Keep all your apps up to date with FileHippo Updater

Most people here know that updating software means having less bugs and having more security.  Unfortunately, most software titles have their own custom-built updaters that are easily ignored and only show up once you open a program.  This can make a person annoyed at a piece of software for crashing, or worse yet actually leave a computer open to viruses or malware.

Image credit: Wikipedia, Locutus

FileHippo Update Checker: a well-designed update checker

Luckily, there are a few updaters that allow someone to easily update a majority of their software with just a few clicks.  From those updaters, FileHippo stands out over its competitors because it has a much better user interface, it lacks false positives, and it’s extremely tiny–under 300KB!

After downloading, just open the updater.  It will immediately launch a no-nonsense scanning window:

In just a matter of seconds, a new browsing window will open.  It’ll have a list of all of your updates, from stable releases to beta software:

As you can see, I haven’t updated CCleaner in a while.

To download the updates, just hit the green arrows next to the software name.  You’ll be linked to the installer, which in the case of the CCleaner installer, was the version without the toolbar–no need to watch for toolbars!


Unfortunately, updaters aren’t perfect, and there is no way to detect all software and all updates.  For instance, I had v1.1.4 of VLC Media Player installed; v1.1.7 was released last night (and FileHippo even has v1.1.7 on their site).  However, it did find updates for most of the software that needed updates, and one out of ~60 pieces of software isn’t bad at all.

Version reviewed: v1.038 portable

Download size: 247kb

Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/ME/98 with .NET 2.0 Update Checker download page | installer | portable

Bonus points to anyone who can name the software titles the versions in the lead picture are.

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  • @computersexplore: Gizmo (old Napalm Member) – very respected lists – great site – good post.


    My Notes Keeper – another great tool for saving content from multiple formats.

  • I have been using the linux and win version, saves tons of time, thank you again 4 keeping this current/active.

    VLC 2.2 Night Build – Maddog on seeds.
    TeraCopy 2.32 released.
    XPlorer 9.90
    EnhanceMy7 (EnhanceMySeven)
    uTorrent 3 Beta

    Watch list :, private Win7 builds were leaked(Internal), nothing close to the XP following and
    Daz loader for Win7 has been next 2 flawless.

    UltimateBootCD 51a3 Beta (tks Victor for the M0Dz I suggested).
    YUMI – Pendrivelinux.
    HIREN 13.2 official
    HIREN 13.6 Protous = network card detect and us key fixed. MiniXP works

    HawkPE cd dvd 43 I still get bsod when loading WinXP
    Falcon 4 MiniXP works
    Falcon 4.5 gives bsod

    MRI – Geek Squad 5.5.0 works perfect – Soldier
    MRI 5.5.1 gives bsod – Soldier (final) release

    Linux Builds:
    RIP Linux 11.8

    FreeNAS 8.0beta

    Opera 11.10

    C64: Shamus update Handy-Term/H-Modem, It’s only been 26 years and Jumpman jr. needs some new levels…. msg thru #pre and #warez
    Maybe those keywords give a top 10 link in google and Dave will see this…

    Wiki liveISO/bootable iso list was updated-I will compile an official list with all the url’s and full descriptions this week.

    My current project “M0NSTER MultiB00T – Upgrade & Update” will be ready for public beta later this month, its over 14gig (16gig usb drives at $20.00) pulling out the seriously dated apps and duplicates.

    A weekend project going on 4 months, after talking 2 many users on sites just like this I will now make 2 versions… Full will include all help files and history, and a Slim version that will allow you to checkbox what you want on the dvd/usb. both will allow custom backgrounds and edit the text/logos however you want (download/post themes via my site, uncensored-read warnings).

    only 7,200+ bookmarks going to quality content… I need a good program that will auto sort/filter before I reverify. LinkMaster Pro (ver7ish) is overkill but useful.

    Ever collect baseball/basketball trading cards… buy a gross or two, get 2 4×8 sheets of plywood and start breaking them down by sport/company/number/value/sub-sets – Bookmarks could work the same – custom Icons and stacking/piles.
    Maybe a Poker Dealer type view for those into gfx or the (apple/mac users).

