Free Wondershare Video Converter Platinum! [72-hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of Wondershare Video Converter Platinum as per the developer:

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum can directly convert videos, including from HD and AVCHD videos, to popular video formats for playback on all popular portable video/audio players. It’s a great tool helping to save most formats of videos on your PC and enjoy them with your mobile device anywhere and anytime as you like. 5X faster conversion speed boosted with NVIDIA® CUDA

Convert videos and audios to various formats

  • Convert videos and audios to all popular formats;
  • Convert HD and camera AVCHD videos to common formats;
  • Extract audio from videos as m4a, wma, wav, mp3, aac, ac3, ape, mka, ogg, etc;
  • Make converted video compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Android phones, etc.

Edit videos freely as you wish

  • Crop video to create ideal video with different screen size;
  • Trim your video files to convert your favorite movie clips;
  • Add special effect to your video such as Gray, Emboss, Negative and Old film;
  • Add text or image as watermark to coin and color your video files;
  • Add and edit subtitles with .MKV as source file and plug-in subtitle in SRT format to your video;
  • Merge more than one file into a single one;
  • Capture pictures from video and save as jpeg and bmp files.

Advanced setting and optimized profiles

  • Configure output video/audio settings such as Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate to produce exactly the wanted video/audio for mobile devices;
  • Set video brightness, contrast, saturation and volume as you like.

Fast, light and save time

  • Support batch conversion, to convert more than one file at one time;
  • The pregame size is only 10MB and takes only few minutes to install;
  • Provide life-time free upgrade and technical support service.

The following are all the supported input/output formats and electronic devices, as per the developer:

dotTech Advice

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum was reviewed on dotTech almost two years ago. The final verdict illustrates how I feel about the program:

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is an excellent program; it supports many input and output formats, allows users to perform basic edits on input files, works quickly, and converts with terrific quality. I give Wondershare Video Converter Platinum a thumbs up! […]

[…]If you are looking for a shareware video converter, Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is one of the best; highly recommended.[…]

That said, many iterations of Wondershare Video Converter Platinum have been reviewed or featured on dotTech in the recent past such as Aimersoft Video Converter, iSkysoft Video Converter, and iSkysoft iMedia Converter. If you already have any of these iterations, don’t bother with Wondershare Video Converter Platinum; they are the same/similar programs because Wondershare Software owns those other companies. (iSkysoft iMedia Converter is actually even more fully featured.) If you don’t have any of these iterations, however, then don’t miss this chance to grab Wondershare Video Converter Platinum. It is a brilliant video converter.

However, in the interest of fairness and full disclosure, it needs to be mentioned Wondershare Software has the following ratings on its WOT profile:

It cannot be denied that forum/website spamming played a huge role in Wondershare Software’s rise to the top as a dominant software publisher. However, as far as I know, they are now trying to turn their image around and reigning in spam tactics. They are so huge now I am sure they realize the negative PR consequences of spam.

If you decide to not get Wondershare Video Converter Platinum because of Wondershare Software’s reputation, I don’t blame you. In fact, I respect you. Do note, though, while spam is definitely an ethical issue, it has no relevance to the performance of the program. If you decide to put the spam issue on the back burner and get this program, I don’t blame you either. After all, it is a brilliant converter; and Wondershare Software must be given credit for trying to turn its image around.

Freebie Details

I am not sure how many dotTechies know this, but Giveaway of the Day is no longer the only website that features regular freebies. dotTech itself is looking to bring freebies to dotTechies on a regular basis; and there is another website known as BrotherGiveaway. BrotherGiveaway has modeled itself after GOTD and looks to bring freebies to users on a regular basis. Although officially they claim to have a new freebie daily, they typically have new freebies every two to three days. Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is the freebie they are offering for the next three days.

In case you don’t want to start following another website, I will now be checking on BrotherGiveaway regularly and be posting the *good* freebies that are being offered there; so you don’t necessarily have to follow them to know about the freebies. Rather you can stay here at home and still enjoy them. :-)

(BTW I offered to review BrotherGiveaway products like I do GOTD products; but me and BrotherGiveaway could not come to terms as to how to do it. I wanted the dotTech-BrotherGiveaway relationship to be similar to the dotTech-GOTD relationship but they wanted something else.)

To get Wondershare Video Converter Platinum for free follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v5.0.3

Free updates: Officially, no

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Download size: 18.3 MB

Giveaway limitation: This is for non-commercial use only

Giveaway time-frame: Giveaway ends 21:00 PST Sunday January 9, 2011.

  • Once you enter your e-mail and name and hit Get the Code Now your registration code will be displayed to you right on-screen:

  • Download Wondershare Video Converter Platinum from the BrotherGiveaway promotion page.
  • After the download has finished, install Wondershare Video Converter Platinum.
  • After installation has finished, register Wondershare Video Converter Platinum using the registration code you received:

Take note that while you must use the registration code you were provided with, you can use any registration e-mail you want. It need not be the one you entered earlier.

  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting Wondershare Video Converter Platinum for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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    If Brothergiveaway in any way affiliated with Brothersoft??? I got a nasty trojan from Brothersoft a long time ago!!!

