Get 512 GB of cloud storage for free from BeeCloud

Earlier this week I posted about an offer of free 10 GB cloud storage. In the past dotTech has discussed many cloud storage/backup options, including but not limited to Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Mozy. Presumably by now you have selected one service and have stuck to it. (I am a Dropbox user.) However, if you have not picked something yet or are looking to change, BeeCloud wants you to come to them; and to entice you, they are giving 512 GB (yes, that is right — gigabytes) to all users that register with them.

If you are excited to jump on BeeCloud simply because of the insane amount of storage space they are giving you, hold you horses. You don’t want to store your files with just anyone. You want to make sure the company you pick are reputable, not only for safety concerns but also longevity: You likely won’t have any files if the company you pick goes out of business. So, then, the question is if BeeCloud is a reputable company.

I only heard of BeeCloud recently via a post on dotTech’s forums so I cannot vouch for them one way or another. However, doing some basic research, it appears BeeCloud is a LiveDrive reseller. (They make no attempt to hide this fact.) LiveDrive is a large and popular cloud storage service, so it probably won’t go out business out of the blue. Longevity? Check, assuming LiveDrive doesn’t discontinue BeeCloud’s reseller account. LiveDrive claims – and presumably does – encrypt data and use SSL connections when transferring data. BeeCloud uses all of LiveDrive’s software and LiveDrive’s web interface for upload/downloading files, thus as a BeeCloud user you get any and all security features of LiveDrive. Security? Check. So just based on the fact BeeCloud is a LiveDrive reseller, it appears this offer is worth a look. However, before you jump on this, just keep in mind you are dealing with a reseller of LiveDrive here, not LiveDrive themselves. (A reseller whom, I may add, isn’t the most polished. In their FAQs they referred to themselves as LiveDrive, presumably because they copied and pasted from LiveDrive’s FAQs and forgot to change the name; when signing up you are asked to pick a username, but if the username is taken already you are automatically assigned a generic username without you ever being given a chance to try a different one; and in the confirmation e-mail you are sent after registering an account, your password is shown in plain-text…) The difference may be subtle but it is significant: LiveDrive can at any time terminate BeeCloud in which case you lose everything. So think twice ten times before you go gaga over this offer.

If you have made up your mind to go with BeeCloud, then you should know the following:

  • You will be able to access your files via the web (there is a desktop and mobile version of LiveDrive’s website), on a PC/Mac (there is a desktop program for PC/Mac), and on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device (there are apps for that).
  • 30 revisions are kept of each file you upload onto BeeCloud, allowing you to go back to previous versions if you want.
  • Free accounts do not allow for sharing files. In other words, you can only download files from your account if you are logged in with your username and password — you cannot let others download your files, like how you can with files on Dropbox.
  • BeeCloud is for “personal use” only.

To get 512 GB of cloud storage for free from BeeCloud simply hit up the registration link below. Once you register you will get an e-mail from with subject of, Orderconfirmation and install instructions which will have information on how to access your BeeCloud/LiveDrive account. [Note: There is no specific time limit on how long 512 GB free accounts are available, but if history is any indication, BeeCloud may disable registration for free accounts after a certain amount of users register.]

BeeCloud Free Account Registration Page

Thanks WobblyWombat!

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  • Maars
  • Jon

    Dear customer,

    It is with regret that we need to inform you that we have ended our relationship with Livedrive.
    We are no longer a Livedrive reseller and cannot support you further with your backup account.

    What does this mean for you?

    Your account will continue to work until March 13th 2012, giving you the opportunity to restore files to your pc if needed.

    As of March 13th 2012 you will no longer be able to backup or restore data and all the files that are backed up will be removed online.

    You are advised to search for another backup solution if you still need one.


  • Jim

    I signed up on 1/25 (about three months after this article was written) and am pretty pleased so far. Upload speeds peak at about 200 KB/sec. Bigger files (hundreds of MB) settle in between 50-75KB/sec. It would be nice if it uploaded more than one file at a time because a lot of time is lost [processing just one at a time. But, with that said, my initial upload will be done fairly quickly and about as fast as Carbonite, Mozy and idrive.

