Getting too many e-mails from dotTech? Sign up for our new e-mail notification system and get only one e-mail a day.

dotTech has multiple different ways it can be subscribed through: RSS Feed | E-mail | Twitter | Facebook. Typically these four options cover the subscription needs of most dotTechies. However, recently I have been told by some people that dotTech sends out too many e-mails. Since our current e-mail notifications system is setup to send out one e-mail for every new article, I can understand why some people may feel flooded by dotTech on days that multiple articles are posted. So today I am opening up a new way to subscribe via e-mails to dotTech.

This new way is through Feedburner; they will send out one e-mail everyday which lists all the new articles posted on dotTech. If you are happy receiving one e-mail for every new article, you do not need to do anything. The other e-mail notifications system is still open and fully functional; and it will remain open. However, for people that only want to get one e-mail a day, this new system is here for you.

Now before all dotTech’s e-mail subscribers flock to the new e-mail subscription let me make a few notes:

  • dotTech now has two different types of e-mail subscriptions:
    • An inhouse system, managed by yours truly. This sends out a new e-mail within 30 minutes of an article being posted. Every article gets an e-mail of its own.
    • A Feedburner e-mail system, managed by Feedburner. This sends out one new e-mail every day between 03:00-05:00 PST.
  • Since the new system is managed by Feedburner, I have very little control over it. If you have problems with that system, I won’t be of very much help. Some people in the past have reported extremely delayed e-mails from Feedburner.
  • The reason why I have our inhouse e-mail notifications system setup the way it is is because of freebies. Often many freebies dotTech posts about are time-limited. It may be that by the time Feedburner sends out an e-mail, the freebies posted about during that day have expired. So if you are interested in freebies, I highly suggest you stay with the inhouse e-mail notifications system.
  • You only need to subscribe to one system; please don’t subscribe to both because that is kind of pointless. You can unsubscribe from either one at any time.

Ready to subscribe to dotTech via e-mail? Check out the e-mail notifications page for more detail.

Please provide feedback in the comments below. I opened this new system based on feedback from dotTechies so I need to know what everyone thinks. Thanks!

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