Download links of Windows USB (adb and fastboot) drivers for all Android phones and tablets [Tip]

android-adbFinding the proper drivers for your Android device can sometimes be a pain. Be in pain no longer. The following is a list of download links for USB (adb and fastboot) drivers for Windows (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, 32-bit and 64-bit) for each major Android manufacturer. The drivers are for Android phones and Android tablets.

Disclaimer: The list below are of drivers hosted on unofficial mirrors. It is better if you can download the drivers directly from your manufacturer’s website or an official source. However, if you are unable to find drivers from an official source the list below will help you. Download at your own risk. Ashraf and dotTech are not responsible for any gain or loss occurred as a result of downloading any of the drivers listed below.

Drivers for…

Universal Drivers for All Android phones and tablets

The following is a file that installs the ADB and Fastboot drivers that work with pretty much all Android smartphones and tablets. It is recommended to try this universal drivers installer if you need drivers. If the universal driver does not work, then proceed to the other download links below.

Google Drivers

HTC Drivers

  • Most HTC phones and tablets
  • If the above HTC drivers don’t work, then
    • Go to HTC’s website.
    • Search for your phone.
    • At the bottom bottom of the phone page, click on the Support link from under Product Support.
    • At the support page click the Downloads tab.
    • Download HTC Sync.
    • Install HTC Sync — you have the option to install the whole HTC sync app or just the drivers.

LG Drivers

  • Most LG phones and tablets
  • If the above LG drivers don’t work, then
    • Go to LG’s website.
    • Search for your phone or tablet.
    • At your phone’s page click on the Resources tab at the top.
    • Download the USB driver file found on the Resources page.

Motorola Drivers

Samsung Drivers

  • Most Samsung phones and tablets
  • If the above Samsung drivers don’t work, then
    • Go to Samsung Mobile’s website.
    • Search for your phone or tablet.
    • At your phone’s page click on Support at the top right.
    • At the Support page click on Get Downloads.
    • At the Download Center click on Software and download the USB drivers from the list.

ASUS Drivers

  • Most ASUS phones and tablets
  • If the above doesn’t work, install the ASUS Windows Suite which should bring drivers with it.
  • If both the above don’t work, then
    • Go to ASUS Support’s website.
    • Search for your phone or tablet.
    • When you find your phone or tablet, click on it.
    • At the device page, click “Android” from “OS” in the “Download” tab.
    • Now you should see a bunch of links at the bottom. Click on “USB” and download the drivers for your device.

Sony Drivers

ZTE Drivers

Dell Drivers

  • Visit Dell’s support website
  • Select “Tablet” or “Mobile Phone”
  • Select your device
  • Scroll to the download part of the page that loads
  • Download and install the proper driver

Huawei Drivers

Amazon Drivers

  • All Amazon tablets (Kindle Fire, 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD)
  • If the above doesn’t work, visit this page to follow Amazon’s instructions on how to get the drivers installed.

Originally written on Jan 2, 2012. Updated Sept 3, 2012 to include ASUS and Sony drivers, and drivers for tablets. Updated Nov 16, 2012 to include Dell and Huawei drivers. Updated Nov 20, 2012 to include Amazon drivers. Updated Feb 3, 2014 to include universal driver. Updated August 31, 2015 to include Wiko and Xiaomi drivers.

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  • ZemButt

    No doubt lg is one of the best sets i have ever used people find it difficult in choosing which smart phone they should use that is why here is the complete comparison LGV20 vs LGV10

  • Peter Neuhaus

    All the links in the “ASUS Drivers” section of
    are broken.

  • H. McDaniel

    Using Firefox/IE and the link to Amazon drivers is 404

  • hanzo

    the link to nexus 7 usb driver is dead

  • johnny

    i am after spending 9 hours on my htc downloading everything from sdk to phone flashers after formatting it and left with no os,
    i could not get fastboot to locate my rom nor would the phone detect.
    thanks a lot man i can enjoy my coffee now in peace.

  • vinoth

    When I rooting my samsung galaxy GT-s5282 at the time of cydia impactor starting (testing) it says signature bugs unavailable how to solve this

  • Raul Conte


    I changed the Vodafone boot logo in my Huawei Ascend g300 yesterday and after that I am not able to continue with the OS becasue the screen “HUAWEI” in the startup show this logo and reboot every time. The change that I made was in the path ./System in the root device. I don´t have way to see the root path again to fix it, any idea? thanks!!!

  • addy Godwin

    I would lyk u to help me out….im using windows 8….in debugging mode ma phone is detected by adb an commands work perfecly but in fastboot mode,the pc detects my Lg c800 as android n is unrecognized so fastboot commands dnt work.And if u hav CWM imageimage for the LG C800 I would please ask u to send it to me or snd me the link to download..
    Thank You

  • Youssouf

    i would like to download adb for Jelly bean 4.1.1 on Nokia N9 it’s not the original android i’ve installed it is there a proposition

  • ‘Anal C*nt’ – ‘Technology’s Gay’ (youtube it)

    HTC drivers attempt:

    “File Download Blocked

    The file you attempted to download has been previously claimed by a copyright holder through a valid DMCA request and cannot be downloaded.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.”

    WTF HTC, why do you care about this enough to DMCA the file off the web?!

    YOUR installer DOES NOT offer the option of ONLY installing the USB Drivers (PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ARTICLE ASHRAF ).

    Instead, it forces installation of:

    Windows Media Format 11 Runtime (bloat! – and who the hell chooses to use WMV or WMA DEAD standards – this is for DRM I assume – F**K DRM!)
    Adobe AIR (FUCK Adobe – BLOAT!!)
    MS XML 4.0 SP3…

    Maybe HTC are getting PAID to foist such bloatware onto the people. Don’t think it doesn’t happen!

