[Annoucement] dotTech may have some downtime in the next 24-hours

Just a quick announcement.

I am making some back-end changes to dotTech (a post will be made later on exactly what has happened after I have made the changes). I am doing my best to ensure little to no downtime but in the next 24-hours some of you may experience a dotTech that appears to be down. Do not worry – dotTech is not down and out; the changes just take some time to propagate throughout the world.

Please note I will continue to update dotTech during this 24-hour time period, so don’t take the day off. :-)

Update: The changes have been made. Hopefully no one experienced any down time but still be on alert for the next 24-hours.

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  • mizdoc

    Thanks for the tipoff Ashraf.
    Nice to see some “sites” have courtesy to let us know, so we don’t think you’ve disappeared (God forbid!)
    Not really surprised, you have a great site, which I regularly read.
    Thanks again.

  • Torymon

    I didn’t feel thing! Good job!!

  • Bruce

    Thanks Ashraf! This is how it should be done!

  • jayesstee

    @ Ashraf: Be sure to come back. We all need dotTech and yourself!

  • Matt Moser

    That was quick and it didn’t even hurt!