*Updated* Free iolo System Mechanic! [24-hours only]

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Software Description

The following is a description of iolo System Mechanic, as per the developer:

Has your PC slowed down?

Tired of bothering friends and family for help, or worse…hauling your PC to the local repair shop?

Get the most comprehensive diagnosis available, and enjoy that new PC feeling again!

You don’t have to be an expert – it’s easy to let System Mechanic automatically run a full battery of over 200 critical tests in just a few minutes using over 50 tools to uncover why your PC is running so slowly. Here’s a quick look at the dashboard:

  • Easy to understand system overview
  • Quick or Deep analysis options
  • Comprehensive status gauge
  • Clear explanation of each problem
  • Straightforward actions to fix all problems or only those you want

Automatically eliminate each and every root problem affecting your PC’s speed and stability

To achieve maximum PC performance, a solution with a comprehensive set of tools to address each of the 9 root causes of PC slowdowns is required. System Mechanic is the only product available that resolves each and every one.

Fixes Registry errors

Safely cleans & repairs the Registry to fix problems and free up memory.

Speeds up Windows Start Time

Unclogs speed-robbing bottlenecks for up to 800% better startup speed.

Restores Stability & Performance

Diagnoses and fixes hundreds of problems for like-new reliability.

Improves your gaming experience

Play the latest high-performance games at maximum speeds.

System Mechanic is able to provide the most complete approach to PC care because it integrates 50+ diagnostic, repair, and optimization features into one easy-to-use interface. Plus it leverages unique intelligence provided by iolo Labs’ continuously updated Tune-up Definitions™ to custom tailor its diagnosis and repair to your specific system configuration.

Speed up your PC… and more!

More than 50 features sounds like a lot – and it is! – but System Mechanic is designed so that you can quickly get to the repairs and optimizations you need, skip those you don’t, and explore as much or as little about your PC as you’d like. For example, use System Mechanic to find and remove junk and clutter, which is one of the most insidious factors in Windows performance degradation and a threat to your privacy.

System Mechanic provides complete ease and flexibility to help you speed up your PC no matter what your experience level.

What System Mechanic does to clean up Windows

  • Cleans over 50 different types of junk files
  • Removes invalid installers and programs
  • Wipes internet history, clutter and cache
  • Regains thousands of megabytes of hard disk space

Perform a complete cleanup in just three minutes.

What System Mechanic does to fix your PC

  • Updates critical device drivers
  • Repairs and compacts registry
  • Eliminates memory leaks
  • Fixes random crashes and restarts
  • Revives unstartable systems
  • Repairs and prevents corrupted drives
  • Fixes security vulnerabilities
  • Repairs broken internet connections
  • Scans for and replaces out-of-date drivers
  • Automatically maintains PC health with patented ActiveCare® technology

Automatically fixes hundreds of perplexing errors in just one step.

What System Mechanic does to ensure your privacy

Choose what traces of activity to permanently remove

  • Employs multi-pass military-grade wiping to ensure complete removal of all deleted data
  • Defeats forensics recovery techniques
  • Permanently and completely removes internet history and cache
  • Integrates Incinerator® technology with Windows Recycle Bin for high security
  • Cleans up after all major web browsers, online chat, and web toolbars

dotTech Advice

Advice on this freebie isn’t hard. iolo System Mechanic is one of the most highly acclaimed system tune-up utilities out there. Sure no after-market tune-up utility is perfect; so it wouldn’t be fair for me to say System Mechanic will improve *all* computers. However, generally speaking, System Mechanic works very well.

That said, system tune-up utilities may sound like the type of program everyone needs, but that really isn’t the case. People with faster, more modern machines will feel little to no speed/performance increase after running a tune-up utility simply because their machines are powerful enough to handle baggage without any hiccups. In fact I recommend people with new machines to not use tune-up utilities (until you feel your computer is “slowing down” after long time use) simply because the risk of malfunction – and no mater how good, every third-party tune-up utility has some chance of causing problems – is not worth the reward of little to no benefit. On the other hand, people with older machines – ones in use for more than a year or so – can typically benefit from allowing tune-up utilities to clean out the junk they have accumulated in their computers.

In the end, it really just depends on you, your computer, and your computing habits if you need a tune-up utility. All I can say is iolo System Mechanic is one of the better ones — highly recommended.

