Free Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011!

Update: You may want to stay away from Uniblue and SUMPC2011! There have been multiple accounts of bad things happening to users and computers that have SUMPC on them.

Software Description

The following is a description of SpeedUpMyPC 2011, as per the developer:

The problem:
Is your PC getting slower? With so many different settings, files and processes to monitor, it is hard to identify just what is slowing you down, let alone implement the necessary technical adjustments to recover speed and performance.

The solution:
SpeedUpMyPC scans your computer to identify the processes, files and settings that are slowing you down, before wielding a powerful range of tools to optimize your system for improved performance. With single click simplicity, network settings, RAM and CPU function are all scanned, cleaned and tuned for speed, while junk files are deleted for space. The result is a computer that works faster and better.

dotTech Advice

dotTech hasn’t ever reviewed SUMPC, but Cnet’s has:

There’s no shortage of software designed to boost, tweak, or otherwise speed up sluggish PCs, enhance your computing security, and clean up your disks to advance both goals. Uniblue Systems’ SpeedUpMyPC 2010 describes its mission in its name. It combines several tools in one interface, including a system scanner, RAM optimizer, memory cleaner, start-up manager, and CPU booster, all optimized for the latest versions of Windows.

It was rated a measly 3/5 stars, but in the end they did like it.

Freebie Details

To get SpeedUpMyPC for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v5.1.1.1

Free updates: 12 months

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: 5.3 MB

Malware scan: 1/43 detections – VirusTotal scan results

Giveaway time-frame: Unknown

Download and install SpeedUpMyPC 2011.  After installation, fill out the promo page:

Check your email for your registration code:

Open up SpeedUpMyPC and click the Register button in the lower left:

Enjoy! You can now use the program’s “full functionality”:

Be sure to go through the settings when you’re done and change them to your preferences.

If you have trouble getting SpeedUpMyPC 2011, for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Via DownloadZen.

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  • mph

    Sounds like a rootkit

  • agus

    i think speed myPC can be help my PC to be better

  • Damon

    I got SpeedUpMyPC as a giveaway but tonight I was running ESET’s free online scan and it found 5 SpeedUpMyPC “Threats” as seen here:

    Could it be that they just don’t agree with the ‘Free Registry Scan’ scam? GOTD has the same scam ad on their dowload page each day. (the Check for Registry Errors ad) To be honest, I have never looked up all of the processes it claims are unneeded and allegedly shuts down. I also have never encountered any problems. With 6GBs of RAM and a dual quad core processor or whatever it’s called, I also don’t have speed issues. If their marketers are spamming forums, you would think they would have the time to communicate with ESET to resolve any false positives.

    Since I am in the market for a new AV, I just might email ESET and see how their customer service is by asking them what “Threat” SpeedUpMyPC actually is. If I do, I will post their response here or their lack of response.

  • tep


    Thanks a lot Mike!

    (I´m just no everyody else ;)

  • stephan

    My maintenance procedure consists of using start->programs->accessories->system tools->disk cleanup
    on the “more options” tab, clean up the system restore, when that’s done “disk cleanup” downloaded program files, temp internet files, offline webpages, and error reporting files (pick these as you see fit). when this is done, defragment. I use defraggler, which seems to be the best of the freewares I have run across.

  • stephan

    uniblue is one of those companies that do intensive marketing on radio in the metro NY city area. Their ads just scream “scam”. I googled the product and found nothing but complaints, and one site advised to use 3 free utilities that each did a better job than anything that SUMP could do.

  • don

    for myself it’s a good thing I had Paragon backup and restore installed on my win 7 64 bit pc, because after installing speedupmycomputer I needed it, I first tried to use windows restore point but they were completely gone.

  • My comp crashed and i lost my down load ,is there anyway to get a new code3 with out buying things again?

  • MikeR

    @DrLongBear: Uniblue also used to bombard me with emails (thankfully, gmail has excellent server-side filtering.) In view of your experience, mine, and so many others, methinks dot tech will be all the better for staying clear of Uniblue in future.

  • DrLongBear

    This software is SPAM/MalWare garbage…constantly asking you to upgrade to the professional version. It was on my box less then 5 minutes.

