Chrome is now the most popular browser while Internet Explorer drops below 40%

Did that title catch your attention? Yeah, I bet it did. According to StatCounter, Chrome 16 is now the most popular browser in the world with 24.96% of market share, surpassing Internet Explorer 8 (20.89%) late last year. Of course it must be mentioned the Internet Explorer family is still on top — Chrome is numba one when different versions of browsers are treated separately. If counted together, Internet Explorer is still the most popular although with a rapidly declining market share, now at 37.63%; the Chrome family is at a commanding and ever growing number two with 27.7%; and Firefox, which continues to stagnate, comes in at number three with 24.69%.

Again I caution anyone from taking the above figures to the bank. The above figures are from one analytics company only; a different company may show slightly different numbers and the numbers will vary from country-to-country and region-to-region. Still, though, the general trend continues to be that Chrome is on the rise at the expense of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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