Freebie Details

iolo System Mechanic is being given away in a promotion by Softpedia. The promotion is live for 24-hours only but the exact start/end times are not specified; my guess is the promotion ends December 12, 2011 14:00 GMT. Also, Softpedia does not mention this, but the freebie is for System Mechanic “1 year of service”. I am not sure if this means you can use System Mechanic for one year (in which case you would no longer be able to use it after the year has expired) or if you will get free updates for one year (in which case you could still continue to use System Mechanic after the year has expired but without updates). Furthermore, it looks like this promotion is being processed like a purchase (although you aren’t paying anything nor do you have to enter any payment details such as a credit card) so you should be able to install/reinstall whenever you want within the one year time-frame; each license is a 1-PC license so if you want it for more than one PCs you need to get multiple licenses.

To get iolo System Mechanic for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v10.5.4

Free updates and technical support: Yes, for one year

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: About 18 MB

  • When you click the Start Download button, you will be taken to iolo’s shopping cart and asked to checkout. This freebie is processed just like a purchase so you need to enter your “shipping address”; however, since this is a freebie, you won’t be entering your billing details nor will you actually be shipped anything:

Hit Continue after you have filled out the form.

  • After you hit Continue you will be asked for confirm the details:

Hit the Finish order button.

  • After you hit the Finish order button you will be given a download link and your registration key:

Update: iolo has changed how they process this freebie since I originally wrote this article earlier today. When I wrote this article, after you clicked the Finish order button iolo provided you with the download link and license key onscreen, as shown in this step. Now iolo is e-mailing users the download link and license key. So be patient and look for that e-mail. Once you get the e-mail, skip to the next step.

Copy the license key because you will need it very soon. Click on the Download button, which will take you to another page; at the next page you need to click on the System Mechanic link to begin the download:

  • The download itself is only 416 KB because you aren’t downloading System Mechanic but rather iolo’s download manager. However, don’t worry — once the download manager finishes downloading, all you have to do is run it and System Mechanic is automatically start to download (you don’t have to install iolo’s download manager):

System Mechanic itself is 17.52 MB.

  • Once System Mechanic finishes downloading, you will be asked if you want to store the installation file locally:

It is your choice if you want to save the installation file on your computer or not. If you are on a slow or bandwidth capped Internet connection, it is probably a good idea to save the installation file for easy re-install at a later date. If you are not, you can probably save yourself some space by not storing it.

In any case, whichever you decide, after you click Yes and pick a location to save the file or after you click No, the installation of System Mechanic will automatically start.

  • Follow onscreen instructions to install System Mechanic. It installs just any other program except for one thing — you must enter your license key during installation. When you get to the window prompting you to select installation mode, select the I have a System Mechanic Activation Key and can enter it now option and click Next >:

  • Now paste in the registration key you copied earlier (if you don’t have it in your clipboard any longer check your e-mail inbox for it), enter the e-mail address you registered with iolo, and click OK:

  • If everything goes well, the installation will continue as normal (no success message will be shown):

Continue to follow onscreen instructions and finish installing iolo System Mechanic.

  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting iolo System Mechanic for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • patricia pigg
  • patricia pigg

    I continue to get this message”in order to finish system mechanic installations the system must be restarted’ I restart but it does not work I need system mechanic to update to take care of errors but it does not do it.help.

  • John Attiani

    I purchased Advanced Systemcare Pro 5 but before I could down load it from my emails it disappeared. What do I do??

  • ngaryo solo

    s.o.s. ineedhelp. ijustlostmybigtarget.ilovethisprogram.butnow…ilostmyupdate -_-‘

  • robertmc8

    Another giveaway :) > http://www.softwarecrew.com/2011/12/get-iobit-advanced-systemcare-pro-4-worth-19-95-for-free/ also Major geeks giving away threw facebook app win keys too. I just got my key :)

  • Patara

    I also received mine during the night. Because I applied twice I got two replies with 2 reg codes so will test on Laptop and Desktop. Thanks again Ashraf.

  • Bruce Fraser

    I downloaded and installed System Mechanic, and let it run the default procedures to clean up and optimize my system. Then I shut it off for the night. Next morning, the network connection was inoperable, and after all my troubleshooting efforts, irreparable. Of course, I had an image of my system, so nothing was lost. But I’m not impressed.

  • M.T.

    @Ashraf: sorry for the late response , but they gave 12 months only which is much appreciated.