    Tks again 4 all the pre/post comments.

    Keywords/Google bait : FileHippo Updater Multi-use App Upgrade Update FREE Linux FREE Windows dotTech Reviews Downloads Cloud File URL Links Content.


    Add SMPlayer for Linux 2 the above list.

  • computersexplore

    I just found out that Gizmo has a newly updated (how appropriate) article of his own on this subject, but his site is going down tonight for a software update (of all things!), so you may want to check into it later. I don’t necessarily agree, but apparently he really likes Sumo (Software Update MOnitor, btw). However that may be, the last time I used Sumo it produced nearly as many errors as it did results. Plus, it has an export feature, in lieu of print I guess, that works but seems to have no real formatting other than font as far as I can tell. Very crude in comparison to CNET’s web page output, I must say. Which reminds me, he doesn’t even seem to recognize the existence of its TechTracker, which I find very strange, indeed, since it’s probably the most widely used of all of these products. Also, he has no mention of Magix, even though he has a list of excluded products that is longer than the number of products he reviewed. Of course, the Magix product is a multi-purpose utility, so I suppose it could be kicked out on that basis, but I was able to turn off everything else in it and just use it as an manual updater for redundancy reasons. Anyway, FWIW, anyone interested in this subject may want to check out what he has to say about the selected list of products that he has decided to write about. For any newbies or others who don’t know, Gizmo’s site is

  • Damon

    I don’t mean to jam a stick into any one’s spokes but I have read that SUMo (Software Update Manager) has now surpassed File Hippo as the best software update checking program. Has nobody read/heard that as well?

    Personally I don’t care for update checking software because 90% of the software I own are from giveaways and contests that don’t provide free updates. I bet most of you are in the same boat. Nevertheless, I would love to get some input as to a comparison of File Hippo and SUMo.

  • VLC and GOM Player are my 2 favorite media viewers on Windows and Linux. Check the mod sites to find portable versions.


  • internetexplorer

    Megaman: Sorry if I misunderstood you. You do have a point, of course, about having the latest possible rendition of a piece of software. However, I do goo to go through and update everything every week or two, maybe longer in the case of CNET or Magix, less in the case of Secunia. The last of these I especially like because it tells me which updates are needed NOW due to vulnerabilities or some similar security problem; second on my list is CNET because it identifies which newer versions are totally free (I use a lot of freware and free promotional offers) and which are merely free trials that may overwrite one of my promotional offers and leave me without it when the trial is over (not to mention that some trials are crippleware). CNET also covers more programs than any other I”ve used so far, but Secunia and Magix seem to have closed the gap quite a bit lately. I’ve also discovered that sometimes it’s beter not to be an early adopter, especially of a Microsoft product.

  • megaman

    @internetexplorer If you were referring to me, I don’t like betas, just saying that they are up-to-date enough to provide the latest of what’s available, at least to a day.

    I would try Secunia but it keeps telling me that I am up-to-date on everything, so I am really an Update Freak. :)

  • internetexplorer

    I guess that’s OK if you’re interested in betas; me, I try to stay as far away from them as possible, since I’ve been very disappointed in my previous experience with them. Besides the extra time it take to deal with their glitches, there’s also the adverse effects on other programs and my operating system – not all the time, of course, but often enough to make any benefit from them not worth all the aggravations. On the other hand, I”ll take an RC (a Release Candidate) any day, as most of the bugs should be gone by then. Back to Hippo’s Update Checker, it may have added more programs since I last tried it – I certainly hope so, since the above article will probably get a lot of people to give it a whirl. I welcome Hippo’s effort and hope it is up to the level of the competition from CNET’s TechTracker and Secunia, also free, as well as Magix, which I recently discovered also has an updater built into its free PC Check and Tuning 2011. May the best one(s?) win. :)

  • megaman

    I’ve been pleased with this program. I have tried other update checker programs but they don’t meet my expectations; some can show new updates but don’t have a link to them or sometimes their links are down. What I love about Update Checker from Update Hippo is just that, it gets me the updates available and offers a download, they even keep up with betas, best of all is that it saves hunting around for updates when they are all-in-one place.

