Getting too many e-mails from dotTech? Sign up for our new e-mail notification system and get only one e-mail a day.

dotTech has multiple different ways it can be subscribed through: RSS Feed | E-mail | Twitter | Facebook. Typically these four options cover the subscription needs of most dotTechies. However, recently I have been told by some people that dotTech sends out too many e-mails. Since our current e-mail notifications system is setup to send out one e-mail for every new article, I can understand why some people may feel flooded by dotTech on days that multiple articles are posted. So today I am opening up a new way to subscribe via e-mails to dotTech.

This new way is through Feedburner; they will send out one e-mail everyday which lists all the new articles posted on dotTech. If you are happy receiving one e-mail for every new article, you do not need to do anything. The other e-mail notifications system is still open and fully functional; and it will remain open. However, for people that only want to get one e-mail a day, this new system is here for you.

Now before all dotTech’s e-mail subscribers flock to the new e-mail subscription let me make a few notes:

  • dotTech now has two different types of e-mail subscriptions:
    • An inhouse system, managed by yours truly. This sends out a new e-mail within 30 minutes of an article being posted. Every article gets an e-mail of its own.
    • A Feedburner e-mail system, managed by Feedburner. This sends out one new e-mail every day between 03:00-05:00 PST.
  • Since the new system is managed by Feedburner, I have very little control over it. If you have problems with that system, I won’t be of very much help. Some people in the past have reported extremely delayed e-mails from Feedburner.
  • The reason why I have our inhouse e-mail notifications system setup the way it is is because of freebies. Often many freebies dotTech posts about are time-limited. It may be that by the time Feedburner sends out an e-mail, the freebies posted about during that day have expired. So if you are interested in freebies, I highly suggest you stay with the inhouse e-mail notifications system.
  • You only need to subscribe to one system; please don’t subscribe to both because that is kind of pointless. You can unsubscribe from either one at any time.

Ready to subscribe to dotTech via e-mail? Check out the e-mail notifications page for more detail.

Please provide feedback in the comments below. I opened this new system based on feedback from dotTechies so I need to know what everyone thinks. Thanks!

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  • PapyLuc

    “Congratulations for this excellent initiative which works perfectly”.

    … Traduction : :

    “F√©licitations pour cette excellente initiative qui fonctionne parfaitement”.

    (Feedburner – Gmail – Reception 12h34 today & Daily) from BELGIUM.

  • alan

    I thought the new system would be great, till I remembered the occasions when my daily GATD email came a day late and I really wanted wanted had then time expired.


  • Emrys

    I like getting your thoughts ASAP. Please keep my on your priority list. Thanks for all you do, and my love to you and yours…

  • michael vanier

    Ashraf ! I go w/your recommendation 99 and 44 one-hundredth’s percent of the time,and again,I concur.I will continue w/the quicker updates because of timely notification…thanks again,for all you do,HAVE A GOOD VACATION,we ALL need one every now and again………Yours,vanierstein… process lasso made the top 10 ! Congrats!

  • Kev93

    I like your in-house system just fine. The only thing I don’t like is that the email doesn’t have the article (or a preview) embedded. Is there any way I can get a preview instead of having to visit the site?

  • ZappedSparky

    I tend to get your e-mails within half an hour of publication of a new post, personally I’m not bothered by the amount. If a freebies going you usually have very little time to take advantage of it so you have to scram. Although how you get so much done in so little time makes me think there’s some time travel involved :)

  • I like having the separate emails for now, but it would be nice to include the fist X characters or first paragraph in the email, as some of the articles I’m not interested in, but have to go to dottech to see if I want to read it.
    Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  • Leslie

    The reality is that for some freebies if Ashraf gets to hear about them late in the day (and that has happened), then with the time zone difference with Australia I could miss out altogether. So for me, it is essential to get emails as soon as the posts go live.

    For those complaining, have you never heard of email rules/filters, Geessshhh !!

  • Ray

    I kind of wish your comment system would notate the time zone of the sender, including that sender’s local time. (And maybe a GMT/UT time notation, too?) I like reading the comments on dotTech, if for no other reason than they are generally high quality comments, and other than the commentor’s English as a second language variations, the grammar and spelling is also good. If you don’t have an antispam system in place, it is a wonder, and I expect the day will come when you will need one. Keep up the excellent work.

  • chinaguy

    I also think the new system is a great idea for those who don’t want to get too many emails. I personally don’t mind too much though for a while there a LOT of articles were being posted on DotTech. But I don’t mind and my inbox has plenty of storage so I will probably stay with the in-house mailer for now.

    Hey the edit function is back now! I was wondering where that had gone to.
    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but the numbers which show what comment each of the comments is have the top and bottom cut off. Don’t know why and it doesn’t really bother me. I can still read what number it is but thought you might want to know Ashraf.

  • chuck

    The choice is a great idea,and though I’ve noticed the emails have increased significantly over the past several weeks,I’m sticking with the DotTech mailer so as not to miss any good freebies.Besides,my email client provides me with the subject matter,so I can easily pass on opening it if it appears to be of no interest to me.

  • Alalata

    I prefer the inhouse e-mail notifications system, I prefer getting new messages with every new articles posted.

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    I’ve tried to get a daily email from other sites in the past, versus multiple mailings during the day. I’ve found that I will miss something important in the single mailing, so I prefer to get a new message with every new item.
    There really isn’t a lot of mail coming in from this site, and it give me a chance to get excited about the new “gift” every time I see dottech in the address line.

  • Dennis F.

    @jayesstee: Good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?

  • jayesstee

    Good idea Ashraf! I like the many email notifications, but when I go on holiday (vacation in American-speak), I will be pleased to temporarily change to “one-a-day”. It will save a full inbox!
    Keep up the good work.

  • Frank D

    Not attempting to be cute here, but I believe that one can never receive too many e-mail notifications from Ashraf. A bit like telling your bank to hold back on sending you free money.

  • Rob

    no way! I work from home so getting those emails from dottech is a nice little distraction from the daily grind. plus I have my desktop notifier set to off so it really does not bother me. Im one of these people that like flyers at my door and mail in my inbox. what can I say I like to read that stuff.

  • jumbi

    great way to choose according to preference and well explained!

    (I like the separated clear subjects of dottechs internal mail system, but as I get indeed too many, I am changing now to the new feedburner system)