  • Joseph Potter

    Yeah Finally Got The Key and Download…. but folks be careful when cleaning registry do not due blindly SM was going to delete entries that are Valid and this has been a issue with SM for years…but for free i can’t really complain as long as I watch what the software wants to do…. Thank You Folks

  • yoav

    I finally got the 2nd email with the link & serial no. thanks
    now I`m going to download System Mechanic.

  • muhammad

    finally i received the link and the serial

  • robertmc8

    I forget mention there tech support very good. If you run any issues with the program.

  • robertmc8

    Ya Program very good to used. They fix the issue I had in version 10.5.4 sometime on AMD system I get script error on the program when I try repair so far no issue in 10.7.5 If anyone wants buy it there coupon code that good for coupon code “TEN5” put in coupon section then apply you get for 14.95 a year I recommended get least two years then renewal it. I highly recommend you guys check error on your hard drive the through way it take couple hours then you have reboot then it scan again. It does very good job fixing error on the drive :). Always backup your reg before runing the fix :)

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone having issues: Please be patient. I just checked my e-mail and I have received the activation code. It must have arrived sometime in the morning. I registered last night to test out if this promotion was still working after so many people said they weren’t getting anything.

    @jivadas: I don’t think it Avangate’s fault. They are just a payment processing company. I am pretty sure how quickly the product is delivered is in the hands of iolo.

    Happy holidays :-)

    @Patara: You are welcome!

    @alzie: You are welcome! Happy new year!

    @Patara: No problem.

    @Hilary: Yeah, technical support for many companies isn’t very useful. Sorry to hear about the bad experience with System Mechanic. Did you have a backup?

    @hatman: You are welcome!

    @chuck(detailer): For what it is worth, I’m not using gadgets on my Win7 either but it still installed without a problem.

    @jomla: You are welcome!

    @Jimmy: You are welcome!

    @Nickk: It doesn’t sound like your comp needs a tune-up utility. I’d stay clear.

    I haven’t compared the two softs but, personally speaking, I’m more partial to Tune-Up Utility than System Mechanic.

    @yoav: Did you get it yet?

    @Bob Mason: Thank you! And holiday wishes right back at ‘ya.

    @graham barnaby: Patience. :-P

    @Joseph Potter: I didn’t organize this giveaway (Softpedia did) so I can’t do anything except tell you to wait. Sorry. :-(

    @tomac: You are welcome! Hopefully your activation code will come soon.

    @muhammad: It’s cool. Have you still not got it?

    @tony: Still nothing?

    @Craig: Ditto. I finally got one too.

    @robertmc8: Hehe, taking advantage of the $15/year huh? Since you have been using this program for a while can you provide us with feedback regarding your experience?

    @John G: Yeah, this promo is expired now. No new entries.

  • John G

    went to softpedia and clicked the start download button. I got the installer but was not taken to iolo to fill out their form as per your instructions. I’m guessing I missed the time window. Perhaps another time I suppose.

  • robertmc8

    Hey Ashraf Glad you spot this program. I being using this program since version 6. I always auto renewal for year for 15 bucks :)

  • FYI, I just received activation code and it took just over 13 hours. So you really have to be patient on this one.

  • tony

    same here
    I haven’t got the 2nd email.
    I’ve been waiting for 12 hours.
    Doesn’t look good!

  • muhammad

    sorry Ashraf for my late reply. I didn’t get a page with the Reg code or download link. it says thanks for order, confirmation email will be sent , and after order has been approved a further email will be sent with reg code and download link. I’ve received the order confirmation payment receipt of $0 but not the 2nd email i completed 13 hr.

  • @Ashraf:

    I have the same problem, just got an email to confirm the purchase and I am starting to have my doubts about this company because I have been in contact with them before after a give away and there was no help at all to get, but this seems like a good program to try and want to, but nonetheless if it proves to be a problem, then its best to let go, but I will say to Ashraf and all other people that put up freebies, thanks, all are greatly appreciated. All the best to all !

  • Joseph Potter

    Not able to get… Iolo is blaming advent…. advent is blaming Iolo Can you Help????

  • graham barnaby

    I followed the instructions filled in the form and recieved an e-mail stating purchase succesful. but i have still not recieved an e-mail with a downlod link someone help

  • Bob Mason

    Thanks for this great program, and for the great advice, support and programs over the past year. Although I am a christian due to birth circumstances, I don’t participate in the annual consumption orgy, which is to my mind as un-christian a way to celebrate Christ’s birth as one can get! But I do wish everyone, and especially the people who keep this site up and running, a happy holiday season and best wishes!

