Researching colleges/universities? Get a one year subscription to U.S. News College Compass (aka premium access to all college/university rankings) for free! [Hurry almost over]

Update: This promotion is now over. Sorry!

Anyone that has gone to college, is looking to go to college, planning on going to college, or is related/associated to someone that falls in the previous three categories has probably researched college rankings at one time or another. One of the top authorities on college/university rankings is U.S. News & World Report.

U.S. News & World Report is a company that, among other things, ranks colleges and universities in the USA and worldwide. U.S. News provides ranks on college/universities in a variety of ways, such as best business college, best medical school, best college for biology majors, best colleges overall, best worldwide colleges, and more. U.S. News provides limited free access to everyone that shows only the top ten colleges/universities in a particular category. If anyone wants to get the full rankings, they have to purchase premium access, known as U.S. News College Compass.

Typically this premium access costs $$$. However, as part of their campaign to promote Google Apps in academia, Google is teaming up with U.S. News & World Report to provide everyone with one year free access to U.S. News College Compass. In other words, you can get access to the full U.S. News college/university rankings for free. The best part is, the process to get this freebie is surprisingly simple. All you have to do is visit the promotion page and register. Once you register, simply visit the U.S. News College Compass, login if you aren’t logged in already, and start exploring. Easy, no?

Take note that this promotion appears to only be valid until 9/16/2011, i.e. it ends today. So you better start clicking now.

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  • Ashraf

    @gpc111: It’s over :-( It ended on 9/16/2011. I only learned about it yesterday so I posted it when it only had a few hours left. Sorry!

  • gpc111

    How do you register? When I tried to register it takes me back to the main page. It appears the only way to register is when you place an order. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

  • John

    Until we get the FED out of our lives, until we get the FDA, EPA, Big Pharma and all these guys out of our lives, and get back in touch with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and what the U.S. of A. is all about, and return power to the states, power that the FED should NOT, NEVER, EVER have gotten their dirty hands on… oh yeah, we prone to see things going down the gutter… yep! We change this or we end up in a police, fascist/socialist (pretty much the same!) country, with people losing their jobs to ChinaMart and their buddies…

  • Stan

    I agree Joe, I am in the U.S. of A & I have 1 in college & 1 going to college next year but with the destruction of the dollar, the destruction or squeezing of busnesses or closing them down like Gibson Guitar Company, the squeezing of electrical generation plants where 1 said they may need to shut down This country is a big (?) in a dark background. I worry about the future of Our Children & our Country NOT the governments Country.

  • Joe

    Hi Ashraf,

    I feel it’s only fair to provide a link to a video that
    proves the uselessness of a college education today.

    Look for “College Conspiracy’ at

    Also, for people living in the U.S., it would benefit
    those to view the other videos about the coming
    hyperinflation about to hit this country.

    It’s fixin’ to get mean and dirty!

    Take care, my friends.