How to share computer screen with others [Tip]

There are many ways that you can share your computer screen with others. Some methods need you to download certain software to share your computer screen, and in many cases both parties have to have the same software installed at their ends. Is there any other alternative way to share your computer screen with others without installing any of these software programs?

Share Your Computer Screen with Others

People always prefer the easy way. When you want to share your computer screen one of the most aggravating things is the need to download various software necessary to share the screen, however you may not agree on what program to use. You may prefer Team Viewer to share the screen, but your friend may prefer some other software. So, it makes sharing your computer screen with others difficult. To avoid all this, we now have “ScreenLeap.”

What is ScreenLeap?

ScreenLeap is a website that allows you to share your screen with others through a browser. The main advantage of ScreenLeap is that the viewer can see your computer screen using any device, be it laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You don’t need to download anything or install anything. ScreenLeap just works through your browser. The service is free to use up to two hours a day. Beyond that, there are different levels you can sign up for, and the fees are very reasonable.

Steps to Share Your Computer Screen with Others Using ScreenLeap

  1. The first step is to go to the ScreenLeap website. You can see a big green color button that says “Share Your Screen Now.” Click on it.
  2. A Java runtime pop-up window will be displayed. Click on Run.
  3. After that, it will display a message stating that your screen is visible. You can see a URL and code that needs to be shared with the user who wishes to see your computer screen. Copy this URL and code.
  4. Now, the other person who wants to see your computer screen either needs to enter the URL you have provided into the address bar or visit the ScreenLeap website and enter the code there. That’s it. You have easily shared your computer screen with others without any installation or software download.

When your computer screen is shared with others, you can see a message being displayed on your computer screen. You can use that window to control the sharing as the drop down shows you a few options like “Share your entire screen,” “Share inside rectangle,” and also provides you with the options to stop sharing and pause sharing. It also shows you how many users are viewing your screen at the moment.

You can not only share your computer screen with others, but also view their screen once they send you the URL or code to view their screen. This useful feature makes ScreenLeap one of the easiest and best ways to share your computer screen with others.


Using ScreenLeap, people are now able to share their computer screen with others easily. It is very useful when you need to have a quick meeting with your colleagues or need to present a presentation or to share videos and pictures with your friends and family.

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