    As the neighborhood mid-level tech person, I share the ideas and programs from this site to help keep our neighborhood up and running. We have a super-guru who handles the major stuff that stumps me. Sharing the best of the online community is what this site is all about!

  • yoav

    I haven`t got the 2nd email.
    I`m steel waiting for 5 hours.
    I hpoe it will come sometimes.

  • Nickk

    Have been thinking about getting an all-in-one maintenence program, but also sounds like a very risky program to install and very bloated. Not sure its needed. My PC is 1.5 years old (Core i5 750) and it runs well. Have a few seperate utilities installed (ie, CCleaner, MyDefrag, Your-Unistaller, etc) which work fine.

    Ashraf – How do you compare this to TU2011/2012 ?? They also occassionally have giveaways as well and I would not be surprised if they react to this iolo giveaway and therefore provide one themselves.

    What do you think of the following user reviews ?? Sounds scary:

    fileforum DOT betanews DOT com/review/957499743/1/view

    Many thanks for the review and making us aware of the giveaway.

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Ashraf for the share, I was waiting for this one

  • jomla

    thanks for this great program my 3 years old comp got wings
    keep going on best regards from Croatia

  • chuck(detailer)

    Update-have installed on 3 pc’s with one DL and one .exe file (shared on my LAN)-so one license working for all.In regard to the “gadget”,color me stupid on the XP thing,and I suspect since I’m not running desktop gadgets on my Win7 rigs,that would explain the problem with installing it.I do note some changes to the program from a couple years ago when I ran it-network monitoring-not to keen on that Googleish feature-and any software that requires it’s own downloader??….for 17MB??….to what end?? I’ve got some more trolling to do to find what else is “bundled” in this package.I’m not trying to alarm anyone,but I believe these to be serious considerations.About it “getting it’s hooks in”-try a file search for Iolo-I even found a .dll in WMP-haven’t tried a search for SM yet-this one will be to hardest yet to remove if the need arises-a “beyond Revo” type of uninstall I’m guessing.There,don’t we all feel better now? Just call me Buzzkill-Cheers!

  • hatman

    Thanks Ashraf; I usually avoid mechanic programs but am cautiously trying this one. I set up restore points in case something messes up. Backing up registry is also important. They want $15 for a second year. I’m not going for it but it may be a good deal.

  • Hilary

    I bought this program recently and have stopped using it. It deleted some registry information that stopped my Bluetooth from running properly and the ‘help’ comments I got were completely useless unless you were an IT professional, which I am not.

  • Patara

    I tried the process again using a different browser and clicking on a different Finish Order Button in case that made a difference but got the exact same result. I’ll wait and see what happens.

    Okay, I just went back and read the info above and see the reg and link is now being sent by email, so I’ll be patient. Thanks for updating.

  • alzie

    thanks for this and your articles and reviews and a happy and healthy new year

  • Patara

    Thanks Ashraf for the info. I didn’t get a page with the Reg code or download link. Mine says thanks for order, confirmation email will be sent , and after order has been approved a further email will be sent with reg code and download link. I’ve received the order confirmation payment receipt of $0 but not the 2nd email and nothing to click on the webpage order. I guess if I don’t receive anything in a few hours I’ll need to contact support.

  • jivadas

    Doesn’t this folderol make you wonder. To get the download you need to tie to Avangate, even though Avangate can’t supply the download. Why is this, Dr Watson?
    Would you trust a firm that has such a fucked-up delivery system to fix your alarm clock, let-alone your Operating System?
    And note the comment above about PIA uninstalling. I’ve had painful assperiences dumping similar stuff, and only found a rescue through these pages.


    Merry Christmas to all good Christians, and Happy Birthday to the rest of us.

  • Ashraf

    @muhammad: You haven’t got the e-mail either?

    @dadante: I think you just have to register within the 24-hours. Once you are as far as you are – i.e. you are told your order has been approved – you can install the program past this 24-hour window. So you should be able to go to work then come back and still install this.

  • dadante

    downloaded like it said and got email product paid for. wait for next email with download info. that was 3 hrs ago and the site says” Your payment was approved. The ordered products/services will be delivered to you” . so I have to leave for work and wont be back for 12 hrs…. no access to pc while working and dont want to miss it . any ideas?