  • MikeR


    You need Revo. Just about everyone else has it so why not you? It’ll make a restore point before uninstalling, then use Uniblue’s own uninstaller, then go ahunting for whatever crap Uniblue has left behind. Quick tip: after any uninstall, reboot. Ideally, reboot twice (especially when uninstalling security apps like firewalls.)

    Revo details here:

    PS: the freeware version’s all you need.

  • MikeR

    @Locutus: Not your fault, Locutus. You flagged up what looked like a useful goodie. Unfortunately, I doubt anything from Uniblue is much good at all — hence my much earlier post on this thread soon after the freebie became available. I wasn’t intending — ever — to have a pop at you though. Anyway, you’re bigger ‘n stronger.

  • tep

    Had same problems as many here, esp. slowing down of pc speed.

    Now, Locutus, let´s tackle the problem more generally:

    What´s your favorite way to get rid of such a beast?

    Is it by windows software deinstallation … or by ccleaner, … or is there any killer-deinstaller, you would recommend.
    I ask this because I wonder, if there could be residues, which couldn´t be removed by routine.

    (Background: It was very strange to see this uniblue beast going on, although I turned off the autostart)

  • And I’ve updated the article to show that you should really stay away. I’ll have to better vet the freebies I find. :/

  • MikeR

    Funny, or perhaps not-so-funny, the number of comments on here from posters who downloaded and installed this Uniblue offering. . . and then ran into the same kind of problems I and others have encountered with other software from this particular developer. As I posted much earlier, I stay well clear of anything from Uniblue. The experiences of others kind enough to post on here have confirmed the wisdom of that decison.

  • Sam

    Installed on two machines with XP Pro, both machines said “Windows Has been shut down to prevent damage to you computer”. I had Comodo’s Time Machine, so I did a rollback to get out of the problem.

  • Anna Ruth

    I finally did a restore to two days before I installed this Uniblue product. Because even though I uninstalled it, and Rebooted, Windows 7 was giving me problems. Now my computer is acting normal again.:)

  • Blue

    (I believe) Eset’s issue with Uniblue is with respect to their (standalone) registry cleaner that (once) engaged in some shady practices.

    My personal experience is A) Speed Up My PC does nothing; either bad OR good and B) Nod32 (now) isn’t much better. In fact, *my* experience on harmlessness was just the opposite: Nod32 left me infested with *multiple* viri (from false negatives) while Speed Up didn’t.

    Ironic, ain’t it?

  • Mardel53

    Thought I would let you know, that I did a system restore to 24 hours previously and IE returned; but system was really slow again. So I believe the program had a check mark in something that I should have really checked out (no pun intended) prior to allowing the program to simply repair. So I believe that part is my fault, but then again, how would someone really know what to uncheck?

  • #A@D%A&M#

    After all, Uniblue products have some rogue-ish behaviors, such as:

    1.Whenever you see a uniblue ad, it always yell ‘Free Scan For Windows Errors’ and persuades you to download and install their products.

    2.At the first run for every of their products, it automatically scans for non-existent problems and the report says your computer have hundreds of errors or problems.

    3.Whenever you tried to press the Fix Problems button, it cleans ONLY some problems but it directs you to buy the product.

    4.If you quit the app, again, it directs you to buy the products

    5.At uniblue’s website, you may see lots and lots of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner badge.

    6.Uniblue is flagged yellow on WOT’s reputation scorecard, see here

    So, I recommend to STAY AWAY FROM UNIBLUE!

    sorry for my bad english

  • robertmc8

    Iolo System Mechanic much better over all I love this program been using since version 6 :). It’s only tune up I trust lol Best part you can renewal each year for 14.95 after you paid 30 for it. Other good one is tune up utilities or Jv16 :)

  • spredo

    What a crappy little program.

    (Downloaded this when “this other board” told about the same giveaway, and I did post this there as well…)

    Download, installation and running was OK, but hey… when I disable autorun, disable all I can find that will start the program automatically, and then today, one week after I installed it, the my computer suddenly slows down.

    Everything went slow. Real slow. And then I got the happy message that Speedupmypc had checked my computer (again) and had found a LOT of errors I should fix by clicking the “fix now” button.

    This MAY be a good program, but if it has some sort of hidden autorun-feature, I do not want it.