    Otherwise, what advantage to THEM, in taking-down the above link via a DMCA request?

    I’m sure it’s better for THEM if people can use their phones properly, to the fullest-potential, not have their systems damaged by bloatware. Makes the phones more attractive to ‘power users’…

    Shame the idiot bean-counters ‘can only see’ what’s on their spreadsheets, and forget the unquantifiable and objective USEFULNESS OF TECHNOLOGY (as opposed to it’s solely-money-making-potential-in-the-hands-of-capitalist-lawyers-and-accountants; the assholes.

    WORKAROUND – extract the hidden files from inside the HTC installer. Instead of downloading from some untrusted source like some dude’s Dropbox or something, which I will NEVER recommend (no-one to sue if it damages your OS, hahaha).


    Run the official bloat-ridden HTC installer in a sandbox – OR AS A LIMITED USER (i.e. do NOT accept the UAC prompt):


    Pretend to go through with the install until the point at which it’s trying to actually install each component and copy files to your operating system…

    DO NOT close the installer – it should complain that the installation of each component in the above list FAILS (good!) and prompt if you want to continue or cancel. Just click on nothing and ignore it, then:

    Open your %temp% folder (Start Button + R / Start Menu -> ‘Run’ -> “%temp%” ).

    There should be some folders with random-looking names. Go through them until you see the ones with the following files in (each one in it’s own ‘randomly’-named folder):


    HTC BMP USB Driver x86.msi

    Copy them to a safe location outside of your %temp% folder.

    Scan them for viruses and/or upload them to to check their integrity.

    Run them as an administrator account (or accept the UAC prompt).

    -> Back them up to a zip file if they work well!

    You’re welcome.

    …and HTC, just for that ignorant software design decision, you have lost a customer, you selfish assholes!
    Now to take your crap bloatware off this client’s phone… :-D

    Same as Sony Ericsson et al – can’t code or even re-package others’ software FOR SHIT but arrogantly expect people to infest their machines with this rubbish!

    (Can you tell that I’m sick of this paradigm yet?! :p )


  • Denny

    The Huawei link is not working on my end… how bout making an edit for the real link so i might find an appropriate translator…? ahem… date: 07/04/14

  • roberto

    cuando pongo la variable moto-fastboot devices me dice q no es ningun comando ni nada ayuda no puedo pasar de3 hay

  • akash

    But how to operate adb and fastboot commands in cmd using universal driver installer…??? Plz help…

  • Ashraf

    Updated article with universal ADB and Fastboot drivers that work for almost all Android smartphones and tablets.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    I bought my wife a tablet so she could read digital books, etc.
    I guess I got a good deal,
    but I’m still ‘learning’, so, maybe not.
    I got a WM-8880-MID / ForFun_V7,
    for $79.99, free ship.
    I like to hack stuff,
    but I can’t get this thing to show up in windoz, or move apps to the sd card.
    The forum says the ROM is broken, & they have a beta to fix moving apps, but lately it fails to show up it Win7HP.
    Kinda’ hard to get anything accomplished, IYKWIM.
    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Cyril

    How can I root my techno n9

  • Ashraf
  • Rick

    How do you install the drivers after downloading them?

  • heather

    What about polaroid tablets does it work for them as well

  • heather

    What about polaroid tablets does it work for them

  • Brian

    Any suggestions for a drivers for ADB with the icraig cmp748 device with id USB\VID_16D5&PID_8001&MI_01 ?
    Tried the google drivers to no avail, using adb finds no devices even when the device is installed. Thanks in advance!

  • tab

    intex driver required

  • Vanda

    hello. I have downloaded it but I didn’t see any installer. more detail please.

  • eugene

    I am trying to root my alcatel one touch can someone please tell me the besr way to do this

  • gaurav

    Sir i have a karbonn android phone and i need the driver

  • mohamad

    Thank you

  • Dam Phan

    I have my desire not installed driver, it’s said “Device cannot start” after update driver

  • Sir, I have zen ultra tab a100, and have following hardware info
    Hardware: – sun5i
    Processor: – ARMv7 rev 2 (v7)
    I have tried to find usb drivers for app development on window , but don’t got.
    Pls help

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: You are all welcome!

  • T

    Great, thank you!

  • nathan

    This is awesome! Thanks!

  • Melissa


  • Milad

    Hey, Thanks For Your Helps But I Have A Problem ! I Downloaded The Android Update And Renamed It To A .Zip File And Copy And Paste It To My Nexus S But I Cannot Find It On The Phone ! I Cannot Even Find It From The Explorer Of My Phone. I Cannot Find It But When I Connect The Phone To My PC I Can See It. What`s The Matter?

  • Someone necessarily assist to make critically articles I would
    state. That is the very first time I frequented your
    website page and so far? I surprised with the research you made
    to create this actual put up extraordinary. Great process!

  • @Chuck Wilsker:
    I moved this comment to the post about the Clockworkmod tether.

  • I installed tether on my PC.
    PC installed it on my Razr.
    Didn’t work.
    Uninstalled both, reinstalled on the PC, it will not reinstall on the phone.
    any suggestions?

  • yate

    Will these drivers help me to connect my phone to pc for data transfer via usb cable

  • yate

    Will these drivers help me to connect my phone to pc for data transfer via usb cable?

  • Ashraf

    @nagelfar: You are welcome!

    @Emrys: If you have to use ADB or Fastboot, or if you want to put your device in USB debugging mode. Honestly unless you explicitly need the drivers, you don’t need to install them.

  • Emrys

    Download and install went fine. After restart my Pdanet was restored, but I can not find my Andriod on the system even though the message “my device is ready to use” came up. I wonder what this driver is supposed to do.

  • nagelfar

    Thank you very much for this handy list (and the driver hosting).
    It is really useful :)