[Android] Tapatalk is available for free via GetJar Gold

GetJar Gold, a free service that allows Android users to legally get paid apps for free, debuted with many apps. Since then, the GetJar team has been adding more apps such as Beautiful Widgets and Quell. One of the most recent additions is Tapatalk, otherwise known as Tapatalk Forum App:

Any frequent forum surfer has probably at least heard the name Tapatalk. Taptalk is an app – regular price of $2.99 – that makes it very easy to browse and participate in “over 23,000” forums from your Android device. For all intents and purposes, Tapatalk provides you with mobile versions of forums that otherwise may not have mobile versions.

You can grab Tapatalk from the GetJar Gold section of your GetJar app (if you have it installed already) or hit up the link below on your mobile phone to download the GetJar app (you will be prompted to download the GetJar app when you try to download Tapatalk from the website) and then Tapatalk:

Tapatalk [GetJar Gold]

Tapatalk [Android Market]

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