[Rapid Review] Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro

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Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro

Version reviewed:


Software description as per the developer:

Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro is an all-in-one YouTube downloader and FLV converter software, which is powerful to download and convert YouTube FLV video or other Internet videos from YouTube, Google, MSN, Facebook, Veoh, Boxee, NBA, ABC, CBS, Fox and more video-sharing websites with fast downloading and conversion speed.

The web video downloader can detect/capture Internet videos automatically when you are viewing the online video, and convert YouTube FLV to 3GP, MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB, MPEG, MPG, DVD, MKV, VFW, ASF, SWF and more for playback on iPod Touch 4, iPad, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X, Droid 2, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Torch 9800, HTC EVO 4G, Nexus S, HTC Desire HD, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Creative Zen, Windows Phone 7 and other media devices.

In addition, it is also a good video converter allowing you to convert any video file from your PC to another popular video/audio formats without quality loss. Meanwhile, you can use the UPnP function to watch your video on your UPnP supported devices or share videos with other UPnP-clients.

Download size:

19.6 MB

Supported OS:

Windows 2000 and higher


$28 (USD)

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  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Has the ability to download streaming videos and convert videos.
  • Streaming video feature supports many websites, including but not limited to Youtube and Hulu.
  • Video converter supports many input formats, and output formats/profiles.
    • Has particularly good support for electronic devices, specially smartphones.
  • Video converter can double as a standalone converter.
  • Video converter can do SD and HD conversions.
  • Supports UPnP.
  • Can make use of multi-cores (if applicable).

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  • No option to automatically shutdown computer after downloading/converting has finished.
  • Video converter is slow.
  • Navigating through the output video formats/profiles can be a little quirky at times.
  • Doesn’t give users the option to limit usage of cores to X number.

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{for=”Ease of Use” value=”8″}Some people may find the browser-based video downloader to be a bit annoying, navigating through the output video formats/profiles list can be a bit quirky at time, there is no option to automatically shutdown the computer after download/converting, but overall very easy to use, and users have no option to limit CPU core usage to only a select number of cores.
{for=”Performance” value=”7″}Downloads videos well, and converts them with good quality. However, the video converter is slow.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”8″}I can see a good number of people finding this program useful.
{for=”Price” value=”8″}Asking $28 for a Pro version after offering a freeware version is very fair in my opinion.
{for=”Final Score” value=”7″}
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This article is part of the new Rapid Reviews section on dotTech; thus it has no “full review”. (Please visit the announcement on Rapid Reviews to learn more about what Rapid Reviews are.) If you want, however, you can read dotTech’s review on Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader, the freeware version of Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro.

(NOTE: Even though there is no “full review”, all software featured in Rapid Reviews are still held to dotTech standards, and are evaluated fully and graded fairly. And, Rapid Reviews still have the program overview, the good and the bad, ratings, quick verdict, free alternatives, and final verdict; Rapid Reviews just have no full review section. dotTech fully stands by all verdicts handed out in Rapid Reviews, just as we back all our verdicts on full Shareware Reviews.)

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.


Streaming video downloaders and converters

Freemake Video Converter/Video Downloader


Streaming video converters

Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader (Freeware version of Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro – can only download, not convert, videos nor does it support UPnP.)



Video converters

{/rw_freea} –>

{rw_verdict2}I really like Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro’s streaming video downloading capabilities; many websites are supported and performance in regards to downloading streaming videos is great. The video converting features, however, I do not like so much. It isn’t that Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro converts videos with bad quality or doesn’t support a lot of input formats or doesn’t have a lot of output formats/profiles; it converts with good quality, has many input formats, and it actually has one of the most comprehensive output selections list I have found yet, particularly in regards to smartphones. Rather, the issue I have with Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro’s video converter is that it is slow. So, that brings me to my rating and recommendation. First of all, Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro definitely is a good program, so I give it a thumbs up. Recommending Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro, however, is a different matter. See the thing is Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader is freeware and has the streaming video downloading capabilities of Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro; regardless of if you purchase Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro or not, you can use Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader to download streaming videos. So the question isn’t “is Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro worth $28?”; but rather the question is “are the video converting and UPnP features worth $28?” On a personal level, until the speed of the converter is improved, I would say no; especially considering there are great freeware video converters out there. However, you may find that you have the patience to deal with the video converter and you need the UPnP functionality; in that case you may find $28 is well worth your money. In the end, it is your decision to make.
{/rw_verdict2} –>

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  • Troll

    The GOTD Team have fixed the problem. The Foxreal software is again available, fully functional for another 24 hours.

  • Ashraf

    @Troll: Somehow I don’t think the GOTD team will allow that. They aren’t dumb; they know that “trials” will ruin their service.