    Uninstalled, AND I am staying away from Uniblue.

  • Mardel53

    I downloaded and installed this program on a friends computer as it was very slow and thought this might help. No problems with installation or getting register as I clicked on the promo page link up above and registered her and an e-mail was received with the #. However, after cleaning up what it recommended to clean up; IE8 is no longer available. By this I mean after clicking on IE icon, I get the same ole thing “Cannot access the web page”. Called my cable provider, and they walked through several things and now a technician is coming to her home on Monday to see why IE is not working. Yes, I uninstalled this program. Tech’s thought that something is blocking IE from opening; tried to reset it; still doesn’t work. Thoroughly cleaned the machine using Ccleaner and Glary Utilities; nothing. Cannot get IE to the internet. Yes, she has connection as Outlook is pulling in her e-mails.
    Never experienced anything like this before. Hope someone comments on this problem.
    Thanks for listening.

  • Anna Ruth

    I have Windows 7 .When I go to Speed up my PC, it scans ok but when I go to Fix Issues, it takes me to a message that says: to ensure best results, close all other applications before fixing the issues found. I do that and it takes me back to the Fix Issues. Again when I press Fix Issues it takes me back to the same message as above.

  • Eric Reed

    Hi again, Cutie. Uniblue is and has been a notorious spammer.

  • MikeR

    jvPowerTools 2010, highlighted by Locutus elsewhere on dot tech today, is infinitely superior to this Uniblue product. There’s no reason for anyone to bother with a developer which seems to string together a lot of gimmicks when jvPowerTools eschews any and all such gimmickry and simply does what it says on the tin. I’ve had experience of other offerings from Uniblue in the past. And, as a result, have learned to keep well clear. (Others, of course, may equally as well have had exactly the opposite experience. Everybody’s mileage varies.)

  • Tortuga

    Hi Locutus

    Thank you for the info.

    Even though, as Sunny said, somewhere in my memory there is a red flag for this product/cie.
    I dont recall what exactly either …
    Either the cie or the product being way tooo aggressive AND/OR the use of scare tactics comes to mind.
    I too use NOD32 and do trust its db, so for me that would’ve be already a no-no to install.

    But I do appreciate you posting about it.
    Posting & keeping up w *2* sites at the same time, plus moderating the forum here, must be rock n’ roll !!! So I do really appreciate the time & effort :D
    Please dont burn yourself to the point of abandoning everything like someone we know ;)


  • Sunny

    Hmm…. The name Uniblue always raises red flags in my mind. Somewhere in the recesses of my memory bank there is a warning not to download their stuff. There was, as I recall, something of an issue with them relating to deleterious activities. Can’t pull it all up yet, but a google (or whatever) search would no doubt reveal what brought down their reputation.

  • #A@D%A&M#

    Another SpeedUpMyPC Promo from PC ADVISOR UK!

  • @internetexplorer: Good idea. Done. :D

  • internetexplorer

    you might want to warn folks that it starts to scan as soon as it hits the desktop, so to speak, and they might want to check and change some settings before letting it loose to possibly wreak havoc on their machine. Brings to mind an old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just leave well enough alone. P.S. Hi, Locutus, it sort of looks like, yes it must be, you’re handling two, two, two sites at once. LOL

  • @acr: The reason I went on ahead even after finding the NOD32 result is because it is a “potentially unwanted application”, which is much better than something like malware. I’m guessing it’s due to some actions performed by the free trials, but if you want to stay away then do–I’ve never liked Uniblue that much anyway.

  • acr

    Nod32 detects it by name- SpeedUpMyPC. I suspect it is detected as a potentially unwanted application which sometimes occurs for products that have scareware tactics. That’s just a hunch- but it is odd that Nod32 has a signature for this specific product. I would tend to stay away from it although perhaps it may clarify things if someone goes to and asks on the Nod32 forum area why the product is classified as malware. This certainly does not appear on the surface to be a false positive.

  • Falco

    Here is the promo page Thanks Locutus !

  • MKadhamish

    @DrLongBear: Having the same problem here.

  • DrLongBear

    Well…where exactly do we find the promo page? It does not pop-up on my PC after the install, and there is no link here that I can find to take me there.