Free Able2Doc v.6.0, PDF to Word converter!

Software Description

PDF to Word conversions are tough to get accurate. Investintech has taken their own shot at the game and come up with Able2Doc, which they describe as this:

Able2Doc 6.0 performs fast and accurate conversions to MS Word and Open Office Writer with columns, tables, headers, footers, graphics and layout reproduced just as they were in the original document. Maximum editability is ensured!

Able2Doc 6.0 delivers the quick accurate transfer of PDFs into editable MS Word for editing, analysis or other reversioning. Use it to:

Edit Text: Once converted into Word, PDF text can be edited and repurposed as required.

Preserve Formatting and Layout: The look and feel of the PDF is replicated in Word

Convert into Word Forms: Native PDF forms can be transferred and filed out as Word forms.

Note that Able2Doc requires Microsoft Office or OpenOffice to be installed.

dotTech Advice

This is actually a really cool piece of software! If you’re ever in need of a PDF to Word conversion, this is really what you want. It works well! If you miss this freebie, however, Ashraf still highly recommends AnyBizSoft’s PDF to Word.

Freebie Details

Version being given out for free: v6.0

Free updates: unknown

Supported OS: Windows 98+

Download size: 6.5MB

Giveaway time frame: unknown

Reinstalls: unknown


To get this freebie, you’ll have to head over to Facebook. Once on Facebook, go to InvestInTech’s fan page and Like them. From there, go to the Giveaway tab on the side:
On this giveaway tab, you’ll see your special code and a link to the page to enter it on.

On the entry page, paste your code and hit download. Then install the program like normal.

On about the second or third screen, there is an optional registration–you don’t have to fill it out.


A note about the giveaway version of Able2Doc is that on every start, it will advertise the Pro version, which features optical character recognition:

Able2Doc performed fairly well in samples performed. Each conversion took only seconds, and came out with most formatting preserved, as you can see for yourself in these demos. Able2Doc performed as well as other competitors:

  1. Example PDF | Able2Doc | AnyBizSoft
  2. Example PDF | Able2Doc | AnyBizSoft


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  • Sunny

    I fully endorse Patrick’s comments about the ludicrous Facebook concoction of self-delusions.
    Far as I’m concerned no software is worth going anywhere near it, so I’ll gladly stay away and look for my freebies elsewhere. This site has been and still is one of the best around, regardless of offering freebies that involve the nonsense that’s FB. Great administration. Always appreciated.

  • Corno

    BTW Is there no license key?

  • Corno

    Actually, on my PC the second specimen example (with the form) came out garbled with Able2doc, while Anybizz performed fine.

    As for FB, it is the return of the Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You horror scenario. If you have to have an account, use an alias and keep everything blank as much as you can

  • tuiruru

    I concur with JT. There are ways round the privacy issues – learn to be sneaky enough to use it to your advantage.

  • JT

    Yes I know many do not like facebook. That being said please do not stop posting freebies like this for those of us that do have facebook. Many of us have had to open the “devious” accounts to keep in touch with others for business reasons, or for example being deployed overseas. If you know what you are doing when you setup the account there is virtually no risk in having the account. Make a fake name, birthday, etc. and enjoy the freebies! I enjoy this site for ALL that it has to offer whether it be a facebook freebie or not. Thanks to the administrators of this site for allowing this option.

  • jayesstee

    @JoLane: Hear, hear, well said! I think “12 years old” is actually “going on 5”!
    What a waste of the web! Why don’t we all boycott offers requiring facebook, twitter and the like? If possible, we should put a post explaining the error of their ways on those sites with offers requiring subscription to the “so-called social” sites .
    Thank goodness for This is one of the “intelligent” sites. I mean by that: the content, posts, membership and last, but not least, the administration/regulation.

  • JoLane

    “Facebook is like totally RAD dude!” That ought to tell you all you need to know of people using facebook.
    This requiring facebook thing is childish at best.

  • larhome

    I finally was able to figure out the crazy download proceedure and ran a few more tests.

