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Buying a laptop can be a tough decision: You have a limited budget, you have specific needs, and there are literally millions dozens of laptops to pick from. You could, of course, go ask your local techie at your local computer store for help. However, I have found many of these “techies” know little to nothing about what is a good laptop to buy (aside from the basics). That is not to say all of these people are dumb/stupid/idiotic; rather that means many sales reps aren’t always fully trained in their area of “expertise”. So the next time you are in the market for a laptop – used, refurbished, or new – you may want to hold your horses before driving out to your local computer store. Instead, your first stop should be NotebookReview.

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NotebookReview is a website, as the name may imply, dedicated to laptops. Although there are many aspects to NotebookReview, such as laptop reviews, I have one of the most useful features of NotebookReview to be their What Notebook Should I Buy? forum. (Although this article was written to discuss the What Notebook Should I Buy? forum, it should be noted NotebookReview has some of the best, most professional and thorough laptop reviews I have ever come across. Their software reviews are nothing special, though.) In this forum, users – from all around the world – are allowed and encouraged to make threads asking for advice in regards to what laptop to get:

Once a thread has been made, community members reply providing advice based on the requirements, specifications, and desires the post listed. To make it easier to assist users, there is a generalized form that people are encouraged to use in their posts:

Via this What Notebook Should I Buy? forum not only can one learn a lot about laptops thanks to the replies they receive to their advice request, but simply reading other advice threads made by other people can also help you decide what laptop is best for you. Indeed when I was in the market for a laptop, I probably learned as much, if not more, about what laptop I should buy by reading other threads than simply relying on replies to my own advice inquiry.

Now you should keep in mind that many of the people replying to advice requests are community members not NotebookReview representatives. While many of the NotebookReview community members are knowledge, some are more knowledgeable than others. You shouldn’t take whatever advice is given to you as the ultimate truth. Rather, you should treat the advice as a launching platform for your laptop-hunt: Start looking for laptops based on what advice you have been provided, and expand your search from there until you find the perfect fit. Part of your expanded search can include asking for advice at your local computer store because now you are armed with laptop-knowledge; you can easily determine if you are being hoodwinked or being offered a genuinely good deal.

I found NotebookReview to be a wonderful resource when I was looking for a laptop and I highly recommend anyone in the market to use the services it provides. You can hit up NotebookReview from the following links:

NotebookReview homepage

[NotebookReview laptop reviews]

[NotebookReview What Notebook Should I Buy? forum]

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