New Samsung ad mocks iPhone fans, earns points for being funny

The battle between Samsung and Apple has been raging for months (years?), most recently in courts of law. It appears all legal lawyer talk has not dumbed down Samsung’s marketing humor; a new ad – shown in the video found above – mocks iPhone fans in a humorous manner.

The ad shows a bunch of people in different cities lined up to purchase the iPhone 4S. While they are lined up, the iFans discuss the 4S amongst themselves – obviously only discussing the negative aspects – and then get a glimpse of other people using the Samsung Galaxy S II. A comparison ensues in which we learn two things: The SGS2 has a large[r] screen and “4G” connectivity compared to the iPhone 4/4S.

In of itself the ad doesn’t provide much information in regards to SGS2 vs iPhone 4S, and there are some obvious marketing tricks employed. However, the manner in which Samsung filmed the ad earns them points for having a sense of humor. Even iPhone fans have to admit the comical nature of the people in the ad. Go ahead, feel free to laugh. We won’t tell.

[via iSource]

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