    Test 1: download motherboard guide in pdf
    Rename file to Orig.pdf Size: 806 KB (825,675 bytes)
    Test 2: Run Nitro PDF Reader 2 and save Orig.pdf as Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader.pdf
    Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader.pdf Size: 532 KB (544,984 bytes) Nice improvment file size !
    Test 3: Run abl2doc on Orig.pdf and covert to word.
    Orig-Able2Doc.doc Size: 1.72 MB (1,805,824 bytes)
    Test 4: Run abl2doc on Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader.pdf and covert to word.
    Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader-Able2Doc.doc Size: 1.72 MB (1,805,824 bytes) No Difference in size.
    Test 5: Run Nitro Pro 6 on Orig.pdf and covert to word.
    Orig-Nitro PDF 6.doc Size: 2.48 MB (2,603,008 bytes) Larger then Able2Doc
    Test 6: Run Nitro Pro 6 on Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader.pdf and covert to word.
    Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader-Nitro 6.doc Size: 2.48 MB (2,603,008 bytes) Larger then Able2Doc
    Test 7: Run Nitro Pro 6 on Orig.pdf and covert to word using latest .docx version .
    Orig-saved by Nitro Pdf Reader-Nitro 6.docx Size: 3.38 MB (3,547,539 bytes) Much larger then saving in .doc

    Overall: abl2doc makes DOC files that are 219% larger then the original pdf.
    Nitro Pro 6 makes DOC files that are 315% larger then the original pdf.
    Nitro PDF Reader 2 will save a pdf file that is only 66% of the original pdf. (It is free but not to Doc conversion) The choice is yours.

  • It is a pity that there are many developers out there that assume I, we, have FB accounts. I will never have one. I will not sign up for ANY of these type of sites. You are just asking for trouble.

  • @larhome:

    I HAD to try this facebook stuff sooner or later… Took me next to one hour to figure the password-module out and got it right after four trials.
    Another half hour to connect to InvestInTech’s fan page – I still don’t know how I got there!! I guess I’ll never know for sure ;-)
    …and finally succeeded in getting the “special code” (registration code) – which, in my case, did not show up right behind the “Your code” (in second screen shot above), but on the lower righthand side of the Able2Doc6-logo.
    Will test this soft against some other converters I use sometime later.
    And I will unsubscribe to FB as well. I don’t really see the fun of having regular popups disturbing my usual work…

    Greetz to all,

  • Tommy

    I’m 12 years old and Facebook is like totally RAD dude! All my friends are on FB and they think its awesome.
    Come on you might really LIKE it! LOL! ROFL!

  • Dlira

    In the tests I have made, AnyBizSoft’s PDF to Word converter does a considerably better job than Able2Doc.

  • WebHybrid

    I did find alternate sources for the setup file and registration key (the latter called a “PING” or “PIN”) – several kindly people posted this sort of thing as a .rar archive here and there on the web. Try googling “Free Able2Doc v.6.0” and be ready for some translating: in the .rar archive I got, the software was in English, but the “Instrucciones” text file was in Spanish. No big deal, and yes I scanned and scanned for malware… pass. And yes, the software tested out remarkably well.

  • tuiruru

    Well, the FB issue aside, I’ve got to be fair – this is the best “free” PDF to .doc I’ve tried. I actually am still using OO0 3.1 (haven’t got M$ Office at all) and I think this may have created issues with other PDF>”.doc” apps.
    I’ve now tried this on a variety of PDF’s and it seems to do extremely well (all that I want anyway). I haven’t tried selecting specific “chunks” yet.
    If I’m going to be “picky”, it’s that I don’t seem to be able to move the pictures in the converted doc file :-) :-(

  • WebHybrid

    Could be this program really is better than other freeware of the type. But count me in with the anti-FBers (so happy to see I’m not the only one!). Facebook is evil; no freeware giveaway is going to cause me to re-enroll there.

  • larhome

    No longer valid- I “liked” as said but no code given out.
    Any ideas?

  • GullyFoyle

    I am gratified to see several other “facebook” demurrers at I think that speaks well of the discernment of the readers of this site. I know those who have (both commercial and personal) use for “facebook” but I find the trend of increasingly requiring participation in it to be coercive. No thanks.

