Over 1 billion apps were downloaded over the holidays

You know that week where most everyone was either enjoying the holidays with their families or enjoying time off work with their families? I’m not too sure the with their families part actually happened. According to Flurry Analytics, a mobile analytics and advertising company, over one billion apps were downloaded from December 25 to December 31. (When I say “one billion apps were downloaded” I don’t mean one billion unique apps, but rather one billion app downloads — many apps were without a doubt downloaded by multiple people and each download of the same app is treated as a separate download.) These downloads are an aggregate of both iOS and Android (no information on free vs paid apps) and is a world-wide estimate, with the USA being the most active and China/UK being in second/third respectively:

Of course, without a doubt a large part of the increase in downloads can be attributed to new activations thanks to Christmas presents but it is worth noting that many non-Christian countries (countries without Christian majorities and/or countries that don’t officially celebrate Christmas) are featured in the top twenty shown in the chart above; countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. So the spike in downloads isn’t only thanks to Santa Clause.

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[via Engadget, Flurry]

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