Tip: HP Touchpads are coming back for $99/$149 this weekend, this time on eBay

Missed out the previous HP Touchpad fire sale? Here is your second chance. Starting December 11, 2011  at 6 PM (CST), HP is going to sell HP Touchpads for the now-familiar $99/$149 (16 GB/32 GB) price tag on eBay, with the option to buy a case, charging dock, and wireless keyboard in a $79 bundle. The key thing to note here is this time around they won’t be brand new Touchpads — they will be refurbished units*. $99/$149 for refurbished Touchpads isn’t as good of a deal as it is for brand new ones, but still a good deal nonetheless; especially seeing as Android is in the process of being ported to the tablet meaning you won’t be stuck with a “dead” (but still viable for everyday tasks such as e-mail, web surfing, etc.) operating system.

*According to HP, “refurbished products are clean, fully-functional models from customer returns (often unopened), cancelled orders, overstock and demo returns. This is not product that’s been in use over a long period of time or product returns from warranty service work.” Also, HP provides a ninety day warranty on refurbished units with a ten day return/exchange policy.

Unfortunately HP’s eBay store only ships to United States (fifty states and D.C.) so you non-Yanks will have to chalk this one up to bad (good?) luck. Furthermore, there is no information on how many Touchpads will be available and everyone will be limited to two Touchpads each.

Hit up HP’s eBay store this weekend to make up for past wrongs.

HP eBay Store

[via Engadget]

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