    It may be that the site is flooded with DotTech fiends … er, I mean fans. I’ll try it again later, but if anyone has some clues as to my results I’d appreciate reading them.

  • Ira

    There is one piece of software that you should mention. DYNAMIC AUTO-PAINTER.

    This allows thje user to convert any JPG image or picture into a highly appreciative painting. While the same can be accomplished with Photoshop, this program allows greater artistic freedom and if the pix is of the wife and kids you will want to print an 8×10 in very good photo paper.

    To get around the watermark at the very bottom of the pirture until you pay the $49 or a registered version (which you will do since I find this program very good) you can crop the bottom out with photoshop or Picasa.

  • Ira

    There is one piece of software that you should mention. DYBANIC AUTO-PAINTER.

    This allows thje user to convert any JPG image or picture into a highly appreciative painting. While the same can be accomplished with Photoshop, this program allows greater artistic freedom and if the pix is of the wife and kids you will want to print an 8×10 in very good photo paper.

    To get around the watermark at the very bottom of the pirture until you pay the $49 or a registered version (which you will do since I find this program very good) you can crop the bottom out with photoshop or Picasa.

  • janetb


    The edit box for posts keeps automatically scrolling to the top…So I can’t correct the 2 spelling errors at the end of my last post…..:-(….

  • janetb


    1. I’m confused. If the key unlocks it only to that computer, doesn’t that mean that something in the computer’s registry keeps allowing repeated access to the app? Are you saying that you clean out all the C: entries and then return only that entry/those entries added by the key? So that all that the particular program has on your system partition is the key? It is interesting that the key (in such a case) does not need to check out anything else it had put on the registry…..

    2. I never thought of Returnil as a virtualizer….On the matter of installing, does it work similar to TimeFreeze? VirtualBox? I was going to install VirtualBox anyway to run XP apps.

    3. Vis-a-vis installing programs, what’s the difference between using TimeFreeze, etc. or simply making a plain old restore point for C and doing a system restore after the installation? It seems that you don’t need an additional external program on your system for that….Does the third-party program do anything more than that?

    Many thinks for yur input!

  • Anuraag

    thanks for the softwares… i think this website is far better than GOTD becoz here you have more time than 24 hours to download it… less chance to miss a good software… thanx again Ashraf…

  • Shades

    @Ashraf: Just to clarify – my experience was that copying and pasting only works doing each of the eight 4-character sections one-at-a-time and the last section would not paste, so I had to type it. Possibly a little better than typing, but very time consuming. Probably quicker to just type it right in, with the registration web-page visible in the background, behind the registration window.

    Thanks, Ashraf, for your continuing excellence and hard work. May all the blessings of the season be good to you.


  • Bero

    Thanks Ashraf.
    Instructions are great.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • richard

    followed instructions /clicked on the link provided in the e-mail but it sent me to their site but the page now looks like i can download PDF Experte 4 Pro(with a serial #) -which i don’t need instead of inpaint, do you know if they stopped the givaway or not. i have microsoft digital image suite 9 which has the feature in it but i would like a standalone program. is it possible to get a serial # some other way, or maybe you know what i did wrong. Thank You Richard

  • Ritchie

    hi, janetb,
    before you hurry to get TimeFreeze, why don t you just take RETURNIL with the 1year lic for “PRO”?
    it will run as “Free” afterwards. (-;
    I keep C as small as possible too, to keep the backups small. Yes, many progs run as trial then, because they were not unlockt by the key. On a different machine they ask for the key again. -I give em what they need.
    In most cases they add just the “unlocked”-entry to the registry. From then on you can use the apps there.
    It does not work, if an app installs drivers or anything like that.
    In this cases i ask myself: do i really need it? If “yes” i install it. (which is very rare…(-: )

  • Thank you very much. Instructions are great. However, when I viewed the video of this program it shows a simple RED dot drawing over the part or parts you want out. I don’t see that in this program ?
    Is that only available in other versions ?
    PS …. Merry Christmas & thanks for the informative reading.