  • timmy

    What is this face book nonsense.
    There are some of us who are not so NEEDY as to patronize that site.
    Why is there no common sense used when making these offerings available?

  • gpc111

    This may be a nice program but no thank you if it requires FB. There should be an alternate method for those that do not use FB.

  • larhome

    I will try this as it makes files that are smaller then even Nitro 6 Pro which costs mucho money.
    Take a look at the results:
    Name Size (KB) Percent
    Example1converted with Nitro-6-Pro.pdf 72 99%
    Example1converted with NitroReader2.pdf 72 99%
    Example1[1].pdf 73 100%
    Example1-Able2Doc.doc 103 141%
    Example1[1]Convert using Nitro 6.doc 127 174%
    Example1-anybizsoft.doc 169 232%
    Example1[1]Convert using Nitro 6.docx 268 367%

    Example4-Able2Doc.doc 172 91%
    Example4[1].pdf 189 100%
    Example4[1]Saved with Nitro-6-Pro.pdf 191 101%
    Example4-converted with NitroReader2.pdf 191 101%
    Example4-anybizsoft.doc 252 133%
    Example4[1]-Nitro6 to word.docx 400 212%
    Example4[1]-Nitro6.doc 436 231%

    For some reason using graphics in word 2010 and Nitro 6 Pro results in huge files – 367%
    I am suprised at the above results.

  • Suze

    @ah.clem: Thanks; I got his point, but I forgot that one has to set up a FB account in order to do anything in it . . .

  • ah.clem

    @Suze: I think his point was that he didn’t care to join the “Facebook Zombies”. Not everyone is willing to roll over just because a new “Shiny” comes along that requires a Facebook account. Just my thoughts.

  • Suze

    @Patrick: I also don’t particularly care to have to ‘Like’ something on FB. In fact, I’m only “on” FB because that’s the ‘forum’ that is used to communicate for a product I’ve purchased, and I want to stay connected and up-to-date. I don’t think for a second that there are “religious undertones,” but that’s my opinion.

    Now, if you really want this program, you could always ‘Like’ them, download the program, and then ‘Unlike’ or remove yourself from being associated with them. I bet that happens a lot and, if I decide to download this, I will do exactly that!

  • @Bredna: I am trying to figure out a way to find a workaround for you. Check out Stackoverflow

  • Bredna

    This would have been a nice program to keep if it had been able to modify the default install location.
    The install for this freebie would not let me install anywhere but C: and would not let me install it in a differently named sub-directory on C: either

    The error received was
    g:\Program Files\ Inc\Able2Doc 6.0\Able2Doc.chm

    An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
    MoveFile failed: code 32.
    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

    Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not recommended), or Abort to cancel

    Tho I liked the program and it performed well in my one test, I will be uninstalling it because I don’t install programs to my C drive.

  • @Patrick: I am not one to subscribe for free programs, but I do recommend this software for three reasons.
    1. The conversion allows you to do advanced features, such as forms
    2. The interface is smooth and very polished
    3. The interface has a built in search feature, which I haven’t seen in three other PDF to Word converters.

    That is my 2 cents.

  • Sounds good, but… I have to subscribe to Facebook!!!
    So, thanks but no thanks. Consider me a paleontolitic relic who doesn’t feel like becoming part of that “Worldwide Circle of Friends” , that “Universal Brotherhood” or any other such “social” media (like Twitter and what else have you).
    “Prefer a feast of friends to the giant family” (Jim Morisson in ‘An American Prayer’, or better still: his last words on that album – if I’m not mistaken), i.e. real friends of flesh and blood in stead of some virtualized concoctions of relationally disturbed fantaisists. Yes, I do consider Facebook and the likes as movements with unconcious religious undertones, with quasi hysterical expressions of collective emotional poverty and a lot more still of downright stupidity. Mind, the exeption confirms the rule.

    So, it’s a pity that I will not test this giveaway and compare it to similar programs which I got for free…without Facebook.

    Have a nice day anyway,

  • Mr Pippers