Free Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate!

Software Description

Says Wondershare about their ultimate video converter Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate:

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one DVD & Video converter tool and DVD burner for assisting you to convert videos/audios among formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG etc. even convert video to 3D, burn video files to DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO files, download or record videos from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Myspace, CNN and other video-sharing sites, rip DVD movies to any video, for playback on devices. The program offers some default settings for iPhone/iPad/iPod/PSP/HTC, Windows Media Player/Movie Maker and other popular devices and apps.

dotTech Advice

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum, a similar (but different!) title, was reviewed on dotTech just over two years ago. The final verdict illustrates how Ashraf felt about the program:

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is an excellent program; it supports many input and output formats, allows users to perform basic edits on input files, works quickly, and converts with terrific quality. I give Wondershare Video Converter Platinum a thumbs up! […]

[…]If you are looking for a shareware video converter, Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is one of the best; highly recommended.[…]

Freebie Details

Version being given out for free: v5.6.0

Free updates: probably

Supported OS: Windows NT4+

Download size:25.5MB

Giveaway time frame: unknown


First, download and install Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate’s regular trial version–the software linked in the email is not the right program. Then, go to Wondershare’s halloween themed giveaway page. (Is it left over from a past holiday season? Who knows.)  From there, fill in a name and email.

I don’t recommend using your primary emails, as what this also does is sign you up for a Wondershare Support Center account, and it also appears to be signing up for some sort of newsletter.

After entering your username and email, go to your inbox and open the email containing the code.

Copy and paste the registration code into the registration field, and be sure to use the same Licensed e-mail as the one listed in your email, not the one you registered with!

Voilà! You now have a fully licensed copy of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

[Via TipRadar]

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  • kyaw hlaing htun

    Please.Give me your software.

  • Techie Woman

    Downloaded, installed, updated perfectly today. on Win XP SP3.

    Thx, Locutus.

  • Bell

    It still work. After registration, the code is sent immediately, no need to wait an hour long.

  • hulkbuster

    Although this has been posted on July 2011, i just BUMPED into this software, everyone should have some kind of a Video Converter, thank you for having this in a Freeware section.

    Will check frequently on this site……

  • Peter Stern

    The screen capture is the only one I have seen that actually captures the sound directly. However, I found the screen capture only works if the application is run as an administrator

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: Sorry for being off-topic but what happened to your website? Send me an email, I may be able to host you.

  • Fred

    Mumutu reported this tried to change some browser default setting, which i blocked. From the log:
    “7/31/2011 12:05:13 AM 7024 C:\USERS\OWNER\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\IS-LBMMA.TMP\VIDEO-CONVERTER-ULTIMATE_FULL495.TMP Blocked by User Behavior.BrowsersettingsChange”

  • Mags

    I already have version 5.4.2


    Could I just get the registration code in that version and update to 5.6?


    Should just uninstall the older version and start from scratch?

  • NickK

    Did anyone download and install the executable that came in the email response after registering for key code?

    It seems like its a different package to the regular trial version which is available from their web-site. The URL with the exectutable is called “DVD-converter-studio_full495” and it is 20.8MB in size. The regular trial version is 24.5MB. When I looked at the properties of the 20.8MB file, its still called “Wondershare Video Converter version 5.4.4”. I’m guessing this version may not be updatable. But thats only a guess. I’d be interesting in knowing if anyone installed this package and what the difference might be.

    Has everyone else installed the regular trial version available on the Wondershare web-site as suggested by Locutus’s in the article above ? Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on which of these packages is best to install?

    Many thanks,

  • tuiruru

    Glad it worked for you NickK.

    I looked back thu’ my GMail box and found I had had a reply from Wondershare when I applied for a reg Code when “Brothergiveaway” were promoting Wondershare Video Converter Platimum” back on 8 Jan

    Funny old e-world :-)

  • NickK


    Thanks Tuiruru. I used mailinator and my key arrived within seconds. The Wondershare promo obviously doesn’t like sending the key code to hotmail accounts.

    Not that I mind providing my primary email addy in most cases. I have done so for other offers in past, such as Paragon Software, Easeus, Ashampoo, etc. I don’t mind receiving emails on new offers, promo’s, tips, relevant news, etc. Some of the promo’s/offers can be pretty good and worth paying for depending on your needs. As long as its not too often (i.e. Ashampoo can be bit frequent). I just don’t know much about Wondershare and decided to take Locutus’s advice on not providing your primary email.

    Many thanks,

  • rodken

    Thanks Locutus, nice to see a post on this site.
    @ Ashraf, don’t you mean MIA. Can’t completely rely on Locutus and the Forum you know! (said in a more friendly manner than it looks)

  • tuiruru

    Try using this site ( )to reate a temp e-mail box – that’s what I did.