  • muhammad

    same case as WobblyWombat

  • Ashraf

    @jivadas: How long as it been?

    @M.T.: Did they do 5 + 12 months or did the 12 months override the 5 months?

    @Greg: They must have changed how they process the freebie. Sorry, nothing I can do about that. Just wait for the e-mail, hoping for the best.

  • Greg

    Download link sent me to Avangate Payment System, where “purchase” info was collected. No charge, but an order receipt was sent that said I will get download link and key sent separately after my order was “approved”. Not like in the article where I would get the key and download from Iolo. Still waiting.

  • M.T.

    @ Ashraf..I have an earlier giveaway of this program which HAD 5 months left, the program has automatically updated and gave me 12 months free.

  • jivadas

    @chuck (detailer):

    Thanks for the warning. (I thought PIA was Latin for Holy!) Fortunately I read it before download. In fact, I still haven;t received the email with the download key.


  • Ashraf

    @chuck (detailer): Interesting. Thanks for sharing with us!

    @chuck (detailer): The reason the gadget is not available on XP is ’cause XP doesn’t support desktop gadgets.

    I don’t remember a specific separate installation for the gadget (I may have overlooked it) but the gadget works just fine on my Win7 comp.

    @Thaijay: The capping bandwidth explanation makes sense; I never thought about it that way before, but I agree. And thanks for the feedback!

    @WobblyWombat: Hmm… maybe. Or maybe the process is different for Aussies?

  • WobblyWombat

    Hmm.. things seem to have changed on the site – instead of getting the download link and code, it just says they will be mailed to you.

    “Thank you for your order! (Order no. 11xxxx4)
    Your purchased products

    1 x System Mechanic – 1 year service
    Total price: 0.00 AUD

    We have just sent you an order confirmation email at xxxx@wobblywombat.com
    Please check your mailbox (spam/junk folder included).
    As soon as your order is approved, you will receive by email the license code/download link for the software you have ordered.”

    I do hope they approve of my order! ;-)

    So far in my inbox I have a “Receipt for payment” but no link or code.

  • Thaijay

    Thanks Ashraf, for another interesting offer find!

    @Samuel Lightfoot: check that your email address and activation key are the same as you registered. They do check in their database when you activate. No match = invalid key.

    @Ashraf: @Rick C.: I think it is in case you lose your download.
    Yep, if you did not save the file, you have three more times you can download the prog. Many bought software and kept downloading copies and expected to have access whenever needed/forever. That was an early business model. Many businesses changed that after they found they could prevent users burning bandwidth for repeated downloads. Many capped downloads and others capped and offered users “insurance” for having soft available for a set period of time – usually 1 year.

    Although an early user of System Mechanic, I stopped buying/upgrading when it got too complicated for newer users and they “fixed” things without giving me details. Seems they are still doing this, e.g., clean out junk files – analysis say XXmb junk files, but no indication of which files they have identified, of even any break down by where the files are and when backing up the registry, no indication of where the backup is stored.

    Do take Ashraf’s advice to heart- this is a good program, but not likely to be too useful on new machine (unless a lot of “trial/free offers” are on it), and keep back-ups up-to-date when using.

    Remember that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, however clicking on clean all/fix all may even have more problematic results. Murphy’s Law (some adjunct) applies – if something does go wrong, it will be with whatever bit you did not backup (data or registry or …) All backed-up and less likely to have something go wrong.

    Happy computing.

  • chuck (detailer)

    So,put this on an old XP rig with no issue.Began the install on a Win7 machine,and saw an option in the set-up for System Health Gadget,which was not present in the installation file for the XP machine. Additionally,this “gadget” simply wouldn’t install.I let it run for over 15 minutes and backed out,re-ran the installation with that option unchecked,and everything went smoothly.Anyone else care to comment on the “gadget” or lack of that option?

  • chuck (detailer)

    @Louis: Louis-I’ve used both and give the nod to Auslogics here.Iolo gets it’s hooks set too deep in your system,and is a major PIA to uninstall-non the less,effective software Cheers

  • Ashraf

    @Rob (Down Under): A lot of these “review” websites have nothing but fake or worthless reviews. They exist for the sole purpose of earning advertising revenue from the traffic Google delivers them.