  • janetb


    Thanks for your input. VERY interesting…..I also install all software on my new machine to D: APPLICATIONS in an effort to keep C partition ONLY for Microsoft files. But I thought most apps are not standalone/portable, rather that they put a lot of junk in your registry. Like all Paragon and Wondershare apps, for example. Many posters at dotTech say their programs revert to trial copies when they transfer them to another system. Haven’t your clean C:’s sometimes left you without a functioning/registered copy? Or do you always check right away and simply reinstall without the virtualizer in such cases? I will go now to look up TimeFreeze…

  • Kerry

    Thank you Ashraf! And thank you for all your hard work this year keeping us up to date with great software. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    God Bless you and your family!!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks for detailed instructions

  • Ritchie

    Works fine,tks a lot.
    @janetb, indeed most apps run as a portable “out of the folder”. I install new software
    to partition D while my virtualizer (TimeFreeze) is on . After reboot, C ist clean and the new
    folder is still on D. Most apps ask for the key when i start them for the first time. Works in most cases.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  • MarDel

    Had no trouble following your directions and have installed the English version. Thank you. I have been using GAOD’s previous issue of Image Mender and uninstalled its previous give away of InPaint quite awhile ago but do not remember why. I will now compare the two again.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous New Year.

  • Thanks Ashraf.It works great.

  • eq5150

    I got the key after entering step one (at that webpage and never had to check my email.) I launched the English set-up, entered the key and that was that.

  • janetb

    I just discovered something very interesting….When I got my new computer with new OS, I transferred all my DotTech and GAOTD program folders (All were installed to my external HD to a folder called “Installed on H”). I was very surprised to find that a lot of them work! Some come up as only trial versions, but InPaint 2.4 seems to be a fully functioning registered version. That is, there is nothing to suggest that it is not registered. Which means it was a standalone program. I guess this one will be too (?).

  • Thanks Ashraf & Merry Christmas to all !

  • Basanta

    Thanks Ashraf.It works great.

  • RoseD1st

    Thank you Ashraf :) I had an older version so I enjoy getting a free update. Its a useful little program ;)

  • Rob.C

    Thanks very much Ashraf. I had this form GOTD but lost it due to drive issues. very happy to see it back again. The detailed instructions were VERY helpful and every thing works great.

  • Sue Long

    THANKS, Ashraf, this is one of my favorite quick fix programs and now I can put it on my new laptop.

  • smaragdus

    Ashraf, thank you.
    I made some superficial testing, the application is more or less mediocre, yet it can be useful for the removal of tiny artefacts and defects caused by stained lenses. What I dislike most about it is its ribbon-style interface, which, apart from being ugly, is unhandy too and wastes a lot of screen area. The icons are emormous, there is practically no customization and no support for GIF and TIFF files.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing this freebie.
    Merry holidays!

  • Alalata

    Thanks a lot Ashraf
    I received my registration key really fast, downloaded from the link you provided and everything work perfect.

  • Frank D


    My apologies. I just used the link you provided in your reply to my message (I missed the word “Download” on the webpage) and now the version I downloaded is in English. Many thanks!


  • Ashraf

    @Frank D: Did you download the installer from PCPraxis or the download link I gave? Download it from the download link I gave ( and it will be in English.

  • Frank D

    I followed instructions, but somehow I wound up with the German-language version. Did I miss something or do something wrong? Any way I can get the English version?

  • Ashraf

    @foolofgrace: The download I provide is of the English version. Bleh, I should make that clear.

  • foolofgrace

    “there is a way to get the program in English. But before I spill the beans…” I read the whole page but didn’t find the directions for English. I’ve had InPaint for quite a while on my now-dying laptop and liked it but found the Help to be less than helpful. Hope this freebie lasts until I get a replacement laptop. Thanks, Ashraf, I appreciate all that you do. La la la!

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: Hmmm? You can get this one in English, too. I provided the directions on how to do that.

  • David Roper

    The last version we got for free changed to English – or was in English -I think. I wish this one had English inn it. Just saying…

    Very useful program indeed, regardless.

  • Ashraf

    @eee: Shoulda told me that before I wasted my life typing in the **** thing. J/k. :-P

    Thanks I will update the article.

  • eee

    Actually, copy/pasting the registration key does work, but the text cursor (caret) needs to be at the start of the input field.