Create and Edit PDF files with All-in-One PDF Editor for Windows

There are many software tools available in the market today but none can be said to be as powerful as the ones developed by Wondershare. The interesting thing about Wondershare is that they have mastered the art of bringing out well tailored sophisticated software product which is always a perfect fit for users. One of such great products from the ever reliable Wondershare is the PDFelement for Windows. For users of PDF files, this is good news because you now have what it takes to edit PDF files to suit your needs putting you in total charge.


Wondershare PDFelement for Windows is the Real Deal

Now, talking of the real deal, PDFelement for Windows is packed with professional tools that make editing and transforming PDF to look like a child’s play. In fact, you do not need to waste even a further dime sticking to Adobe; this tool just gives you all you need without breaking a bank. PDFelement for Windows is a complete editing tool that is designed to give you a full control and let you change images and text or modify pages in your PDF document and make you do things that you thought would not have been possible. Even when you already have the files in popular formats like word and excel, this incredible software enables you to transform them into PDF and vice versa and it does it so fast. The good thing is that when it does these transformations, it retains the original layout and this means that you do not have to do the extra job of retyping the information.


What about forms? You do not have to worry about filling forms because it automatically highlights the fields enabling you to fill out forms so easily. Besides, creating your own special forms is also a possibility with PDFelement for windows because attributes like drop down lists, attributes and buttons normally found in forms can be easily done with the tool.


At the heart of its capabilities is the much valued OCR technology which gives it the edge over some other PDF editors. The reality is that Wondershare PDFelement for Windows boast of an industry leading OCR technology which is vital if you are to convert image based PDF documents into searchable, editable and selectable documents. Since most PDF documents come in form of images, you would not have any problems editing them and that is the beauty of PDFelement for windows plus fortunately,

OCR supports over 20 languages which makes it even more formidable.


In addition, PDFelement has continued to impress with its annotation, password protection and digital signature application features. Not even forgetting the merge and split, insert and replace and the newly added redaction features which allows you remove sensitive texts from documents. In fact, what more can you ask for?


Try Wondershare PDFelement for Windows

In fact, PDFelement for Windows will blow your mind and we mean every word of it. All you need do is to give it a try. You can even try our free version and guess what? You will not regret it. Just try it now.

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  • AreYouFollowingMe

    I linked over to this paid post by Wondershare and was disappointed not to find something worthwhile. Stated briefly, I had to perform surgery on theie free PDF product just to remove all the phone home calls, startup processes, etc. Then once I toned down the demo extra’s I went to save a PDF and found out that the entire demo is pretty useless. I hope you have personally experienced their free product before promoting it to your audience.

    Hat tip to the folks who are calling out this rubbish and have already posted. When I read the last line about trying “our” free version…. I had to double backtrack through the entire post to see how I missed the “this is a sponsored post” notice.

    It’s probably not fair disclosure to end the post and then layer in another view pane of related content, social profiles for the site, links to other resources and then plop a random blurb about Bob being a sponsored poster out of context with the actual post.

    If the plan is to not take the post down then maybe you will at least consider researching Google’s sponsored post guidelines and link scheme penalties. I think you are missing a rel=nofollow on few pages of your site. Like any outbound link to Wondershare or any other sponsored post URL.

  • Robert Wright

    Incredibly disappointing to find dross like this on a website derived from the founder’s declared principles of honesty, transparency, and fair dealing. This disgusting “review” contradicts all of that with infantile “writing” that would be bad enough — but then there’s that final paragraph:

    “PDFelement for Windows will blow your mind
    and we mean every word of it. All you need do is to give it a try. You
    can even try our free version and guess what? You will not regret it.
    Just try it now.”

    WE mean every word of it? Dot Tech means every word of it? Or, more likely, the Wondershare Press hand-out meant every word of it???

    Hopefully, Ashraf isn’t asleep at the wheel, and this fraudulent advertising-masquerading-as-editorial rubbish will be deleted from this site along with the presence of “Bob” himself. The longer it stays up, the greater the number of people who’ll be reminded that Ian Richards has never allowed anything like this to appear on techsupportalert, nor ever would.

  • Mikerman

    Thanks for noticing and noting this–I had totally missed this, as it essentially is buried after the article.
    Sorry, dotTech, but I find this practice as pretty disingenuous. Disappointing.

  • Mikerman


  • SCBright

    OK guys, before complain read the “About Bob” at the end of the article: “All articles posted by this author are sponsored posts.”

  • This is a great PDF editor thanks for reviewing it, i would recommend also Xodo PDF editor for PC follow this link:

  • ShanghaiWatcher

    It’s just a troll ad to get you to download the trial version, which adds a watermark until you pay up.

  • Mikerman

    Is this an advertisement for Wondershare?
    And why is no pricing info. given? In fact, the product costs $69.95 and $89.95.
    And why no link to the referenced freeware version, which otherwise can’t be found?
    Really, dotTech?

  • CJ Cotter

    RE: “All you need do is to give it a try. You can even try our free version….” “Our free version” is described as if it is a separate entity from the Wondershare product. So, where is the download link to “our free version”?
    Furthermore, the OCR feature is glowingly described here, but be aware that it will cost us an additional $20 to get it in the Pro version, above the $70 price for the Standard version.