[Announcement] Editing comments finally works again

Frequent dotTechies who post comments may have noticed for a long time the ability to edit comments – after they have been posted – has been broken. I have applied a temporary fix to make it work. What used to happen is when you clicked on the Click to Edit link, your screen would go gray as if some popup is about to show allowing you to edit your comment. There is some bug in the comment editing script that prevents this popup from showing. Therefore I have applied a temporary fix to allow users to still edit their comments.

What happens now is when you click the Click to Edit link the comment editing box opens in a new tab/window. (Opera users, for some reason, it will open in your current window.) Once you are done editing the comment, hitting the Save button saves the comment. You then have to go back to the article and refresh the page to see the comment changes.

It’s a dirty fix but it’s a fix nonetheless. Let me know if there are any issues.

[Thanks jayesstee for informing me about this workaround a few months back. Sorry I didn’t get around to it sooner.]

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