  • tekknokat

    Wondershare also rebrands it’s products as Daniusoft. Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate is the same product as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, gave it away for 5 days in September 2010, but I paid for mine during a GOTD promotion for Daniusoft DVD Creator July 17, 2010, they were selling Media Converter Ultimate for a significant price reduction like 66% off or something on that day, so I bought it, and it is not a bad converter, I seldom have had a chance to use it yet though. It has the Cuda nVidia acceleration, and if memory serves the updates included multithreaded CPU multicore features as well, but the Platinum version being given away today, I could not find those specific features mentioned at Wondershare’s official site. (yes, it says nVidia Cuda 5X speed boost on the Converter “Platinum” site page for Version 5.1.1, don’t know about 5.0.3) I would still recommend getting today’s freebie, if you don’t already have a video converter you like, or just want to add another option to your application arsenal.

    Thank you Ashraf, I have never seen you produce so many articles on a daily basis than you have in the past many weeks, it’s mind-boggling. We appreciate your time and depth of information.

  • Clodmore

    @prema: I think what teo was asking is if you get the registration key today, can you install and run the program in two or three weeks. I could be wrong, but I think not. Of course, what do I know. I’m probably wrong on both counts.

  • Bob

    Is this better than freemake video converter? And does this use CUDA?

  • Saralou

    Thanks for the headsup, Ashraf. “(iSkysoft iMedia Converter is actually even more fully featured.)” I have too many video programs from great giveaways and haven’t actually used any of them yet. WinAmp is about my speed but I do seem to be able to download and register freebies, lol. I do appreciate all your work and wouldn’t trade you for another site.

    If you get paid when we click on stuff (emails since I don’t see any ads on this page) let us know and I’ll make the effort.

  • eq5150

    Very nice! Thanks!!

  • prema

    im assuming in less than 72 hours (or less than three days as it says in the huge font at the top:
    Free Wondershare Video Converter Platinum! [72-hours only]

  • Clodmore

    @teo: In the registration email you receive it says:

    “Notes: You must register with your keycode before the end of our giveaway activity, or your keycode will be invalid. And each keycode can be only registered once.”

    I wonder when the giveaway ends?

  • I’ve been using this program for a while now, and I have to say that it is my favorite video converter.

    As for the FFMPEG issue, I’m almost 100% positive that it doesn’t use FFMPEG. Wondershare uses CmdConverter.exe to convert. Running it via command line gives you a different text than running FFMPEG. Of course, they could have just changed it for the sake of looking like they did not copy, but I doubt it. Anyway, heres a few screenshots of command prompt running these programs from the command line:

    Wondershare’s CmdConverter

    FFMPEG (an older version)

  • Harry44Callahan

    Ashraf, thanks for another. Registered and installed fine on Win7 x 64. Looks like another goodie. Haven’t had time to try yet though.


  • Jim Van Damme

    @Harlan: BrotherSoft is one of the many shareware places that I now stay away from. Having the developers’ description is worthless; a message board like GAOTD is better, but an independent review by a professional is best. So I’ll let Ashraf do the work until he suffers a breakdown.

  • Dennis F.

    Hmm. I checked and I have Time Freeze 2 from Wondershare. It is not checked to run, but when I tried to uninstall it, it says it is running. A self-starter? Spyware? Sorry I think I’ll pass on this. But thanks, Ashraf for mentioning the other site. I’ll stick with the original and the best, namely dotTech.

  • Merlin Lenchanteur

    @Ashraf: Thank you. I have accumulated so many freebies, that I am not really using, that I get a bit lost. But fortunately you do a great job as a one stop quality info desk that you are my first port of call every morning.

  • teo

    Can we intsall Wondershare Video Converter Platinum later (in any time) or it is mustbe only in the promo period?

  • Anemailname

    I agree with Phil
    And this freebie was a breeze to register!
    Thanks Ashraf!

  • Harlan

    I’m glad you’re going to look at BrotherGiveaway for us. I don’t know where you find the time. When I checked them out a few weeks ago, they looked like a poor man’s GAOTD. There was no provision for user comments, and the program descriptions were just brief “This is a great program” blurbs. The giveaways seemed to be a mix of what GAOTD was offering and some off-the-wall apps.

  • Phil K

    Very impressed with you naming other freebie sites.
    Why on earth would anyone be daft enough to leave such a site that is so good at what it does, it informs its regulars about rivals ?
    I’m going nowhere, and will be eagerly looking for all the excellent items and news from here, while checking out other sites mentioned.
    Only common sense.

  • Ashraf

    @Merlin Lenchanteur: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the better software; it has more features. Keep that if you have it.

  • Merlin Lenchanteur

    Is there any difference with the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate? I am a bit lost in all these promos.

  • Ashraf

    BTW on the same WOT page referenced in the article, there are some people that claim Wondershare is using FFMPEG without giving them proper credit. However, I don’t see FFMPEG in Wondershare Video Converter Platinum’s folder. Anyone have any further information regarding this matter? I am interested in knowing.