  • internetexplorer

    Personally, I use Secunia to be sure the software that I need to be secure stays updated, plus I use CNET’s TechTracker to be advised of any voluntary updates that I may want to get, since it covers just about all programs that I do or might care about (more than FileHippo in my experience), plus if you read all the info it provides it will tell you if it is a free update or a free trial of an upgrade, again in my experience. P.S. I wanna say QuickTime for the opening pic, but I’m doubting myself, as it seems just too obvious.

  • @The Living Spirit: Yep!

  • It’s slightly obscured, but is the one in the top-right corner “10.10”?

  • Harlan

    @Dru: I can’t speak about Software Informer, but Secunia and FileHippo Updater are largely complementary. Secunia addresses identifying potential security holes caused by using outdated (or just old) versions of software, whereas FileHippo attempts to find newer versions of anything you have installed on your system, regardless of whether there are security implications or not. I use them both.

  • Dru

    I’d sure like to hear more about comparison of FileHippo Updater v. Secunia v. Software Informer. Is only 1 necessary, or are they complementary?

  • Harlan

    I use FileHippo, too, but users ought to know what they are doing before allowing automatic updates to their system. FileHippo always wants me to update my video drivers, for example, even though the newer drivers are not compatible with my old video card. It also wants me to update some GOTD programs that will lose their license if I update them.

  • @Pwnana: That is pretty funny xD

  • Pwnana

    Thank you, LOCUTUS ;)

    I find it funny that there is an advertisement in the top corner of the program for their software updater XD

  • Alex Tellmon

    Go Ashraf! Keep up the great reviews!

  • gpc111

    This seems like a very nice program. It worked quickly on my XP SP2 system. Thank you for the info.

  • Moseph Joseph


    Short of making the author’s name blink or something, I don’t know if anything else would work. I think most people just assume Ashraf writes everything, without bothering to check for a name.

  • Don


    I don’t know who is behind Piriform but I use some of their products and they are GREAT!!! Never had a problem or any reason to think anything sneaky or underhanded was going on.

  • Don

    I was disappointed with the updatechecker. I downloaded the portable version, put it in the root of drive with all my portable apps and all it scanned was the C: drive.

  • MikeR

    Might be best for all concerned if the author’s credit was published in a larger size at the head of a dot tech review. That way we wouldn ‘t keep witnessing this continuing problem of people thanking Ashraf for Locutus’s work, or Locutus for Ashraf’s, or either of ’em for contributions actually made by neither.

    Re Filehippo. It was always good and has gotten better, so well done Locutus for the reminder today. It also makes sense to regard this as one half of a valuable updating team, t’other half being Secunia, this latter app more oriented towards security. So: Filehippo + Secunia — perfick combination.

  • Sherwood Tucker

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    to name a few LOL
    v4.0b10= MyDefrag, Firefox, PAUP, MAXED, FastDial,
    V5.8.7= Notepad++, Acala DVD Ripper Professional, ActivePerl, Metro, SyncBackPro, YouTubeGet, WebGenz, Portable Pointstone System Cleaner, Mireth ShredIt etc…

  • @ccgwh: Challenge accepted. I’ll have to do a little digging, but I’ll see what I find.

  • ccgwh

    Thanks a lot, Locutus!

    I remember a discussion about computer privacy, where the question arose, who is behind FileHippo.

    Do you know more about FileHippo?
    (BTW. Another firm, about which I´d like to know more about would be piriform.)

  • Nite Owl

    Dottech, Giveaway, both awesome sites. Thanks to both of you for your dedication to give us the opportunity to find good and useful software. Indeed, File Hippo has been a program that I love and have used for years. I’m glad you are recommending it to the masses. Good program and both of you are great guys!

  • Harry44Callahan

    Don’t know about Steely, but I do Locutus. Keep up the good work.

  • @Steel: *Locutus :P
    I hope you enjoy my content too. Whenever Ashraf gets busy he lets me take the handles for a bit.

  • Steel

    Ashraf is in the house again!! And he’s brought some goodies!