[USA only] Tired of your current cell phone service provider? Sprint will pay you up to $175 per line to switch

As the battle over AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile rages on, Sprint has launched a campaign to entice customers to make the switch to Sprint. (I am sure Sprint is, in particular, eyeballing unhappy T-Mobile customers.)

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To try to convince consumers to jump ship and come to Sprint, Sprint is offering up to $175 credit per line for every line moved from a different carrier to Sprint. However, there are few catches:

  • The $175 credit per line is for business customers. Individuals (i.e. home users) can get up to $125 per line if they purchase a smartphone or $75 per line if they purchase a “feature phone” (i.e. not a smartphone).
    • While the set limits are $175-$125-$75 respectively, I am sure it is possible to smooth talk Sprint representatives into providing more credit. The more lines you transfer, the nicer they will be to you.
  • The lines that are being ported must be bonded by contract to other carriers. In other words, if you are currently not in a contract with another carrier, porting your line to Sprint will earn you a big fat zero dollars worth of credit. Only customers in contract currently can avail this opportunity. (This promotion is meant to lessen the blow of early termination fees that consumers are slapped with if breaking a contract early.)
  • You must keep all lines active with Sprint for 61 days.
  • You must sign a two-year contract (for each line) with Sprint.

This promotion is available until June 23, 2011 for home consumers and July 23, 2011 for business customers.

What makes this deal even sweeter is that Sprint has one of the most economical plans among the top four providers in the USA. Before you jump ship to Sprint, however, you may want to make sure they have coverage where you live. While I cannot confirm or deny the rumors, I am hearing that Sprint recently lost a large roaming contract with Verizon and their 3G coverage (and strength) has dropped significantly. Their 4G coverage has always been spotty.

That said, in a post-Tmo world Sprint has struck first blood: BOOM, wallet shot.

Current Sprint customers feel free to provide feedback!

[via CNN]

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