dotTech Promo: Free IObit Game Booster Premium 2! [24-hours only]

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Missed out on Game Booster Premium 2 back in February? Today must be your lucky today. For the next 24-hours, dotTech is teaming up with IObit – the developer behind the famous Advanced SystemCare – to bring everyone Game Booster Premium 2 for free!

Software Description

The following is a description of Game Booster Premium 2, as per the developer:

(Click on the image to view it in full size.)

dotTech Advice

Back in September of ’09, a dotTechie that goes by the name of Kinetix did a review of Game Booster (v1.22, Free Edition). Kinetix’s conclusion was the following:

All in all, I believe it to be a very useful program, especially if you have Vista (or XP) as your Operating System and less than satisfactory equipment in your computer rig. Even if your computer is up to snuff, sometimes games are just too much to handle. For example, I have The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on my computer, and I love loading it up with dozens upon dozens of mods. After a while, this can start slowing down the game a bit (especially on Vista). I searched around and found Game Booster, and most of that extra lag caused by the mods went away. It works well, I recommend you give it a try.

I myself have used Game Booster and I agree with Kinetix. While Game Booster cannot and will not turn your low-end machine into a high-end monster, Game Booster does allow you to better allocate your computer resources towards playing your game(s). In other words, Game Booster helps clear much of the overhead that wastes valuable computer resources.

Of course Kinetix’s conclusion mentioned above is almost two years old and was based on what is now an old version of Game Booster. Game Booster is now v2, which has improvements over v1; and this freebie is of Game Booster Premium, which has more features than Game Booster Free. So it is safe to say Game Booster is still a winner for those who feel their machines aren’t up-to-task when playing games.

That said, I definitely recommend Game Booster Premium for gamers or even people that don’t necessarily game but use their computer for resource-heavy tasks such as image editing and video watching. However, before you go and grab Game Booster Premium, take a look at the following chart that outlines the differences between Game Booster Premium and Game Booster Free so you understand exactly what you are gaining by taking part in this freebie:

Freebie Details

For the next 24-hours, everyone can get Game Booster Premium 2 for free! This freebie comes with free updates and users can install/reinstall whenever they want.

Before I tell you how to get Game Booster Premium 2 for free, I would like to let everyone know IObit request users “Like” their Facebook fanpage if they appreciate this giveaway. Liking the fanpage is not a requirement for this freebie; it is just a way to show your thanks to them. If you are a Facebook user and you would like to show your thanks to IObit, go and “Like” their fanpage. If you are not a Facebook users, don’t worry about it.

To get Game Booster Premium 2 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v2.3

Free updates: Yes

Free technical support: Yes

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: 6.8 MB

Giveaway time-frame: This giveaway starts 00:00 PST Wednesday May 8, 2011 and ends 24:00 PST Wednesday May 8, 2011. After this 24-hour window, you will not be able to get Game Booster Premium 2 for free from dotTech. However, if you take part in this freebie now, you can install/reinstall the program whenever you want.

  • Download and install Game Booster Premium 2.
    • Take note of two things during installation. Firstly, Game Booster Premium 2 comes bundled with IObit Toolbar (powered by Yahoo). During installation Game Booster Premium 2 asks you to install IObit Toolbar and make Yahoo your default search engine. These two options are preselected, so make sure to deselect them if you don’t want the toolbar/search engine. Secondly, Game Booster Premium 2 asks you if you want to download and install other IObit products (Advanced SystemCare, Security 360, and Smart Defrag). The options to download and install these three software are preselected; make sure to deselect them if you don’t want these three products.
  • Download the license key ZIP file.
  • Unzip the ZIP file and open the text file that is inside.
  • Copy the license code found in the text file.
  • Run Game Booster Premium 2 and register it the license code copied from the text file:

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Game Booster Premium 2 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • Otto

    Was your premium key different from the one on majorgeeks?
    Unfortunately i lost my zip file with the activation key (i saved it in my email webspace but somehow it got deleted from the email provider).

  • Fred

    Nice. There´s also a free premium key (nearly a year valid, until 23rd of may 2012) on majorgeeks download page so you don´t need this promo. :-)

  • Ashraf

    @SafeCN: Thanks!

    @Jickler: You are welcome!

    @AlBundy: You are welcome!

    @gpc111: Ummm AFAIK it isn’t a 1 year license.

    @ZappedSparky: You are welcome!

    @mladen detelj: You are welcome! (Thought, I am not IObit. :-P)

    @TheTank: Where you still unable to get it to work?

    @Any Devancy: You are welcome!

    @Buddy: Glad to see it worked out in the end!

  • Buddy

    Hi Ashraf, I tried again just few seconds ago and to my amazement, it is working now. So looks like guys at IObit may have done some adjustment in activating process or else I can’t think of anything else. But it is working now perfectly.

    Thanks for your instant response. You are truly providing great tips and softwares for FREE while also inputting lot of your valuable time. I have became a big fan or yours.

    Thanks again,

  • Ashraf

    @Buddy and @TheTank: I got an e-mail back from IObit and they have told they just checked the license code and it is working just fine. I myself have been able to activate Game Booster Premium 2 on another desktop. So I am not sure why you guys are having issues.

    Can you show me a screenshot? Have you tried it on another computer?

  • Buddy

    Thanks Ahsraf for your time and support. I really appreciate it. Hope to get update soon from you regarding this issue. Have a great day.

    Regards, Buddy

  • Ashraf

    @Buddy: That is odd, you are the second person to report this but I was able to activate it on another one of my computers. (Maybe because it shares the same IP as my main computer.)

    I will e-mail IObit about this but they are in China so… need to wait a little.

  • Buddy

    This license code is not working. It gives the following message:

    “This license code has been activated for maximum PCs and cannot be used. Please purchase another license code for this PC.

    Could you please help me how to activate it? I did it inside 24 hour window as advised.

    Thanks, Buddy

  • Ashraf

    @Ashraf: I just tried it on another computer and its working just fine.

    @TheTank: Please make sure you are using the right license code.

  • Ashraf

    @TheTank: No it is supposed to be available for everyone within these 24 hours. Are you sure you are entering it in properly? Can you show me screenshot?

  • Any Devancy

    Thanks so much! I love dottech

  • TheTank

    When I attempt to register, it tells me that I’m too late, and the licenses have all been used up (paraphrasing). so not really 24 hours then?

  • mladen detelj

    thanks iobit for this great program

  • ZappedSparky

    After the issue with version 2.1 I’m glad you and iobit teamed up to give this away. I do run vista (I know,upgrade before your sanity runs out Sparky :) ) However I found that if you installed the previous version back in February, 2.3 will use that licence code and automatically set itself as premium. Still, I did use the licence code from here just in case. Thanks Ashraf and iobit.

  • gpc111

    Thank you for the info. Is this a 1 year license like the previous give away of this product?

  • AlBundy

    Thanks this is a great program, the free version is also far better then the amd fusion, but this full version is perfect :)

  • Jickler


  • Ashraf

    @JGK: Glad to hear it! You are welcome.

  • JGK

    Great stuff, thx it works