Cut The Rope, a popular game on iOS and Android, is now available online on any computer for free

After conquering the mobile world, last May Angry Birds was made available to traditional computers through an online version freely available via any Internet browser. Zepto Labs, the mind behind another iOS and Android mega-hit Cut The Rope, has followed Rovio’s lead: Cut The Rope is now available for free play online via any Internet browser on any computer.

The online version of Cut The Rope is written in a mix of JavaScript and HTML5, so you can basically play it in any modern browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. However, it appears Cut The Rope online edition was sponsored by Microsoft because supposedly there are bonus levels if you play in Internet Explorer 9. I say supposedly because I haven’t got far enough to play any bonus level but Microsoft mentioned this fact in a newsletter so I assume it is true.

That being said, it looks like the online version of Cut The Rope has the same mechanics as its mobile counterparts but not as many levels. For example, the first box only has nine levels which, if memory serves, is a lot less than the number of levels found in the first box on Android. Nonetheless, for anyone that does not own an Android/iOS device, or owns an Android/iOS device but has not purchased Cut The Rope, this online version is a nice treat.

You can start playing Cut The Rope by hitting up the link below:

Cut The Rope online version

[Thanks John!]

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  • Skye-hook

    You must have opened IE, as that message happens only if using IE-or maybe Crazy Browser also, as IE is what Crazy actually uses. When I used Firefox, it gave me the game with no problem.

  • sunrise

    i can play it using FF 8.0 :)
    btw…the box number 3 need to use IE9 to play :(
    dunno if you can use user agent switcher to play it in FF :D

  • mukhi

    thanks Ashraf! i would love to know about more free PC games (not the crappy ones, of course).

  • Roy

    Works well for me in Firefox 9.0.1 (just wasted far too much time on it!) but doesn’t work in IE8 – must have IE9 (and therefore Vista or W7) to play, maybe Microsoft desperately pushing a W7/IE9 upgrade ‘opportunity’ again.

  • Keith Hamm

    Won’t load in IE9 as of today. Get the background and that’s all.

  • PCbasics

    Not that many levels yet……..

  • Col. Panek

    Runs fine on FF9 on Linux :-)

  • Ashraf

    @WildCat: It runs fine in FF 9.0.1. o_O

  • WildCat

    Can’t play the game in Firefox 8. Game says that “it is sad that I’m using an old browser.” And that “Cut the Rope runs best in the newest version of Internet Explorer on Windows 7.”