Tip: HP Touchpads are coming back for $99/$149 this weekend, this time on eBay

Missed out the previous HP Touchpad fire sale? Here is your second chance. Starting December 11, 2011  at 6 PM (CST), HP is going to sell HP Touchpads for the now-familiar $99/$149 (16 GB/32 GB) price tag on eBay, with the option to buy a case, charging dock, and wireless keyboard in a $79 bundle. The key thing to note here is this time around they won’t be brand new Touchpads — they will be refurbished units*. $99/$149 for refurbished Touchpads isn’t as good of a deal as it is for brand new ones, but still a good deal nonetheless; especially seeing as Android is in the process of being ported to the tablet meaning you won’t be stuck with a “dead” (but still viable for everyday tasks such as e-mail, web surfing, etc.) operating system.

*According to HP, “refurbished products are clean, fully-functional models from customer returns (often unopened), cancelled orders, overstock and demo returns. This is not product that’s been in use over a long period of time or product returns from warranty service work.” Also, HP provides a ninety day warranty on refurbished units with a ten day return/exchange policy.

Unfortunately HP’s eBay store only ships to United States (fifty states and D.C.) so you non-Yanks will have to chalk this one up to bad (good?) luck. Furthermore, there is no information on how many Touchpads will be available and everyone will be limited to two Touchpads each.

Hit up HP’s eBay store this weekend to make up for past wrongs.

HP eBay Store

[via Engadget]

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  • Ashraf

    @Tortuga: Hehe, thanks for the offer but the thing is I didn’t really want one until I realized Android was being ported to it :-P A quality dual-core tablet for $99 with Android? Yes please!

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :)

    You are really silly!!
    Why ohhh WHY didn’t you say you wanted one?? I could have gotten one for you!!
    I thought you were more of an Android aficionado, didn’t even think you were at all interested :( Cause it’s not considered as «cool» as ‘droid stuff is ;)

    But yeah, I must say! It is a damn FINE machine!


  • Tortuga

    Sorry Albert! I have not been around for a couple of days … :(
    By now I suppose you have found lotzzz of places that have talked / analyzed / conjectured / speculated /… the meaning of ea word she said (she: the CEO! Just hopping she does a better job than that Apotheker fellow!! Almost ran the cie into the ground!)

    But actually I first saw the news on my HP TP – There is an app for that [of course there is! ;) ] of all things webOS. Anything & everything to do webOS is aggregated in there: Articles/Podcasts/Videos/News/… So one doesn’t need to go all around the tubes looking, it’s delivered! ;)

    Hope I’ll be a better help next time!

  • Ashraf

    @woundedfish: :-(

    @BeachSandGuy: Same here. I thought I had it once I hit that page but noooooo…

    It isn’t surprisning to be honest. From the looks of it, HP had about 10,000 tablets (2.5k 16 GB, 7.5k 32 GB). I bet over 100,000 people were trying to purchase these 10,000 tablets at once. Oddly enough, it was only the specific HP auctions that were going slow. Rest of eBay was blazing.

  • BeachSandGuy

    I had got to checkout too, after having to put a phone number on my shipping address too, which timed out many times. But once at paypal, came back error too. I’ve been reading comments all over the web, ebay servers crashed several times from what I read, and a LOT of complaints about how it went. Reminds me a lot of the Bag of Crap during Wootoffs.

  • woundedfish

    almost got to checkout…. server was sooooo hung up… missed it… :(

  • Ashraf

    @jwkoda: Same :-( I almost made it, got to checkout too…

  • jwkoda

    These were gone very fast. I tried to get one but had no luck.

  • Ashraf

    @Ibulay: Sale isn’t live yet. 6 PM CST it will be. That is in 6 minutes.

  • Ibulay

    Why does it display a price tag of $499 ? I hope we won’t get charge $499 then HP will send you refund of $400

  • Ashraf

    @woundedfish: Sale hasn’t started yet…

  • Ashraf
  • woundedfish

    I see them on the HP ebay store but they are 499/599!!!! What gives??

  • albert

    could share the link where u saw the open source news??? Thx for the sharing…

  • albert

    ok thx

  • Ashraf

    @Seamus McSeamus: Yeah, not bad for a backup considering its so cheap.

    @Tortuga: Thanks for the feedback. :-)

    @Tortuga: Yeah, I read about that, too. However, 750k Touchpads won’t be enough to keep webOS alive — it will need more devices.

    @albert: I would if I had it. The auction isn’t up on eBay yet so I don’t have the direct link. Once I get it will post it here.

  • albert

    Can u guys kindly share the link straight to buy the hp touchpad for $99/$149???

  • Tortuga

    Breaking News:
    Well, only a couple of hours ago, HP CEO announced webOS will become open source!!!

    Wow!!! and Ohhhh WOW!!!

    Details are still coming in, I’ve been reading & trying to absorb the meaning of all this for the past hour
    From all the fast & furious speculation going on for the past 2½ months, me thinks that was the one solution nobody saw coming!
    We were all fearing it’s death, and now a whole new perspective arises
    Apparently, 750.000+ HP TP’s were sold till now. So, maybe there are enough around to keep it alive & interesting.


  • Tortuga

    I got 2 of them HP TP 32G from HP store Canada on that first “fire sale” back in September.
    We are quite pleased w them, the price was right!, they do what they are supposed todo, they are easy to work with & they are fun!

    We have had a Palm TX like forever, and WebOS has always been reliable
    Since that is such a damn old PDA, still trying to figure h2 move that data to the HP TP
    Darn!!, did NOT think it wd be so challenging to do so!
    If anybody has a hint … would be appreciated!!


  • Seamus McSeamus

    I have a first gen iPad that takes care of all my tablet needs, but for $99 it’s tempting to grab a Touchpad just to have as an extra.

  • Ashraf

    @prema: I doubt you would be able to resell a refurbished Touchpad for $250ish. In fact I bet, thanks to these fire sales, Touchpads don’t go high enough on eBay to make up for eBay/PayPal fees and still make a profit.

  • prema

    hmm im thinking about buying it and then selling it right back on ebay, but i dont know how good the sell would be, like if people would even buy it at about $250ish…

    i kinda want an iPad or maybe an Acer Transformer Prime [those new ones are hawt ;)… but idk

  • Ashraf

    @PCbasics: How so? Because HP is selling refurbished units on eBay? I don’t think so. Having returns is just a normal process of doing business. It all depends on how many were returned.

  • PCbasics

    Many people have regrets after buying the HP touchpad…….