  • Troll

    Let’s hope this isn’t a new trend with those who offer software through GOTD giveaways since this is more like a trial and not a fully functioning software. If it is, than the purpose of the idea behind GOTD has “fallen off the horse”. (i guess that is not a valid English expression, but you know what I mean). :)

  • Ashraf

    @Shades: I don’t know what version the GOTD giveaway was, but I reviewed v1.0.1.1 – that is the version available from the developer’s website.

  • Ashraf

    @Jim Dandy: I didn’t review the giveaway =/ I reviewed the program. I always use trial versions of the program to review them before giveaways are live. I didn’t even know the giveaway had a limitation. The full version of the program has no such limitation. The developer should have listed it as “special edition” for GOTD if they were going to do that.

  • Jim Dandy

    This is one of the worst “giveaways” yet. It’s crippleware! And, it’s not an accident! The message about the 5-minute limit is CLEARLY AIMED at Giveaway users!!! Then, when uninstalling, this thing actually “phoned home” using my IE5 browser which hasn’t been updated for years (shouldof uninstalled it of course) and I’m worried about these fidiots starting an unupdated insecure IE5 on MY computer.

    Ashraf – how can you possibly rate this as “GOOD” ?!

  • Shades

    One minor point – actually two – one with the review and one with the giveaway.

    – the version being offered is actually v1.0.2.1. v1.0.1.1 was a previous giveaway, since I already had it installed

    – the giveaway does not warn that the first thing it does is uninstall the previous version, which takes some time. After that you must go through the entire registration/download fiasco all over again, without being told whether there are any big changes between versions. You may want to look for that, before installing. I didn’t bother, since I had already started the process before I realized it.

  • Ashraf

    @Troll: Is it? I didn’t know that. I don’t review “GOTD versions”, per se. I review the program themselves because giveaways only last for 24-hours but people come to these reviews afterwards. The full Pro version has no such limitation.

  • Troll

    @Ashraf: I think what @@lfr@n: means is that there is a 5-minute conversion time limit in the Giveaway version of the program, according to comments made on the GOTD website.

  • Ashraf

    @moe-chan: I haven’t had problems with downloads. It could very well be your connection that is causing the problem.

    @redmaledeer: I didn’t intend them as Christmas presents but I am glad you are enjoying them nonetheless.

    @Giovanni: I like using VideoCacheView a lot too, but that is because I am not actively downloading videos. Downloading videos is more of an after thought for me. Anyone that actively downloads videos won’t find VideoCacheView useful, but rather something like Foxreal or Freemake.

    @@lfr@n: Downloading works just fine for me. I don’t know why you are having problems. Sorry. :-(

  • @lfr@n

    Indeed converting would be a definte plus,but thusfar it’s not working at all,unless you call a timelite of 5 minutes workable.
    I for one,don’t think so..

    To be perfectly honest,i do find it a bit odd,that you didn’t encounter that..??

  • Giovanni

    So Ashraf, what’s the best solution for you??

    My best solution is as follows:

    – Video Converters: Iskysoft Imedia Converter (or FormatFactory)

    – Streaming video and/or video downloaders: VideoCacheView (or Downloadhelper Firefox Addon)

  • redmaledeer

    Ashraf – You may not celebrate Christmas, but you have given many wonderful Christmas presents to many people, for which you deserve great thanks.

  • moe-chan

    I never used Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro to convert videos, it was for downloading only. The supported sites indeed is plenty but I do not know about the downloading speed. I found it was unstable. but perhaps it was caused by bandwidth.

  • Ashraf

    @a simple happy man: To play devil’s advocate, it really isn’t a holiday season for me since I don’t celebrate Christmas. But, hey, I will take whatever empathy I can get. :D

    I was actually planning on a full review today. However the Freemake article took a couple of hours more than I thought it would so I ran outa time.

    That said, I particularly pointed out the slowness of the conversion because I found it to be too slow. I was twiddling my thumbs while I waited for it to convert, where as other converters finished much quicker.

  • a simple happy man

    Hi Ashraf and all

    Who’s going to knock a few rapid reviews during the holidays. I suggest we are lucky to get them at all over this period.

    Thanks for doing them at all at the moment Ashraf, especially when mostly everyone else is kicking back with their feet up taking a rest!

    I found this one particularly interesting about the speed of the conversion and must say I’ve never made that kind of comparison before but I will now that you have mentioned it!

    Thank you

  • Ashraf

    Three rapid reviews in a row is not ideal, I know. But I figured since I have already reviewed Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader, I would rather spend my time writing on Freemake Video Converter/Downloader. Been doing that all day — that article should be published within the hour.

    EDIT: One more thing. Foxreal Youtube FLV Downloader Pro doesn’t have NVIDIA CUDA support for its video converter. However, I didn’t knock it down for that because it isn’t a specialist video converter; the main point of the program is to download videos — converting is just a plus.