    @samuel lightfoot: Please make sure you are entering it in properly. If it still doesn’t work, contact iolo.

    @oliviab: You are welcome! And thanks :-)

    @Louis: Without doing any explicit comparisons, I would say System Mechanic > Auslogics Boost Speed. I’m sure you can have them both installed at the same time, but I cannot guarantee they won’t undo each others changes and cause other conflicts when you run them. I’d suggest only using one.

    You are welcome :-)

  • Louis


    This sounds like a good solid recommendation.

    I also have Auslogics Boost Speed on my system (a gaotd freebie from some time ago) — would this software interferes with Auslogics Boostspeed settings ? Both seems to claim to do the same — anyone can advise me which of these two would be preferable ?

    Win 7 Home 64 bit

    Thank you Ashraf !

    Best regards


  • oliviab

    Many thanks Ashraf. Always appreciate the way you help us all. You’re the best!

  • samuel lightfoot

    Activation key invalid.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @Ashraf: I must confess that after closer reading, I am now (slightly) teetering on that web site.
    However, did some more Googling, and their top two, match other web sites top two rankings.

    www DOT pctechguide DOT com/registry-cleaner-reviews
    is interesting in regard to one of those ‘Like’ pop ups, which was a PIA
    I have a FF extension called Hacktheweb that managed to remove it.

  • Ashraf

    @Alan Tokarski: You are welcome!

    @Rob (Down Under): That website sounds fishy…

    @Rick C.: I think it is in case you lose your download.

    @Mark: You are welcome!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the heads-up! Installation went without a hitch.

  • Rick C.

    File to download:
    You have 3 downloads remaining.
    Link expires on: December 26, 2011.

    Hey Ashraf, any idea what the other 2 downloads are about??

  • Rob (Down Under)

    For those that are teetering here is a web page reviewing 10 similar products

    registrycleaners10 DOT com/pc-health-advisor/

    to get the above back to being a paste’able URL just replace
    DOT (and the space each side of it)
    with a .

  • Alan Tokarski

    Thanks love your articles, and this one is a goodie!

  • Ashraf

    @Jeffery Marizo: You are welcome!

    @charles s.: You are welcome!

    @Philippe: You are welcome!

    I did give my advice on this. I said it is one of the best, recommended for people who don’t have newer comps.

    @Ruchir: Thanks :-) I didn’t write the description though — developer did. I just copy and pasted.

    @Philippe: Glad you got it to work.

    @hhdese: You are welcome! And thanks for the feedback. I had no such issue but hey, you never know someone else might.

    @Clayry: Thanks :-)

    @Sue Ragan: You are welcome! Happy holidays indeed!

  • Sue Ragan

    Thanks so much. System Mechanic is one of my top 2 system cleaning utilities. What a wonderful Christmas gift. Happy holidays!

  • Clayry

    Super ! bravo !
    you’re the best Ashraf !
    Regards from France

  • hhdese

    The ok button on the last but one screen didn’t show, until I moved the cursor across that spot. W7 32b. Installed fine after that. Thanks for the opportunity !

  • Philippe

    I just went on the softpedia site. I clicked on the download button, but this software came: PC Performer. Is it the same ?


    the info for System Mecanic is on the middle of the page. After it works like described.

  • Ruchir

    You are always the fastest,best and beyond doubt.Also we love for the comprehensive description for us so that a 4 yr old can understand whereas other bigwigs don’t even bother to check validity and language of installer.Hats off to you.

  • Philippe

    Thanks for the info. I miss the little stamp: rejected, recommended or so-so. I know it’s subjective, but make it easier to decide to have a try or even to bother to read the full article. For example they are so many free “fix all” programs that it is difficult to know which one is OK or not.

  • charles s.

    Love this program when I had it before. Upgraded my system and lost it, so thanks.

  • Jeffery Marizo

    Thanks for the heads-up about System Mechanic free download. I can defiantly use this! Thanks again!

  • Ashraf

    @Bosco: You are very welcome! For what it is worth, I don’t celebrate Christmas (not Christian) but nonetheless, holiday cheer. :-) And thanks for the comment. Best way to show your appreciation is post a quick comment and share articles with friends and family!

  • Bosco

    As always (even though I don’t always think to thank you) thank you very much for another very useful program. For the past few days it has been like Christmas came early, hope it continues. This site is the greatest!! :-)