Easily generate QR codes with ZXing Project QR Code Generator

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are handy for transmitting large amounts of data in a small box that can be easily scanned and read by most all smartphones. (See this article for the best free QR code scanner for Android.) If you are looking to quickly and easily generate QR codes, look no further than ZXing Project QR Code Generator.

What Is It

ZXing Project QR Code Generator is a web app freely available to anyone with an Internet connection and browser. ZXing Project QR Code Generator allows users to create QR codes for:

  • Calendar event
  • Contact information
  • E-mail address
  • Geographic location
  • Phone number
  • Text message (SMS)
  • Any text
  • URL
  • WiFi network settings

The best part about ZXing Project QR Code Generator is that it isn’t “free for personal use only” like other online QR code generators. Anyone can use ZXing Project QR Code Generator for anything they want.

How To Use ZXing Project QR Code Generator

To use ZXing Project QR Code Generator simply visit the website, pick the type of QR code you want to generate from the Contents drop-down menu, fill in the relevant data fields for the type of content you selected, pick the barcode size (Large, Medium, Small), and hit the Generate button. (You can always modify Error correction and Character encoding but unless you know what you are doing it is recommended to leave those at default settings.)

Once you hit Generate, the QR code instantly appears on screen. You can can right-click and save the image to your computer or embed the image wherever you want with a direct link, courtesy of Google.


QR codes haven’t taken off like some people expected them to. Still, though, QR code use is increasing. Will everyone need to generate one or two QR codes a day? No. However, when the time arrives to create a QR code, ZXing Project QR Code Generator is a handy website to have bookmarked.

You can access ZXing Project QR Code Generator from the link below. It works on all operating systems and Internet browsers as long as JavaScript is enabled.

ZXing Project QR Code Generator homepage

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