iSheep storm an Apple Store [Image]

Advance notice to all dotTechies who own Apple products, want to own Apple products, and/or like or love Apple: don’t be offended, this post is a joke (and I didn’t create the image, I just found it)!

What do you call a bunch of people who blindly follow Apple and buy Apple products? iSheep. However, that is a derogatory term not meant to be taken literally. Or is it? Check it out (be sure to watch it until the end — it is less than ten seconds long):



And, yes, the GIF is photoshopped. The original video of this herd was them storming a sports shop in Australia. That video was converted to an animated GIF and modified to appear as if it is an Apple store.

[via Reddit]


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  • Seamus McSeamus

    If this wasn’t a joke, I would be iOffended!

    (Disclaimer: I own an iPhone, iPad and iPod, but also own a Fire and primarily use Microsoft products in the PC world. So no iSheep here.)

  • Donna