    If beecloud folds do I lose my account?

  • Magnus

    I have already started using it.
    But it already feels like a scam with the “512 GB of storage”.
    The upload speed for my free account now seems to hoover around 40 KiloByte/sec.
    That means, to upload all the 512 GB, it would take about 150 days with the Pc uploading 24/7.
    During that time, several crashes could happen!

  • xCurt

    The upload speed to a free account is (of course) slow; about 200-350 KILObps. However, there are no speed limits for the paid accounts. Read ; it all seems okay. I don’t think you should be afraid of this one. Again; thanks for telling!

  • Sean Aw

    Hope to receive this wonderful tool for enhancing our working experience. Thank you.

  • Jeffinprov

    Kind of confusing. We are dubious. We will wait and see.

  • Jon

    I installed and uninstalled today – Bad Experience

    see many negative experiences below

  • Ashraf

    @J.: You are welcome!

    @TechLogon: Okay cynic. Jk. :-P

    On a serious note, I am with you on this. I tried to convey the message of “be careful with this one” without coming out and saying it directly. I know personally I wouldn’t touch BeeCloud with a ten foot pole.

    @Tommy: Yeah, you will. The IP restriction is only for creating accounts. Once you create them you can access them from anywhere and any IP.

    @Jim Van Damme: Don’t worry too much about the hike in price for HDDs. It will come down soon back to normal.

    @ns: Thanks for the feedback! I am sure people who are debating this service appreciate it.

    @Ruchir Bansal: There is. See

  • Ruchir Bansal

    There is no app for mobiles,only for Windows and Mac

  • ns

    fyi – Unfavorable LiveDrive comments from users at, and In my searches I did not find positive user comments for LiveDrive.

  • Jim Van Damme

    Very timely, considering the tripling of hard drive prices!

  • Tommy TuTone

    @TechLogon: +2 !

  • Mike

    @TechLogon: +1 !

  • Tommy

    So this is new to me. But I was wondering what you were saying about not sharing and IP addresses. I am constantly in more than one location and therefore my IP address changes constantly. If I create an account, will I have access even if I am using a different IP address as the one I am registered in?

  • Call me a cynic but sounds just like Backify (another Livedrive reseller offering 512GB for free) that appeared in a blaze of glory last month but are already defunct after Livedrive cancelled their reseller account – and you won’t get stored data back… Problem is that anyone can resell Livedrive for $60/month – just knock up a website and you’re off.

    The free 512GB account is so huge, why would anyone pay for ‘unlimited’? And therefore how would the company ever make a profit? I reckon Backify provide the answer to that one…

    If it was a trial it might make sense to quickly build a customer base but as a permanent free offer my nose is twitching. Google reveals next to nothing about the (new) company behind it too.

  • J.

    I’m ok with this site, I’ll use it as a secondary backup .I can upload to this &my regular
    backup.thanks .

  • Ashraf

    @xCurt: The part about sharing is a bit confusing. You see there are two types of BeeCloud/LiveDrive services: 1) Backup only 2) Backup and Briefcase. It is the latter that allows you to share files. The free account is backup only.

    The welcome page is describing the features you would get with Backup and Briefcase. As far as I know, anyway. I don’t have much experience with BeeCloud/LiveDrive so I could be wrong.

  • xCurt

    Quote from the welcoming page: >You can share publicly with everyone who visits this page, or you can share privately with people using their email address. We’ll send them a password and they can log in at the top right of this page to see the files you’ve shared.<

  • Ashraf

    @Toast: Technically, true. However, that is assuming a) No one has created an account using the same IP (shared IPs and dynamic IPs that are reused) b) No one else in your house wants an account.

    You could also get more than two accounts if you have access to more than one IP (e.g. your mobile Internet or dynamic IP) or by e-mailing BeeCloud.

  • Toast

    Actually, you can get 1024 GB of storage. See how it says that you can register 2 email addresses per IP??