[USA Only] Get free $2 credit for Amazon Appstore for Android by tweeting

Earlier this month I posted an article talking about how Amazon Appstore has a Free App a Day program where users can get paid Android apps for free. While the free paid apps are definitely attractive, Amazon Appstore is, after all, an app store and thus it does sell apps, too. (For what it is worth, I have bought a handful of apps from Amazon Appstore myself because developers run excellent sales/discounts on their apps on there.)

To help encourage you to get into the habit of purchasing apps from Amazon Appstore, Amazon is running a promotion where everyone can get $2 credit for Amazon Appstore for free! All you need is an Amazon account, a Twitter account, and two spare minutes. (And obviously to use the credit you need to be able to use Amazon Appstore on your Android device, i.e. need a credit card.)

Before we proceed, take note that by participating in this offer your Twitter account will

  • Automatically follow @amazonappstore;
  • Automatically tweet a promotional message for Amazon;
  • Allow Amazon’s Twitter app access to your Twitter account.

If you prefer, after you take advantage of this offer, you can manually unfollow @amazonappstore, delete the promotional tweet, and revoke Amazon’s Twitter app’s access to your account.

That said, to get free $2 credit on Amazon Appstore, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Amazon account. (Or, create an account if you don’t have one already.)
  • Once logged in, you should be redirected back to the promotion page (if you aren’t, click here). At the promotion page click Tweet and Get $2:

  • A new window will popup asking you to login to your Twitter account (if you aren’t already logged in) and to give access to Amazon’s Twitter app:

  • After you have clicked on Authorize app, wait a few seconds while Twitter does its thing. Once finished, the popup window should close and the promotion page you had open should refresh and show a success message like the following:

If you see a message like the one shown in the above screenshot, congratulations! You now have a $2 Amazon Appstore credit applied to your Amazon account. To use the credit, simply purchase an app from Amazon Appstore on your device. As you make purchases, the balance will be taken from your $2 credit until the whole credit is used up.

If you receive any sort of error and don’t see the message shown above, simply refresh the page and try again.

Last but not the least, take note this promotion is only available to people living in the USA. Also take note that if you don’t use the $2 credit, it will expire December 15, 2011, at 11:59 PM PST.


Thanks PCbasics!

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