  • capricorn 1008


    I got my code key in seconds using my Yahoo mail account. Hope that works for you.

  • capricorn 1008

    @Mr Pippers:

    When you install Freemake Video Decoder your browser is directed to the homepage of the company that makes the software, just like this program and many others do. When you get to the Freemake homepage you can download another good free program, Freeware Video Downloader. Some spam. Some scam.

    Thanks, Locutus, for the tip on this software.

  • NickK

    Thanks Locutus,

    I’ve also registered – now done it twice. Still haven’t received the email with the key code.

    I’ve used your advice on not providing your primary email, however some companies will not accept hotmail, yahoo, gmail accounts etc. I’ve used my hotmail account.

    Has anyone else had any luck receiving their key code by using their their free email account (i,e live, hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc)?


  • MikeR

    Thanks, Locutus, for the heads-up. Looks promising.

    Just as a matter of interest, what’s all this stuff about spamming?? ‘False positives’ flagged up by people who can’t be bothered to research anythin g are as bad as sub-standard AVs.

    Freemake has been around for some time and was reviewed favourably by CNet (not that a CNet review counts for much, I know, but even CNet isn’t bonkers enough to review vaporware or malware):

    If people are going to go to the trouble to post on here possible alternatives to software offers based on their own user experience, the least they deserve is not to be accused of ‘spamming’. If ‘Mr Pippers’ has some kind of issue with Freemake, take it up with them.

  • @Mr Pippers: Freemake is actually a very good program and the customer service is top notch. I am not spamming, because I have the word spamming in the post. I am human.

  • Tony Lemont

    WHAT? Mr. Pippers says his browser was HIJACKED after downloading Freemake Video Converter?

    Comments on this please!!

  • Get it. Thank you Locutus !

  • Ashraf

    @J-M: Thank Locu. He posted it. Im still AWOL.

  • Mr Pippers


    I installed it once and my browser hijacked to spam pages.

  • J-M

    Ashraf, thank’s! :)

  • Nc

    @Locutus and Rob, i dont have doubts about the integraty “dottech” people but a few minutes ago semms estrange the situacion certanily you underthant you, now i check it like Rob said and i have the last version, and it was not necessery update, thanks anyway, now i have a good products with 2D to 3D image tranformer i have to test this, dottech make day , belive !

  • vince


    I think they sent the same activation key to everyone……..

  • vince


    yes. you were absolutely right. Thank you.
    I went to the website and download the trial. It is the same file as the link posted here. It still says v4.9.5 though. Nonetheless, I proceeded with installation and activation and update. I got the latest version 5.6.0. Thank you again.

    This is a very good all in one media toolkit – sleek new interface, even include recording screen video, download online video and direct copy to device, in addition to common editing feature, burner and ripper. Wow….fabulous. A fantastic giveaway.

    p/s – have no time to test out all the features as yet, shall try later. Hopefully the output quality, conversion and transfer speed is great as well….

  • Rob

    oh, almost forgot, Thanks Locutus

  • Rob

    @Nc: after you install and enter your key go to help tab and click check for update, than install live update to version 5.6 , restart the program and you now have version 5.6 . I did not even have to re enter my key. Hope that was helpful

  • Nc

    thanks to appear and clear my doubts , nothing like the responsablity person to do that , i want this software i bealive it`very good produt , one more time thanks

  • tuiruru

    WHOOPS!!! 5.6!!!!!!!! – Honest

  • tuiruru

    Yep, I followed the instructions using the links from the DotTech page and you DO end up with the 5.5 version1

  • @Mr Pippers: orly?

    @vince: @Nc: It says 4.9.5, but in reality it’s the link to the current version. Go to the product page and download it if you don’t believe me. :P

  • Nc

    The Vince is right downlowd link is v.4.9.5 not v.5.6.0 , can someone explan about that ?

  • Nc

    @Mr Pippers ” Freemake Video Converter is a Spam Scam! ” why ??????

  • jimx29
  • vince

    Version being given out for free: v5.6.0, but your download link is for v4.9.5.

  • tuiruru

    Has downloaded and registered on Vista Home Premium SP 2 with no probs

    @ Steel – sometimes it ends up in your junk/spam folder :-)

  • Steel

    Great offer Locutus! I’m patiently waiting for the email with registration code.

  • Mr Pippers

    Thanks for the Wondershare Video Converter!

    ***Freemake Video Converter is a Spam Scam!***

  • prema

    hmm this is a great freebie software.. but those who miss out on it or in the end don’t like it very much, i suggest Freemake Video Converter. it’s an amazing piece of software! one of my favorites :)

  • @PCbasics: Suuuuuure, I found it :P sorry, I forgot my attributions!

  • Nice find Locu. Its an old promo, but still works!